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2nd December 2023

🍓🍓🍓🌹HER BOSS 🍓🍓🍓🌹

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

Her Boss Episode 4

❤️ Chapter four ❤️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
Aaah!!! Finally!! I was able to finish the work within 2 hours. Phew!!! But I was angry. I stamped my feet and turned round and caught him staring at me, his green eyes boring holes inside me. My anger immediately melted away as I stare back at him. His eyes are so mesmerizing. He licked his pink lips and I felt butterfies in my stomach. God!! What is wrong with me???

“Are you done”?? He asked smirking and stroking his chin. Anger mode activated. I frown at him.
“See for yourself”. I said walking away.
“I wasn’t talking about the work Miss Naomi, I mean….are you done staring at me”?? He said. I bet he must be grinning like a fool because he caught me drooling at him. I clenched my fist and turned round.
“Excuse me Mr Alan, are you trying to flirt with me”?? I asked
He furrow his brows and I smiled, smiled in anger, if that word exist. “Well as for your information, I can never drool for a Playboy like you”. I said and turned around, walking away and closing the door behind me. I expected him to react but he didn’t. Well, that is not my concern. What is my concern now is that it’s just 30 minutes left from the one hour break. I hurriedly grab my bag and headed for the cafeteria. I ordered for my food and sat on a chair, place my food on the table and began to eat.
I heard a knock on my table and as I looked up, I saw Mrs Bree, the woman who had interviewed me smiling down at me.
“Oh hello Mrs Bree. Good afternoon”. I said smiling back at her.
“Afternoon to you Miss Naomi, how are you”?? She answered in her usual British accent.
“I’m okay, please have your seat”. I said motioning for her to sit down.
She sat facing me and she smiled. She is always smiling.
“So how is you and the boss”??
I rolled my eyes in disdain. I so much despise him. Mrs Bree laughed.
“I know he is a pain in the ass but……..”
“A very big pain in the ass Mrs Bree”. I said rolling my eyes again.
She laughed.” I know. But I want you to be patient with him. Even though you think he is too bossy, he is a good person”.
Who cares?? I thought. I nodded my head at her and continue eating my food. We talked about some things for a while and I found out that she is married with kids. She is the assistant manager in the company and she was retain because she was very loyal. We chatted for a while, laughing as if we knew each other before. I checked my time and it was almost break over.

“I have to go now Mrs Bree, I need to be at the office”. I told her, picking my bag.
“No probs Naomi, take care”. She said and wave at me,smiling.
“I will”.
I walked back to the office and sat on my chair looking down on the work before me. I sighed and started working.
An hour later, the boss walked out of his office. He seems in a haste.
“Where are you going”?? I asked him before I could stop myself from talking.
He looked at me, a frown on his face. “Why do you want to know”?? He asked.
“Cause I’m your secretary”. I answered sarcastically almost rolling my eyes again. He ruffled his messy hair and looked at me.
“I’m going out. I may not be able to come back today. Take care of my office”. He said walking out. He didn’t even allow me to answer him. I sighed and continued my work.
💎 Alan’s POV 💎
I walked out of my office and entered my car. My dad said he wants to see me and I’m driving to his office. I cleared the thoughts of that little seductress I call a secretary and focus on the road.
Twenty minutes later, I arrived at my father’s company. The company is huge,but not as huge as mine. I walked inside and headed for my father’s office. His staffs greeted me but I ignored them. I have no time to start answering stupid greetings. I walked into my father’s office, not even knocking and I saw his flipping through some files.
“Hey dad”. I greeted, sitting on one of the big sofa in the office. He walked up to me and patted me at my back. I love it when he does that. It make me feel honored.
“How are you son”?? He asked sitting with me.
“I’m fine dad. You called for me”?? I asked impatiently.
“Yes I did son. Look at this”. His father said handing him his tablet. It was some viral news saying that “Alan Roderigo Sanchez is a flirt,a playboy, and a womanizer.” I hissed.
“Dad, these are just lies, it mean nothing”.

