Her Boss Episode 3

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Her Boss Episode 3

❤️ Chapter3❤️

🌹 Naomi’sPOV 🌹
I scurried out of my bed and hurried to the bathroom to take my bath and got ready for work.

I packed my files and rushed downstairs. I could not take my breakfast because I wanted to get to work very early.

And I did.
I got to my office and I dropped my bag and headed for the CEO’s office.

I knocked but there was no answer.

I gently pushed the door and saw that he was not even around. I went inside and dropped the files.

As I was arranging them, the door burst open and my boss came inside.

Gosh!! He is looking more handsome everyday. He always dress like a teenager and this made him look more handsome.

He was wearing a white T shirt with black pencil trousers, and white shinning sneakers. His brown long hair was coiled in another beautiful hairstyle and this made him much more handsome than yesterday.

But he is frowning, that is my problems with him.
“Done drooling again”?? He said jolting me out of my stupid thought.

I flushed in embarrassment and looked away biting my lower lips.
“Good morning boss”.

I greeted.
He grunted and went to sit in his chair. I was so furious with him and with myself. I must I always drool when I see him?? And why is he this arrogant and bossy?? So annoying…

“Have you finish the work I gave you”?? He said, his cold stares on me.

I got angry. Can’t he see it on his table or has he gone blind???
“Can you see the files on your table?? It’s right there so don’t pretend that you didn’t see it”.

I said angrily, unable to stop myself.
I had already said those words before I realized what I have done.

I talked back at the boss again. I was so afraid but I didn’t show it as I maintained a Stern face.

He smiled. You heard me, he smiled. I wasn’t expecting that. But that wasn’t a genuine smile. It was a smirk. An evil, mischievous and mysterious smirk.

I wonder what he will do to me this time. He went through the files and I saw a surprised look on his face. I smiled in victory. Suddenly his face went cold again.

“Okay Miss Naomi I”. He said. So he even knows my name. I rolled my eyes. So grumpy.

He started checking under his drawer and brought another heap of files. I widened my eyes in shock. This guy is certainly joking.

“Work on this files. We have a meeting in 20 minutes and I want those files to be ready by then. Look through the first file, my schedule for the week is there, so u update them and keep me informed of my next meeting everyday”.

He said, with no expression on his face.
I nearly cried. Finish all this files in 20 minutes. I’m done for!! I’m certainly doomed!! Certainly I can only finish this work by magic and nothing else.

I clenched my fist in anger as he dropped those files in front of me on his table and motioned me to pick it up.

I bit my lips in anger. He smirked at me and started typing on his desktop computer. I breath in and out. “Control yourself Naomi, you can do this. You’ve got this”.

I told myself silently and I picked the heap of files. As I was walking out, his voice stopped me.
“Miss Naomi, I need my coffee now”. He said not even looking at my direction and still typing on his laptop.
I nearly collapsed!! God!! What have I done to deserve this?? But I have no choice. I don’t want to get fired yet.

I still have to help my mom in paying off our outstanding bills.
“Yes boss”. I answered and close the door behind me, banging it in anger.

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💎 Alan’sPOV 💎
I laughed silently, stroking my chin. I do that when I’m pleased. I loved that horrific look on her face.

When I came in, I saw her backing me, arranging something on the table. At the sight of her big behind, my bulge nodded causing instant hard on.

I groaned trying to control myself. She turned round facing me and she kinda gasped. I looked at her. Her hair was still packed in this same pony tail as yesterday but she was wearing a white and black pencil short gown just above her kness, flattering her curves and her big behind. This lady is god damn sexy.

I caught her also drooling at me and I smirked in my mind. Who wouldn’t drool at the sight of the handsome and cute Alan Roderigo Sanchez??? I know I was also drooling at her but I made sure I conceal it and maintained a straight face. Buh the thing is, I have seen and fucked many girls that are more beautiful and sexier than her, why is she getting to me like this??🤔

“Done drooling”?? I asked her and she flushed in embarrassment and looked away. She is so beautiful. Wait…did I say beautiful?? Nah, she is crazy.

Very crazy.
“Good morning boss” she greeted lowering her gaze to the ground. I walked to my sit and sat down and she faced me.

“Have you finished the work I gave you”?? I asked her.
“Can’t you see the files on your table?? You saw it but you pretending not to”. She retorted angrily.

What?? Did she just said that to me. I wanted to react but I held myself and smirked, a mischievous smirk actually. I know how to deal with this little witch.
I took the files and briefly went through them. I was so surprised.

So she is this brilliant and intelligent. She finished everything completed and accurately, no mistakes. Everything was completely and clearly updated. None of my previous staff could do that.

I try to hide my surprise but it seems she saw it cause she was grinning. Whatever. M not done with her yet.

I opened my drawer and brought out a heap of files and I saw her widened her eyes in shock. Yes!! That’s what I want to see.

” Work on all of this files. We have a meeting in 20 minutes and I want the files to be ready by then. Look at the first files, that is my schedule for the week.

Keep me updated and inform me about every meeting I’ll have everyday”. I said dropping the files in front of her on my table and nodded my head, for her to pick the files up.

Her face was tearing up and I immediately felt guilty. I shake those stupid feelings away and I faced my computer and began to type, ignoring her. She picked up the files and was walking away when I remembered that she has not brought my coffee.
“Miss Naomi, I need my coffee now”.

I said not looking at her. She halted not looking back and I smiled at myself.
“Yes boss”. She said feebly and walked out, banging the door behind her.

I smiled and brushed the thought of her aside, and working on my next meeting in twenty minutes time.

