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Her Boss

Her Boss Episode 10

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🍓🍓🍓🌹 HER BOSS 🍓 🍓🍓🌹

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❤️ Chapter Ten❤️

💎 Alan’s POV 💎

I sat with Andy, sipping my wine from the glass cup placed in front of me, and patiently waiting for Naomi to come. I was

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 833 total views,  2 views today

Her Boss Episode 10

Her Boss Episode 10

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🍓🍓🌹 HER BOSS 🍓 🍓🍓🌹

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❤️ Chapter Ten❤️

💎 Alan’s POV 💎

I sat with Andy, sipping my wine from the glass cup placed in front of me, and patiently waiting for Naomi to come. I was preoccupied myself with my phone while Andy kept admiring and winking at any beautiful lady that pass by. He would call me to look up, and when I do, I just feel irritated and look back at my phone. He is also a playboy anyways. On a normal occasion, I would join him but I don’t know why I just feel uninterested in looking at any lady.
“Andy have you seen Carlos”?? I asked still pressing my phone.
“He was with Bianca and I think they went……………” Andy said but suddenly stopped talking.
“Went where”?? I asked still busy with my phone.
But Andy wasn’t answering. That’s strange. I looked up and saw him lost, staring. At what????
“Andy”!!! I nudging him and he looked at me, with his mouth open.
“What are you staring at”?? I asked him, rasing an eyebrow.
He didn’t even answer me. He turned to look and I also turned to see what made him so lost and my jaw dropped in shock. At the end of the hallway stood the most beautiful angel I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

My eyes nearly popped out of its socket as I stare at her. Infact, I was drooling. Her hair was packed in a stylish messy bun and little parts of her hair dropped on her face. The black dress fited her perfectly as it hung onto every curve of hers. Jesus Christ!!!!!
She was just the definition of perfection. A perfectly molded goddess. I tried to stop myself from drooling but I couldn’t help it. The hall was silent. Everyone was staring at her and she lowered her gaze to the ground. I guess she was shy. I stood up and walked towards her. She looked up at me and her face turned into a frown. I was expecting that actually. I smirked at her and she rolled her eyes at me.
“Let’s just do what I came here for and get out of here”. She said folding her arms under her breast. My eyes fell on her breast and couldn’t help but lick my lips. The dress showed a little of her cleavage and I find it really sexy.
“Can you stop drooling at me Alan”?? She said looking at me disgusting. Oh!! That hurts. I smirked and she rolled her eyes at me again. I drew my face close to her, whispering in her ears
“You love it when I do that, don’t pretend”. I told her and she looked at me, still frowning.
“Come with me, you will be meeting Mr Alexander very soon”. I told her.
“Whatever”. She said sarcastically.
I paved way for her to go first and she looked at me, hissing. I smiled and I followed her. We got to my table,( for VIP actually) and I pulled a chair for her to sit down. I had to leave my former seat because I didn’t want Andy to start hitting on her. I sat down beside her and ordered wine.
“What will you take”. I asked her.
“I will take nothing. Let’s just get this done with so that I’ll be out of here for good”. She said, looking away.
This is not the end.

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Immediately, Mr Alexander came, walking towards us.
“Hi Mr Alan, how are you doing”?? He asked smiling.
I almost rolled my eyes at him. Stupid idiot. He couldn’t sign the contract because of a woman.
“I’m okay Mr Alexander”. I said, faking a smile.
“Oh hey there beautiful”. He said, looking at Naomi and smiling like an idiot. “How are you”??
“I’m good Mr Alexander”. She said smiling. She has never smiled at me. Why him????
He walked towards her and pecked her on both sides of her cheek. I became so furious. What is wrong with this guy???
“You look so beautiful tonight”. He said holding her hand and kissing it and she smiled again.
“Oh my!! Really”?? She said, her other hand on top of her chest, smiling.
“Of course. Like a goddess”. He said again, still holding her hand.

That’s it. I yanked his hands away from Naomi. He came here to sign the deal. He shouldn’t be touching her like that. Wait…am I jealous??? Nah….. that’s imp possible.
“Let’s get straight to business Mr Alexander”. I said coldly.
He looked at me as if I was acting strange. Yeah, I was acting strange. But who cares???

We all sat down and I motioned to my bodyguard to get the papers ready. I collected the paper from my guard and dropped it at his front.
“No time to waste Mr Alexander. Sign it already”.
“Sure, I will”. He answered and picked up his pen and signed. Finally!!!
Naomi’s face broke into a smile. Like a sign of relief, but I’m not done with her yet. There is till one more thing……………..

