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2nd December 2023

🍓🍓🍓🌹HER BOSS🍓🍓🍓🌹

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

Her Boss Episode 2

❤Chapter two❤

💎Alan’s POV💎
I stare at the lady in shock. That was the lady that rudely insulted me at the elevator. So she was even my secretary. I thought of firing her immediately but quickly kick against the idea. She was rude to the Almighty Alan Roderigo Sanchez and she must pay. She has to suffer first. I smirked mischievously and relaxed on my king sized chair.
“So, you are the rude lady who is supposed to be my secretary right”?? I asked
“Rude”?? She asked pretending not to know what I’m talking about. “I’m not rude”.
She answered looking away.
“Really”?? I asked still smirking micheviously at her. “Do you know that I could fire you this instance?? Like right now”??
Her eyes widened in shock and she bit her lips angrily. Well, I find that sexy.
“Why will you fire me?? I did nothing wrong”. She said, her eyes tearing up, like she is about to cry.
“Oh you wanna cry”?? I asked mockingly. “Maybe I should call Miss Bree, the one who interviewed you and asked her to terminate your appointment immediately”. I said trying to pick up the telephone.
“Nooo, don’t”!! She half screamed as I made to pick up the telephone. “I’ll do what you ask me to do but please don’t fire me please”. She begged.
I dropped back the telephone and looked at her. She is damn sexy. Gosh, I’m feeling a hard on down there just looking at her. Her long full hair was packed in a messy ponytail which looked absolutely great on her. With her deep blue hypnotizing eyes, long pointed nose, rosy cheeks, pink soft lips, I bet those lips will be soft, she is just the definition of the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. Well, she is also sexy. With her medium sized boobs, flat tommy, broad wide hips, fair,long tanned legs and her flawless skin, I should probably describe her as a goddess.
I guess she noticed my eyes feeding on her as she became nervous and lowered her gaze to the ground, biting her lips. I hate it when she bites her lips like that because it’s always giving me a hard on. Buh I love it when she does that because she looks so adorable. Wait… What?? Did I say adorable. I didn’t say so. She is a crazy and rude lady and crazy and rude people are not adorable.
And least I forget, I was about to make her pay for talking back at me and even insulting me.
“Well” I began. “I won’t fire you”.
“Oh thank you so much”. She said beaming with smiles. She has a beautiful smile. Alan focus, what are you thinking???
I frowned my face and she stopped smiling.
“Okay, you can start your work now. So go downstairs, I need my coffee right now. In two minutes time. Starting now”. I said with a mischievous smile on my face.
She widen her eyes in shock. I almost laughed but i held myself,so she’ll know that m serious.
“Buh what about my office”?? She asked. I eyed her and hissed and she frowned and left my office. God!! Her behind is so big!! I felt my hard on under my trouser and I cursed. Fuck her big booty!!!!!! I need to call one of my chicks to take care of this bulge under my trouser and it’s all my sexy Secretary’s fault..
I took my phone and place a call to one of my fuck buddy.
📞Hey Bianca📞 I called.
📞Hey Baby, whatsup📞 I heard her voice from the other end of the line
📞I need you to come to my office now📞 I said to her
📞I’m on my way now baby📞 she said and I hung up.
I’m Alan Roderigo Sanchez. I’ve got the looks and the money and I got girls dying to be with me. I’ve got two companies, one which is for my Father but he gave it to me and my own company which I established by myself. My two companies are one of the most famous and largest companies in the country and that makes me flirty rich. Maybe that also made me proud and arrogant but who cares????
Well i don’t!!
🍓Naomi’s POV🍓
I was madly angry at that arrogant jerk. Who did he think he is?? A god?? I should bring his coffee in two minutes. Gosh!! I’m done for. Buh I have no choice. He is my boss. And if I don’t do has he says, he will fire me. I know how hard I’ve worked to get a job to help my mum. I can’t let this job slip off my fingers especially when the salary is a huge one. I had to put my grudges against my boss and my pride and do the needful. I walked quickly downstairs and went to the cafeteria to get his coffee and quickly walked upstairs opening the door. I saw him working on some files immediately i went in. He looked up at me and I almost rolled my eyes at him.
“Haven’t you heard the word knock before”. He said with a frown.
“I’m sorry” I said putting his coffee on his table.
“I’m your boss, so it’s sorry boss or sorry Sir”.
I almost rolled my eyes at him again. What is wrong with this guy?? Just because he is the CEO?? Arrrrrgh!!!!!! I thought!! Fuck him
“I’m sorry boss.” I said in the most polite way i could muster, staring at him angrily. He smirked mischievously and I knew he just want to get on my nerves so that I will say something rude and he will fire me. No way!!