🌹 Naomi’sPOV 🌹

I already got his coffee and was going inside the office. I was about to open the door when I remembered that he had always asked me to knock. I knocked gently at the door.

“Come inside”. His husky voice answered from the other end of the room. I opened the door and dropped his coffee on his table and eyed him. Well he wasn’t looking at me, he was seriously typing on his computer. Part of me wished he saw me and part of me wished he never did.

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I left his office banging the door behind me and I went straight to my office, sitting down and focusing on the big work on my desk which I’m supposed to finish in 20 minutes.

May God help me!!
I opened the files and started working on it. Because of my intelligence and smartness, I was able to finish it within 16 minutes and used the remaining 4 minutes to cross check everything that I had done. I smiled to myself. Phew!!!! Thank goodness!!

Suddenly, the doors of the CEO burst open and I saw his rushing out.
“Time is now Miss Naomi, follow me and bring those files with you”. He said, not even sparing me a glance.

I eyed him and started packing the heap of files.
“Okay sir”. I answered following him. We got to a glass door and he pushed it open. I gasped. The conference room is huge, like extremely huge. There were men and women in suit sitting down and they all looked very rich.

The boss walked in, with me following behind and he sat down on the biggest chair in the room. I just sat beside him at his right hand side and dropped the files on the glass table. The glass table was greatly designed.

Naomi stop staring at the table and focus. I told myself.
” Good morning guys”. The boss greeted. He has no respect. I’m 100% sure that he is the youngest but he was treated with so much respect. I rolled my eyes at his arrogance. I hope no one saw me, I thought, looking around.

” The contract papers are ready sir, you should sign”. A man said passing a white file to me and I pass it to the boss. He collected it and sign, then he gave it to me and I passed it back to the man.

There are three old men and one old woman sitting down running their eyes through some files and two young men and women who are the same age with the boss working on their laptop.

I took my minute book and began to write all the discussion made as they all kept on talking.
One of the men and one of the women came outside for a brief presentation which includes showing us some business work on the big projector in the room. When they were down, the boss flared up.

“Is this what I asked you to do”?? He asked angrily. ” Why will you do something so horrible and you ask me to approve. I cannot. I hate laziness and imperfections. I always want everything you do to be perfect but you end up doing it all wrong”. He spoke angrily and I feared the boss m seeing now. I’ve never seen him so angry before.

“Presentation cancelled”. He said banging the table and I jump slightly with fright.

The man and the woman who presented looked down feeling dejected and sad. I pity them. They went back to their sit sadly.

“This is the second time you are cancelling their presentation Alan”. One of the old men said. ” You should give them enough time. You only gave them a week and that is barely enough”.
He said again.

“I agree Mr Stone.” The other old man said and looked at the boss. “Give them enough time and I’m sure they will do it perfectly”.

The other old woman nodded in agreement to what the two older men said. The boss breathes out looking frustrated and ruffled his hair.
“Okay, I give you guys two weeks to make up for your mistake. Got it”??
“Thank you so much boss”.

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They all said bowing and they all scurried out of the conference room, leaving me with the boss and the three older people.

” I see progress in the company Alan, you are really working hard. Your company is now rated as the second best in the country. Right Mr Morris”??? The man who was addressed as Mr Stone said.
“I agree Mr Stone”. Mr Morris said nodding his head in satisfaction.

” I’m proud of you and I’m happy to be a shareholder in this company. Even your father’s company is doing very well. Your father made the right choice by handing it over to you”. Mr Morris said.
I opened my mouth in surprise and admiration for my boss. So he is such a genius. Buh that doesn’t stop the fact that he is very arrogant, proud and bossy.
” Thanks alot”. My boss said still maintaining his cold stares. Hummm!! Can’t he even smile??
“I see you got a new secretary”. The woman said smiling at me and I bowed slightly in respect.

“Yes”. Boss answered. “Her name is Naomi”.
“Good, make sure you are able to retain her this time. This is not the right time to fire workers anyhow”. The woman said and I was happy within me.

The boss didn’t answer. He just passed the files I earlier worked on to them to take a look at it.
“Waow”!! Mr Stone exclaimed.
“This is great Alan, I knew you will sort everything out”.

” This is perfect”. Mr Morris also said smiling. ” How were you able to finish it this fast”??
I opened my mouth in utter astonishment as the boss took the credit of the work I worked hard on. I was boiling inside while he was smirking, a playful grin on his face. I felt like slapping him as the board of directors kept praising him for the work he did not do. I wanted to talk but I kept quiet. God!!!!

The meeting came to an end 3 hours later and I managed to smile at everyone as I followed the stupid boss to his office. As he settled down, I dropped the files on his table in anger.

” What was that you did back there”?? I asked angrily.
“What was what”?? He said feigning ignorance.

“Why were you taking the credit for what you didn’t do. I was the one who did the work not you. Why did you do that”?? I asked, feeling like slapping the stupid grin on his face.

“So what will you do”?? He asked.
That’s true. I can’t do anything. I felt like crying.
“It’s fine”. I said to him, walking out when I heard something scattering on the floor. I turned and I saw different files on the floor.

“Pack those files and arrange them according in aphabetical order. Then arrange them on the shelves there”. He said pointing at the huge shelve at my back.

My eyes nearly popped out of their socket. How dare he!!! The files were so many and I know it will talk hours to finish arranging them. God!!!
I opened my mouth, looked at the huge shelve behind me and looked back at the big heap of files on the floor. I looked at him and saw him smirking, a mischievous smirk actually.

I placed my hand on my forehead and my stomach grumbled. Then I realized I had not eaten since morning. Aaaaah!!!!! Kill me!!
Stop saying next guys!! It’s rude!!!
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