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
Yes!!! At last!! Mr Alexander signed it. Now I’m free from that bastard.
“So tell me Miss Naomi”. Mr Alexander said, jolting me up from my revire. “Why did you resign”??
I looked at Alan, but he just looked away.
“Personal issues, Mr Alexander”. I said, smiling at him.
“I won’t push it then”. He said, picking up his drink and sipping it.
“If you want, you can work in my company”. He said with a grin.
Really???? My eyes widened in surprise and Alan turned to look at Mr Alexander, shooting him a glare. Who cares??
“Really Mr Alexander”??? I asked feeling excited already.
“Yes of course. I would want to help a beautiful lady like you”. He said.
I was so happy.
“Oh thank you so much Mr Alexander, I’m so grateful”. I said clasping my both hands together.
“Oh it’s nothing beautiful”. He said and drew his face close to mine. “I’ll do anything for you”. He said with a smirk.
Okay!! That’s disgusting. What did he mean by that?? Never mind. All I know is that I’ll be getting a job soon.
“Here is my business card. Call me soon”. He said, winking at me and he stood up.
“I’ll see you around Mr Alan”. Mr Alexander said and Alan faked a smile at him. I scoffed.
“See you around beautiful”. He said and left. Now it’s only me and the devil.

“Congratulations”. He said looking at me.
“For what”?? I said, narrowing my eyes at him.
“You just got a job, from a man hitting at you”. He said coldly.

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“Hitting at me”?? I asked looking surprised. He stood up and left, leaving me sitting all alone. Well, I’m glad I’ve finally gotten a job. I beckoned on the waiter to just get me a glass of water. I was damn thirsty.
“Hello milady”. I heard someone say beside me. I turned and saw a young handsome gentleman stretching his hands towards me.
“Oh Hi”. I said, giving him a warm smile.
“Will you dance with me”? He asked, still stretching his hands.
“Sorry”. I said declining him politely. “I can’t dance”.
“I teach you”. The man said, still stretching his hands, hoping that I would dance with him.
After much pleading, I finally gave in and he took my hand and led me to the dance floor.
He put my both hands on his neck and placed his hands on my waist. That’s feels weird to me.
I never had a boyfriend because I behaved like a tomboy while I was in highschool and college. I was able to come out of my tomboy behavior because of Cassandra and Betty. Speaking of Cassandra and Betty, I haven’t spoken to them for a while.
“Are you okay”?? The man said, jolting me out of my revire.
“Oh yes!! I’m okay”. I answered smiling.
“I’m Parker, Parker Antonio. What’s your name”?? He asked.
“I’m Naomi. Naomi Rivers”. I answered him.
“Waow!! Nice name for a beautiful girl like you”.
“Oh thank you”. I answered.
“So are you working”?? He asked, as we kept swaying our bodies to the music.
“Well I……….” I had no finish talking when u felt a hand yank me away from the hands of Parker.
“Stay away from her”. Alan said, holding my arm.
“C’mon mehn. It’s just a dance”. Parker said raising his hands and he walked away.
“What the hell is wrong with you”?? I said pulling my hand away from his grip. He didn’t even answer me. He grab my hand and led me into a room, admist people’s stare.
I yanked my hand from his immediately we entered inside the room.
“What the heck is wrong with you”?? I asked feeling irritated by his behavior already.
“I want to talk to you”. He said calmly.
“Well I don’t. I want to go home”. I retorted.

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“My driver will take you home”.

“I can take care of myself”. I fired back. He should just leave me alone.
” You are so stubborn yunno”. He said, an amused look on his face. I rolled my eyes at him.
” But before you go, we have a deal first”. He said.

“I am making no fucking deal with you Mr Alan. Leave me alone and stay away from me”. I fired back and made for the door. But as I tried to open it, alas! It was locked.
I look at him, shooting him deadly stares.

“Open this door now”. I said through gritted teeth.
“You will have to listen to me first”. He said, folding his arms across his chest.

I heaved a sigh and I walked back to him.
“What do you want from me”?
He brought out a file and walked towards me.
“I’ll give you $2millon, that a triple of the salary Mr Alexander is going to give you and I will let you work in my father’s office as the assistant manager”. He said calmly.

Oh my world!!! Is he serious. My jaw dropped as he said so. $2millon???? That’s huge.

“You will”?? I asked looking excited.
“Yes”. He answered nonchalantly
“Only if you agree to be my wife for a month”. He dropped the bombshell.
Did he just say wife.
“I’m sorry, you say”?? I asked. I’m not sure I heard him properly.
“You will be my wife for one month, starting next week Monday”.
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