Her Boss Episode 11

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❤️ Chapter eleven ❤️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
Okay. Mr Alan has lost his mind. Me??? Wife?? This is crazy. I burst out laughing loud and he looked at me angrily.
“Bravo Mr Alan”. I said clapping my hands. “I never knew you were such a great comedian. But I’m not here for jokes because I want to go home. I don’t want my mom to come home before me so please open the door”. I said, folding my arms under my breast.

“I’m damn serious Naomi. I’m not joking. Not in a serious issue like this”. He said, looking frustrated and angry.
Huh?? He wasn’t joking?? I widened my eyes in shock, after realizing that he is really serious as he dropped some files in front of me.
“You want me to marry you”?? I asked, half yelling.
“Why”?? I asked.
“I have no time to explain, so just sign the deal”. He said,looking pissed off already.
“You must explain this nonsense you’re saying Mr Alan because I cannot just marry a man I detest for no good reason. Why should I marry you?? Why will you choose me to marry you?? You better answer now because I’m not signing anything until you explain this shit”. I fired back at him and he stood, looking at me like I have developed two heads.

“You are really stubborn, ain’t you”?? He said looking at me
“Start talking Mr Alan”. I said to him rudely.

“Well, my dad asked me to get married because there are news going around that I was a pervert and a player and…………”

“Of course that’s the truth”. I said, not even allowing him to finish talking.
“That’s the correct description of you, right”?? I asked, smirking at him and he frowned. Who cares??
“Can you stop talking and let me finish”?? He yelled at me and I looked at him feeling frightened.
“You don’t have to yell at me…….” I started saying but he didn’t even yet me finish.
“You talk too much”. He said coldly and I rolled my eyes at him. So he continued.

“My dad gave me a week to find a wife of my own so that I can get married soon. But I couldn’t find a wife…………” He didn’t finish talking again and I laughed
“So you find a woman to marry out of all the side chicks flocking around you”?? I asked, smirking at him again.
He glared at me and I placed my finger on my lips. And he continue talking.
“I couldn’t find a wife to marry. Then he choose a wife for me. But I hate her”. He said and he turned, looking at the window.
“Why did you hate her?? Isn’t she beautiful and sexy”?? I asked, rolling my eyes at him although he didn’t see me.
“Or did you know her before”?? I asked again.

“She was my ex. If I marry her,then my life is ruined”. He answered, still facing the window.

“Why did you both broke up?? What did she do that made her this much”?? I asked looking curious.
“Mind your business”. He answered coldly and faced me. I eyed him. Still arrogant and grumpy.
“So is that why you said I should marry you”?? I asked him.
“Yes”. He answered. “Just for a month. And I will pay you and even help your mother innovate her restaurant. You need my help and I need yours. So we will make a deal”. He replied and I sighed.
“I want to think about it first”. I answered.
“We don’t have time. We are to go and meet my parents at Singapore on Monday and you are coming with me”. He said.

What?? This is crazy. Oh Jesus!!! What have I gotten myself into??

“You expect me to follow you to Singapore and stay with you for a month?? You must be joking Mr Alan”. I said laughing.
“I’m not joking. I’m really serious and you must”.He said coldly at me.

“They don’t marry by force Mr Alan”. I said, looking at him disgustingly.
“Ooh”. He said smirking. ” Of course, I won’t force you, but you wouldn’t want to put your mother’s life and source of income at risk, right”?? He asked and I widened my eyes in shock.

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“Don’t you dare threatened me”. I said, gritting my teeth in anger.
“It’s the only way, so Miss Naomi”, he said and dropped the papers before me.
“Sign it”. He said.
I looked up at him and glared at him. He looked down and me and smirked
“You are the most selfish person I’ve ever met in my life”. I said to him but he seems not to care less about what I think
“Sign it”. He said ignoring me.
I took the pen beside me and signed the papers and he grinned. I feel like killing him. Bastard!! I swore.
“You may go now Mrs Alan Roderigo Sanchez”. He said smirking.
“Don’t call me that. It disgust me”. I said glaring at him.
“Get ready on Monday, we are going to Singapore”. He said and poured himself a glass of wine.
“What will I tell my mom”?? I asked, still glaring at him. I wished looks could kill. I would have just ended his stupid life once and for all.

