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Her Boss Episode 14


🍓🍓🍓 HER BOSS 🍓🍓🍓🌹


✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❤️Chapter fourteen ❤️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹

The ride back home was arkward and quiet. We didn’t speak a word to each other. Well, we had lunch with Alan’s dad and mom and of course, Stephanie, who kept giving my murderous looks while we were eating.
His mother was not left out as she kept glaring at me every minute. It’s so obvious that she didn’t like me. His dad never cared. All he was after was that Alan should get married. He didn’t care who the woman was.

My mind went back to the kiss. My lips still tingles because of the kiss. I wanted to ask him about it but I didn’t have the courage to do so. But I gather up courage and looked at him.
His focus was on the road, with a frown on his face as usual. So grumpy. And cute.
I stare at his lips. His soft pink lips, his nose, his blue eyes…………..

Wait………I think I’m going crazy. What is wrong with me? I think I need to see a doctor because I AM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!

I try to take my eyes from him but my eyes wouldn’t want to obey me.
Stop looking at him Naomi!!! My subconscious mind yelled at me but I was lost. Lost staring at him.

“You know if you keep looking at me like that, we might get killed”. He said, jolting me out of my revire.

I blushed in embarrassment and looked out. He caught me staring at me. Gosh!! Naomi you are so stupid!!

“Why did you kiss me back there”?? I asked nervously.
He knitted his brows, looking confused.
“I don’t get you”. He said, his eyes still focused in the road.

“I mean…….why did you kiss me in front of your parents”? I asked again. God!! What am I saying??

He chuckled.
“Because I was asked to do so. I had to, so that my parents won’t suspect anything. It was just an act. He said nonchalantly.

I felt hurt. So all those kisses were all fake. And that was my first kiss!! I felt tears rolling down my cheeks and I quickly wiped it, trying to behave as if I don’t also care. He was a playboy. Was I really expecting him to say that he love me?? Naomi, don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with him. My subconscious mind said.

Love??? Never!! I can never fall in love with him.

The rest of the ride back home was quiet and boring. I got down from the car, feeling sad. I just want to sleep and forget about the kiss. As I got into the house, I sighted the swimming pool outside the house and I immediately felt like swimming. I quickly went upstairs to change so that I can come out to swim.
Speaking of my friends, it’s been long I called them…….

🖤 Stephanie’s POV 🖤
“Arrrrrrgh!!! I screamed, scattering the books on my table. Alan is mine!!!! He is for me and me alone!! He can’t marry that bitch. That bitch that beat me and embarrass me in front of Alan’s employees…
When I saw them kissing, I felt my blood boil. I have to do something fast. How could Alan have fallen in love with her?? I thought he was a player. He can never fall in love so how come?? I have to do something fast.

” Hey babe, what’s happening”?? Ella said as she walked close to me, looking at the scattered books on the floor.

“Alan brought his wife today”. I said, gritting my teeth in anger.
“Alan is mine”!! I yelled.
“Mine and mine alone”. I said clenching my fist.

“Calm down girlfriend. Do you have a plan?? You can’t just fold your hands and do nothing”. Ella said looking at me and folding her hands under her breast.
She is right. I have to come up with a plan to get Alan back.
“But how”? I asked her and falls on the chair, feeling frustrated.
“Start with his mother first. You said his mother doesn’t like Alan’s wife, so start with her first. Make her know that you truly love Alan. Let’s see if that plan will work first”. She said sitting on top of the table.
I smiled. I’ve got a genius as a bestie.
“Thanks girlfriend”. I said smiling, feeling a little bit better.
“You are welcome”. She replied,smirking.
I smiled mischievously. Alan is mine!! He is mine and I am going to get him at all cost.

#Beware of the friends you have. They can lead you to destruction#
#Never force yourself on any man. Know your worth. If he is meant for you, he will come for you. Being obsessed about a man makes you lose your respect in front of him#

🦋Mrs Roderigo 🦋
I looked at my husband and he was busy searching for some files.
“I don’t like that girl that Alan brought as a wife”. I said frowning my face
He looked at me huffed.
“She looked liya gold digger”. I continued hoping he will say something.
“Hellen, Alan had gotten married as we have always wanted. It’s his life. He knows what is best for him. At least there will be someone to take over the company when I die”. He said and continued searching.
“Honey, why are you like this?? Don’t you care about our son’s life?? All you care about is your company. I care about my son and I want him to marry the right woman”. I retorted.
He looked at me
“So who is the right woman”? He asked folding his hands on his chest.
“Stephanie is the right woman for him. She loves him. She is rich, she is intelligent and beautiful”. I said.
“Have you forgotten what she did to Alan”?? He asked.
“Honey, that is in the past. She has changed now”. I answered
He didn’t even say anything. He continued want he was doing and I bit my lips in anger. I won’t sit down and watch that gold digger ruin my son. I have to do something…………..

💎 Alan’s POV 💎
I sat down in my room looking at the window, and sipping my wine. The way I’m feeling baffled me and I don’t really like those feelings. Why is she getting to me like that?? When I kiss her, I felt like I shouldn’t stop. Her softlips taste like strawberry and I felt like kissing her again and again. As I held her waist, her waist felt so tiny in my hands. When I drew her close to me, I felt like she should be in my arms forever. I closed my eyes, feeling frustrated. What kind of feeling is this. I hope I’m not falling in love with her??
You are… My subconscious mine replied.
No I’m not. I said to myself. I can’t fall for her.
Keep deceiving yourself. My subconscious mind replied.
Shut up. I said to myself. If anyone would have been here with me, they will think I’m crazy, talking to myself that way.
I was still in thoughts when I heard a splash.
No no no!! I hope it’s not what I am thinking. I thought as I rushed downstairs.

I got downstairs and went to the backyard and my jaws dropped as I saw the most beautiful goddess in front of me.
She was wet. She was wearing a swim suit, like a bikini that brought all her killer curves in full view.
Her hips were killing. The swim suit looked so tight on her as it exposed her cleavage and half of her big boobs. Her hair was messy and wet and that made her more beautiful. I can’t talk about her back side. I might end up masturbating tonight.
She was drying her body when I saw her.
She looked at me and quickly used the towel to cover her body.
I quickly adjust myself so that it won’t be obvious that I was staring at her.

“What are you doing here”? I asked coldly.
“I’m sure you can see and you are not blind. I was swimming”. She retorted.
My gaze went down to her belly. She had a very flat tommy and a tiny waist. No wonder she had such big hips. I guess she caught me staring because she adjusted the towel to cover her body.
She rolled her eyes at me and got up and walked inside. Gosh!! My jaw dropped as I sighted her big behind. Oh Lord!!
Please take this temptation from me……….

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