“It does son”. My dad said looking very concerned.
“This news could bring your company down and also mine too. You have to do something about it”.
I sighed and ruffled my hair feeling tensed. What my dad said was true. Even though my company is one of the top five best and even the second best followed by ratings, this kind of news could bring my company down. Not only my company, but my father’s company too.
“You’ve always changed ladies like clothes. I warned you but you won’t listen”.
I sighed in resignation.
“What do you want me to do dad”?? I asked
“Get married”. He said, looking very serious.
What!!! No no no!!! Married?? Never!!
“No dad”. I said standing up. “I don’t want to get married”.
“You are saying rubbish Alan. For goodness sake you are 29, stop chasing ladies and finally settle down as a responsible man”. My father said in a very serious tone. I looked at him and he was looking back at me frowning.
“I need to clear my head dad, I’ll see you and Mom in the evening”. I said walking out leaving my father who was looking at me in utter astonishment.
“I give you one week to find a woman Alan”. My father said making me stop. ” If you are not able to bring a woman that you want to marry before then, then I’ll have to bring you a woman myself”.
God!!!! What is wrong with my dad?? Why can’t he just leave me alone. I sighed in desperation as I left his office in anger. I could not go back to the office. I headed straight to my friend’s place. I need to drink to relax my head for a bit..
🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
I was still working when I heard clicking of shoes. I looked up from my work and saw a woman in front of me, smiling
“Is Alan in”. She asked, chewing on her bubble gum. She looked more or less like a harlot. I guess maybe that was one of Alan’s sex buddy. The gown she wore was so skimpy that it barely covered her ass. But she is sexy anyways. With her heaviy makeup face and her long artificial fingers, she waved at me to bring back my attention.
“Hello”. She said snapping her long artificial fingers in my face.
“Oh sorry miss, Mr Alan went out not quite long and he said he may not be back”. I said.
“Okay, I’ll wait for him in his office”. She said trying to walk into his office but I stood up quickly and stopped her.
“Miss I can’t allow you into the boss office, he is not around”. I told her, trying to be polite. She looked at me with a devilish glare but that didn’t move me. I can’t allow her enter the boss’s office just like that.
“Excuse me, do you know who I am”?? She asked pointing at herself. I rolled my eyes at her. Who cares if you are the president’s daughter, I can’t let her enter this office.
“I’m his fiancee”. The lady said and I scoffed.
“Miss, you can’t enter his office, you should wait for him outside until he returns”. I said to her.
She looked at me angrily.” How dare you”! She said and made to slap me but I held her hand and twisted it to the back. She yelled and I pushed her away and she fell to the ground.
“It seems you want to act tough,but I’ll show you that I’m tougher. I said the boss is not around and you are not allowed inside his office”. I half yelled at her, ignoring the stares from the other staffs. She glared at me angrily and stood up.

“You’ll pay for what you just did to me”. She said and she walked away. I smiled and sat down to continue my work. But where is Alan?? Wait……..Why am I so worried about him?? Whatever, let him rot in hell. I continued my work, humming to myself.
About three hours later, the other staffs has began to leave. It’s closing hour already. I quickly packed my things and hurriedly boarded a taxi home. I want to help my mother out in the restaurant today. It’s just 6:00pm and my mum usually closes by 9:00pm. I went home to change into something casual, a black crop top and blue jeans trousers. I wore my normal slippers and I walked to my mum’s restaurant. I saw her serving customers and I went to wait for her in the kitchen. She came to the kitchen and saw me, she smiled at me as I went to peck her on her cheek.
“Good evening mom”. I greeted her.
“Evening baby, where are you here?? Why are you not at home”??
“I came to help you out mum”. I said moving to the sink and began to wash the plates.
“You shouldn’t worry about me baby, I can manage, don’t stress yourself”. My mum said. But I insisted on helping her out and she left me saying I was too stubborn. I smiled and continue to wash the dishes.
Suddenly, I heard noises outside, screams, and clicking of cameras. I wonder what was happening outside.
“Mr Sanchez”!!!!!!!!! I heard people screaming. Who is that. I even heard some of my mother’s workers giggling nonstop. “He is so cute”. They said whispering to each other. Well, I didn’t bother to check as I still continued my work.
Then my mother came running to me.
“Naomi, the famous business tycoon is here with his friends, I want you to go get their order, quick”!!
“Yes Mom”. I answered cleaning my hands on the towel.
I went to grab the book by the counter and walked towards them.
“Good evening, welcome to Mercy’s best, what’s order I said looking at them. They were three in number, buh I could only see the two guys faces. The last one was trying to pick something from the ground so I couldn’t see him.

The remaining two listed down their order and I wrote it down.
“Sir, what’s your order”?? I asked the last one.
As he looked up, I gasped in shock. It was my boss. I stood there with my mouth open wide while he looked at me in surprise. He suddenly began to smile mischievously,as always.
“You”!!! I half screamed
“What are you doing here”???

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