“Don’t worry about your mom, I will take care of that”. He said, and sipped his wine.
I hissed and a guard came and opened the door for me. I turned to go but I looked back at the stupid arrogant jerk who has now become my husband and he winked at me. Scumbag!! I walked out of the room and two guards followed me to the parking lot. I walked up to the Mercedes Benz that brought me to the party and one of the guards opened the door of the car and I hopped in. He closed the door and entered the car and drove me to my house. Aaaaah!!! What a night??

I felt a bright light on my face and I struggle to open my eyes. When my eyes finally adjusted to the lights, I opened my eyes and I saw the curtains of my window opened and my mom standing in front of me, her hands on her waist and she had a frown on her face.
“Good morning Mom”. I greeted and yawned.

“Ain’t you supposed to be dressed up for church already. We are late”. My mom said.
I looked at the time. It was already 8:30am. I groaned.
” Mommy please, I don’t feel too good. I don’t think I’ll be able to go to church today”. I said, feigning sickness.

“Are you okay darling”?? My mom asked, looking concerned as she sat beside me on my bed and touched my forehead.
“I don’t know mom. I feel sick”. I said feebly.
And I really do.
“Okay I will go get you drugs okay?? And I will stay with you”. My mom said, standing up.
“Ooh mom!! You don’t need to stay with me. I’m fine”. I said with a smile. “Just tired”.
“Are you sure”? My mom asked kitting her brows at me.
“Yeah mom, I’m fine. Go to church”.
My mom then smirked at me. What is going on with her??
“Just tell me that you don’t want to go to church rather than pretending to be sick”. She said with a smile and pulled my cheek and we both laughed.
“Okay take care of yourself alright?? I’m going now”. My mom said and walked towards the door.
“Okay mom. Love you”. I said and adjust my blanket.
“Love you more”. She answered and closed the door behind her.
Phew!! Thank God.

My mom is back from church and we are seated at the dinning table eating when we both heard a knock on the door.
“I’ll go get it mom”. I told her and stood up to check who it was and it turned out to be……………..

The devil incarnate!!!!! Of course, if you guess, you wouldn’t guess wrong. It was Mr Alan.
I frowned and eyed him.
“What are you doing here”?? I whispered, staring at him angrily.
“I didn’t come for you, I came for my mother-in-law”. He said, smirking.
“Quit your stupid games Mr Alan. You have no mother-in-law here”. I said angrily.

“Who is that”?? I heard my mom say and I widened my eyes and he winked. Idiot!!!
“Mom it’s nobody”. I yelled back hoping she doesn’t come out and meet this jackass but my prayer was not answered as my mom came out and met face-to-face with the devil.
“What are you doing here Mr Alan”?? My mom asked, looking calm as ever, with no expression on her face.
“Mrs Rivers, I wanted to tell you something important about Naomi”. He said and my heart skip a beat.
Was he coming to ask for my hand in marriage in front of my mom??

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“Go on”. My mom answered, still with the same expression.

“Well, Naomi is a very brilliant lady, very smart and intelligent. But since she already resigned, I have a very big offer for her. I wanted her to follow me to Singapore for a business project which will last for a month. At the end of the project, the company will compensate her with the sum of $2millon and she will be given the opportunity to work at my father’s company. She won’t work with me. I already talked to her about it and she said I should come and meet you so that you can give your approval”. He said…
Bravo!! This guy is such a professional liar.

My mom sighed. She looked like she is in deep thoughts.
“We will think about it”. My mom replied him.

“The project starts tomorrow and I already recommended your daughter to the investors and she is to come to Singapore tomorrow”. He said again, looking at my mom intently.
This guy certainly deserves an award for being the best liar in the world!!!

“Why are you doing this”?? My mom asked, folding her arms under her breast.
“Well I just want to make up for what I did”. He said smiling sheepishly as if he has innocent intentions. He is such a hypocrite.
“Okay, I agree”. My mom said and I opened my mouth wide and Mr Alan smiled.
Did my mom just agree???
“Do you want to go for the job Naomi”?? My mom asked looking at me. The idiot stood there, smirking. I looked at him and faced my mom, faking a smile.
“Of course mom. I would love to. It’s just one month anyways”. I said, faking a smile at her.
“Okay then, good day Mrs Rivers”. The jerk said smiling and I felt like slapping him.
“You are welcome Mr Alan”. My mom replied and I close the door without even saying goodbye.

“Naomi, is you and your boss now okay”?? My mom asked and I froze.
“Well……….” I said scratching my head. “We are fine now”. I answered.
“Good. I’ll help you pack your things”. She said and went upstairs while I sunk in the couch, feeling pissed off already. Mrs Alan Roderigo Sanchez!! Hmmm….. Sounds nice. God!! What was I thinking????