Then he started picking up files and documents. They were so many and I wondered what he was going to do with it.
“Take this files and work on them. Also type them and submit it to me first thing In the morning”. He said smirking wickedly
My jaws dropped in shock and utter astonishment. Wait….. What???
This guy must be absolutely joking
“Si…..rr”. I stammered.
He rolled his eyes at me and I was tempted to whack him across the face.
“I said you should work on all of this files,type them also and submit them on my table first thing tomorrow morning.
I opened my mouth wide. Even a week was not even enough to finish it but he is just given me today to finish everything???
“But sir”, I said, “it’s not possible to finish it in one week, how will I be able to finish it within today???
He gave me a look could not comprehend and chuckled.
“That’s not my business, I want it on my table first thing tomorrow morning”. He said and continued his work on his laptop. I slowly packed all the files and went out. I was able to find my office and it was just outside the CEO’s office. My office was quite nice and lovely. I settled down and I began to work on the files he gave me.
An hour later, when I was still busy, I heard a soft tap on my table. As I looked up, I saw a woman dressed almost half naked with a very Heavy makeup.
“Good afternoon miss, how may I help you?? I said faking a smile. Her presence is already pissing me out.
She looked at me from head to toe binking her long fake eyelashes at me.
“You are Alan’s new Secretary right?? She asked still blinking her stupid fake lashes at me. I tried my best to comport myself and not give her a punch on her heavily makeup face and I flashed her one of my best smiles.
“Yes Miss”. I answered
“How many we help you”?? I asked again.
“I’m looking for Alan. Is he around”?? She asked,looking around.
“Do you have an appointment with him”? I asked.
“Of course” she replied still blinking her stupid lashes. It disgust me. Anyways, I went into the boss’s office and knocked at the door. I would have called him on his telephone in the office buh I don’t have the number of the telephone so I have no choice but to go to his office.
“Come in”. He answered in his usual husky baritone voice which I find it hard to get use to. I feel butterflies inside my tommy. What is wrong with me??
I walked into his office and he is in his usual position, facing the large window.
“Boss”?? I called
“You have a guest, a lady precisely “. I told him.
He turned to face me with no expression on his face.
“Tell her to wait for me outside”
“Okay”. I answered and went out of his office.
“Boss said he will be with you shortly”. I told the almost naked woman.
“Huh”? She said standing up. “I was supposed to go and meet him inside. Alan won’t allow me to…………”
I rolled my eyes at her and wondered why she stopped talking until I saw her smiling seductively to whoever was at my back. As I turned, I met the boss smirking. Oo ooh!!!! So he is also a play boy. “Pervert”. I thought!!
“I’m going out” Alan said to me
“Okay sir”. I answered not looking back at him and continued with my work. Both of them linked hands together and they left.
I shook my head in disgust and continued my work.
It was closing hour. I was so so tired that my back hurts. I packed the remaining files i had not finish working on and took a taxi home
When I got home, I fling my bag on the chair in my room and went into the bathroom for a cool shower. Then I climbed my bed and immediately, i fell asleep.
When I woke up, it was already 8:00pm. I yawn and wore my flip flop and headed to the dinning table and I said my mom serving dinner.
“Mom” I greeted her with a peck on her cheeks
“My baby”. My mom answered smiling at me. “How was work today”??
“Work was fine mom, but really stressful”. I answered sitting down.
Mmmmmmn, Fried rice and chicken. That’s my favorite. I took my spoon and began to eat. “I understand baby, office work is really stressful”. She said sitting beside me.
“So how is your boss?? Is he kind or is he strict”??
I rolled my eyes immediately and my mom frown.
“Sorry mom, is just that he is an arrogant spoilt jerk”. I said taking a spoonful of rice inside my mouth.
“Hmm, Naomi don’t make trouble okay?? Try to be nice. You know how you work hard to get this job so you better not be rude to your boss”. My mom said.
As she was talking, I was just eating. I know myself, I’m trouble. I remember always getting into trouble in high school. Being polite is not in my dictionary. But I have to be nice so that I won’t get fired from my job.
“Okay mom, I’ve heard”.
My mom ruffled my hair lovingly and started eating her own food.
When we were down, I cleared the kitchen and went to my room to complete my work. Surprisingly, I finished everything. I was so happy. I smiled proudly at my self. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out that m through with everything.
I close the files and went to bed yawning. I slept late that night but I was anticipating on what tomorrow hold for me………………
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