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Her Boss

Her Boss Episode 1




Her Boss

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🍓🍓🍓🌹HER BOSS🍓🍓🍓🌹

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Her Boss Episode 1

❤Chapter 1❤

As she held a mini flay green skirt, Betty and Cassandra frown in dismay.
“Oh girl, that isn’t a suitable dress to wear on your first day at work” Cassandra commented.
“It looks absurd”! Betty added.

Naomi dropped the skirt on the bed and exhales deeply. She looked at them, feeling pissed off already and she asked. “Okay, so what do you think I should wear”??

Betty and Cassandra stood up and stormed at her wardrobe. They search everything book and cranny of the wardrobe, flinging Naomi’s clothes like rags. Finally, they brought out a straight red suit skirt that falls slightly above her knees and bringing out every curve of hers. Then, they brought out a blue button top with black stripes.

Then, they ransacked her shoe rack and brought out a blue high heel wedge for her to wear.
“Perfect”!!! Betty exclaimed.
“Very exotic”!! Cassandra added with a wink.

“Now this will do”.
Naomi looked at her room full of clothes and shoes on the floor and on her bed and looked at her friends in total shock.
“My room is a mess”. Naomi said and looked around her.

“Well, be glad we helped you”. Betty said sarcastically as she climbed unto the bed.
“Well thank you, but you guys will have to help me clean up”. Naomi said nonchalantly and began to arrange her wardrobe. Her friends giggled and helped her out

🍓Naomi’s POV🍓

My alarm rang and woke me up from my beauty sleep. I annoyingly grabbed the alarm clock from the table and switched it off. I groaned and looked at the clock and found out it was 5:30am.

I stood up from my bed, grab my towel and headed for the bathroom.
By 6:20am, I was already dressed with the clothes my friends selected for me.

I packed my long black hair into a pony tail after brushing it. I applied a little makeup on my face.

Well, I’m not a fan of makeup though.
“Now I’m set to roll on my first day at work”. I said to myself smiling.
I walked out of my room to the dinning table and I found my mum already serving breakfast.

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“Good morning momma”. I greeted her with a peck on her cheeks.
“Morning baby, how was your night”??
“Fine momma”. I answered her picking my cup of tea with bacon and egg.

Me and my mum had lived alone when my father divorced my mother for another woman. We were so heartbroken. My mother would cry every night. I was 12 when it all happened. That was the worst stage of my life seeing your parents broke apart.

My mother managed a small restaurant where she sold food, drinks, snacks and coffee. The income was what she used to send me to school as there was no one to help us after my father left.

I’m through with college now and fortunately I got a job in one of the biggest company in the city and even in the country. I was so happy that I could finally assist my mum financial as I would do anything for her because she had suffered for me.

“Mom, I’m off to work”. I said standing up with my handbag.
“Okay honey, take care and don’t be rude okay”??
Well, I also forgot to tell you that I’m very rude and stubborn.
“I won’t mom. Love you”
“Love you too baby”
I took a taxi to work and dropped down to pay the driver and then she went rushing into the building.

I halted and looked around with awe and excitement. I quickly ran into the elevator and pressed it. As I was coming out of the elevator, my shoe got stuck and I nearly fell on the man entering the elevator.

“I’m so sorry…….really sorry”. I apologized trying to fix my shoe not sparing the man a glance..
“I’m really sorry for that. I’m so…………………….
My words got stuck I my mouth as I looked at the man in front of me and I gasped.

He was a huge man with broad shoulders. He has the greenest eyes I have ever seen with a touch of gold that shone like fire. He was very tall and to me,his body was made of bronze because he has the most perfect structure she has ever seen.

With brown long jet hair that falls across his face, pointed nose, big pink plump lips and a killer body to die for, he sure I a demi god.

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He wore a blue casual jacket and blue jeans. His long brown hair was neatly coiled. In a word, he looked drop dead gorgeous…..
She was lost in thought staring at him util he coughed…

“Are you done drooling”?? He asked.
“You are so clumsy” he said hissing and trying to walk out on her when she dragged him back with force..

“You have no fucking right to talk to me like that Mr” Naomi pouted angrily.
He looked at her in anger and disgust and look at her hand o his shirt.
“Do you know who I am”?? He asked angrily.

“Who gives a damn about what you are, I already apologized so you have no right to insult me”. I fired back.
“You know what”?? The man spat. “You are a waste of time” he said knocking my hands off his jacket and walking away.

“And you are a waste, total waste”. I spat back in anger, eyeing him. He halted and turned to look at me, with a frown on his face and I smirked mischievously.

That serves him right. He shaked his head and walked away.
I smiled to myself as I began to look around. The place was empty.

But I was the same place i had my interview and I was employed. I was supposed to see the boss that day but he had traveled for a business meeting.
I sat down on the chair waiting for the woman who interviewed me the last time. About five minutes later, I saw her walking in.

She was a blonde woman wearing a blue suit with blue suit skirt and a black high heels stilettos. She walked towards me with a smile on her face.

“Good morning Miss Naomi”. She greeted with smiles on her face.
“Good morning ma”. I greeted back returning the same warm smile….
“You are early this morning, good job” she said sitting on her chair, facing me.
“Thank you ma’am” I answered.

“Thank goodness the boss has arrived, you are employed to be his secretary because he has fired his last secretary and he is in need of another. You have to be very careful because he is very strict and stern. You must do as he says or else he will fire you” the woman explained.

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I exhale deeply. I know I’m a stubborn person and I’m rude. I don’t even know whether I will last In this company but it worth a trial right???
“Okay ma’am, thank you” I replied
“You are welcome” She replied with a smile.

“His office is on the fourth floor”.
I stood up as I went into the elevator.
As i reach the fourth floor, I met a big door with the insription “CEO’s office”
I breath in deeply as i knock on the door.
“Come in.” the husky baritone voice replied and I shivered. His voice is so deep and husky.

I said a short prayer and I entered the office, closing the door behind me and I gasped.

The office is so big, spacious and large with beautiful architectural designs on the walls. Everything about the office was white and ash color and the combination was so beautiful.

The man behind the husky voice was backing me, with his chair facing the large window which has the most beautiful view ever. I gasped softly as I admire everything about the office.

Even the glass tilled floor was amazing.
Then I looked away from the surrounding and faced the man backing me with his chair.

“Good morning Sir.” I greeted in the most polite way i could muster.
The man gradually faced me and I opened my eyes wide and gasped In shock. It was the man from the elevator.
He also looked at me In shock and anger and gradually his anger turned Into a mischievous and wicked grin.

I couldn’t say anything. I stood there wishing the ground will open and swallow me..
“You”!!!!! I finally spoke feeling so surprised, shocked and very angry. Why did the arrogant jerk had to be my boss for crying out loud??

“So,” he said arrogantly, “You are the rude lady who is supposed to be my secretary right”??? He asked
Say something encouraging!!

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