🖤 Stephanie’s POV 🖤
I walked out of the airport and pulled off my glasses from my face and looked around. Singapore is a really nice place. I’ve got to do some sightseeing during my leisure period. My friend Ella said she will join me very soon and I hope she comes here fast.
Alan is bringing his supposed wife here tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her. And if really he is getting married, I’ll make sure I get her out of the way so that Alan can be mine once again.
Alan is mine and no one takes him from me. If he can’t be for me, then no one will have him!! I smiled mischievously to myself as I wore back my specks and made my way to the waiting limo.

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
“Be careful okay darling and do your best to make mama proud alright”?? My mom said and I smiled wryly at her. She is just a victim of ignorance and I feel bad lying to her. She peck me on the cheek and we made each other goodbye as Alan’s driver who was sent to pick me up opened the door and I hopped in. I looked at my mom and waved at her. You might have been wondering whether I told my friends. Yeah I did. We all had a video chat yesterday and I told them that I was going to Singapore. But I didn’t tell them my main purpose for going there.

The car halted and I came out. I had reached the airport. The driver led me inside a coffee shop and I saw Alan sitting down, drinking coffee. He was on jeans. A jeans jacket and a jeans pants with white polo shirt inside. His brown jet hair was neatly styled and some fell on his face. Wait…….was I drooling?? Not again. I walked towards him and he stood up and smirked at me.

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“Mrs Alan Roderigo Sanchez”. He said smirking at me.
“If you call me that again, I’m gonna throw up on your white shirt. And I am damn serious”. I said, glaring at him.
“Have a sit”. He sat sitting down and I sat down, facing him.
“You want coffee”?? He asked
“No thanks. I’m good”. I answered looking around.
“Have you ever travelled on a plane wifey”?? He asked and I groaned.
“Stop calling me that either. It’s disgusting”. I said, frowning.
He smiled and drew close to me
“Get use to it wifey. You are my wife now”. He said in a whisper.
“It’s only for a month. Don’t be too excited”. I said and rolled my eyes at him.
“I can’t believe I’m going to live with a person as troublesome and annoying as you”. He said sipping his coffee.
“You are more annoying Mr Alan, very grumpy and arrogant”. I said and eyed him and he frowned.
“Stop doing your face at me like that. It pisses me off”. He said frowning.
“Who cares”?? I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes at his again and he looked at me looking frustrated. Yea!! I’ll make sure I badly frustrate his life. I smiled within me and thought of all the bad things I was going to do to him when we get to Singapore.
“Stand up wifey, it’s time to go”. He said standing up and I rolled my eyes and stood up too. He walked out with me following behind him. He didn’t even wait for me. So rude.
“Is that your luggage”. He asked looking at my luggage that the driver brought out from the car.
“Yes, why did you asked”?? I asked him.
“We will dispose that trash and get you new clothes when we get to Singapore”. He said and walked away and I ran off to catch up with him.
“Excuse me Mr Alan, my luggage is not trash okay?? Just because you are rich and wealthy, you should never refer to my luggage as trash”. I retorted.
A guard then walked up to him.
“Sir, your plane is ready”.
“Okay, I’m coming soon”. Alan answered him and the guards bowed and went away.
I opened my mouth wide. So he has his own plane. What am I saying?? He is billionaire, I shouldn’t be surprised.
He looked at me and smirked.
“Let’s go wifey”. He said and I rolled my eyes at him.

The plane was so huge. I sat down looking around, admiring the plane. But I couldn’t put on my seat belt. I was struggling with it untill I felt a pair of hands on mine, helping me to put it on. As I looked up, I saw a beautiful blue pair of eyes staring at me. It was Alan. He stared at me and I was lost in those hypnotising eyes of his. I felt electricity surged inside me and my butterfies in my tommy. What is wrong with me???
“Sir, the plane is about to take off”. A flight attendant said I I jolted out of my revire and Alan quickly adjust himself and put on his seat belt.
“Okay”. He answered coldly.
What the hell just happened??
“I didn’t beg for your help. I could do it myself”. I said looking away.
He didn’t even answer me as he brought out his laptop and started typing on it. Then suddenly, the plane started moving, going up and……………..
I’m on my way to Singapore and I’m finally Mrs Alan Roderigo Sanchez!!!!!

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