Her Boss Episode 5

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Her Boss Episode 5

❤️ Chapterfive❤️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
What the hell!!! What is he doing here?? Why is he here???
“What are you doing here”?? I asked him, a big frown on my face.
He smirked. Oh I hate it when he does that. So annoying….
“I came here to eat. Isn’t it obvious”?? He answered rolling his eyes and immediately I felt like smacking him on his head. Such a jerk!!
“Whatever, what’s your order”?? I asked eyeing him.
“You work here”?? He asked looking around

“That’s not the answer to the question I asked you, Mr CEO”. I told him rather rudely.
“This lady is rude mehn”! One of his friends said looking at me in a way I do not understand. I totally ignored him and faced Mr CEO.
“What’s your order”?? I asked again.
“Is there a problem Naomi”?? My mom said walking towards us.
Before I could answer, one of Mr CEO’s friends beat me to it.
“I want you to fire this lady”. He told my mom, “She is too rude. Does she know who we are?? He fired getting angry while Mr CEO gently tapped his shoulder to calm him down.
My mum looked at me disapproving and I looked away trying hard to surpress my laughter.
“I’m so sorry Sir. It won’t happen again”. My mom begged.
“I want her fired right away”. The CEO’S friend retorted.
I almost laughed.
“She is my daughter. I’m the owner of this place and she is my daughter”. My mom said.
I smirked and looked at him. He looked surprised and angry.
Mr CEO was equally surprised. The other friend who had been quiet all this time burst into laughter. I grin.
“She is your daughter”? Mr CEO asked.
“Yes she is”. My mother answered.
“I’m her boss at work”. Mr CEO said and I rolled my eyes.
“Oh really”!! My mom said sounding so excited and l gave her a look that says “don’t- say-anything-stupid-“. But she ignored me and kept on talking.
“She said alot of things about you and how kind and loving you’ve been to her. She also told me of how brilliant and intelligent you are. It’s finally go to see you”. My mom said.

Wtf!!!!!! I stood there and opened my mouth, bewildered at my mother’s outburst. When did I ever told her that my boss was kind to me. The man that almost killed me with work?? I opened my mouth in shock, looking at my mom like she had developed two head. She looked at me and grinned. What kind of mother is this??
And my stupid boss was making that stupid smirk of his again. I groaned.
“She really said that”?? Mr CEO asked, a mischievous grin on his face. I looked at him and gave him the most deadliest look. If looks could kill, I swear he would have been on a journey of no return.
“Yes she did”. My mom answered and I had the urge to smack her in the head. But that’s impossible!!!
“C’mon Naomi, get them their orders quickly”. My mom said looking at me and she winked. I almost rolled my eyes at her. Stupid Mr CEO gave his order and I went over to the kitchen to get what they all wanted. I had not brought Mr CEO’s order and I was about going back to get it when the stupid arrogant friend said, “Warn your daughter, she has no manners”!!
I immediately got angry.

“You arrogant bastard!! Just because you are flirty rich and wealthy doesn’t give you the fucking right to talk to me like that, you hear me?? If you know you are not here to eat and you are here to tell me that I don’t have manners then get your dirty ass out of here. Who do you guys think you are huh??? I fired back at all of them.
Mr CEO and his friend were red with anger. The other friend who hardly talk had a nonchalant look on his face.
“Keep quiet Naomi”!! My mom said looking at me in anger but I care less. I told you, I’m really stubborn and rude. I fold my arm across my chest and looked away.

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“Dude c’mon, let’s leave this place”. Mr CEO said and left in annoyance. His friend gave me a devilish look and I rolled my eyes at him and he walked away in anger. The last one just left, with no expression on his face.
My mom tried to stop them from going but them left not even sparing my mom a glance. Thank goodness there was no customers around except the waiters in the restaurant. Or else, the disgrace I gave to them would have been worse. Well, I don’t regret it. But I’m in big trouble.
I had this thoughts on my mind until I felt a painful grip on my ear. It was my mom and she was dragging me to the kitchen.
“Ouch!! Mom!! What was that for”?? I asked after she has stopped dragging my ear, and I was robbing it, trying to ease the pain.

“What was that madness you displayed over there Naomi?? Huh?? What is wrong with you?? How could you say such a thing to such an important person like that. And to worsen the case, your boss was also there. You disrespected him. How could you?? I did not raise you to be stubborn and rude so what’s your problem”?? My mother yelled at me. She was really angry, no doubt about that.
Tears welled up in my eyes. I had made my mom angry.
“Sorry Mom”. I said lowering my gaze to the floor.
My mom didn’t say anything. She just walked away. She was so angry that I had driven her most important customers away with my stubbornness. Gosh!! I shouldn’t have lashed out like that. But he was the one who said I have no manners right???
I wiped my tears and quickly finished the remaining work left. When I was sure I was done, I left the restaurant and took a cab home. When I got home, I made a sandwich for myself and drank milk. I had not eaten since evening and I don’t have enough strength to cook anymore. I showered and I went straight to bed. Aaah!!! What a day!!!!

💎 Alan’s POV 💎
Carlos hit his steering wheel in anger. Ever since Naomi insulted the hell out of all of us, he had not been himself. He was so angry. We’ve decided to go and drink instead, to clear our heads.
“How would she insult me like that”?? Carlos lamented in anger.”No one ever insults me and go Scot free”. He said.
I was angry too. But mine was a silent anger.
“Slow down mehn”!! Andy said to Carlos who was speeding fast like no other. “Take it easy”.
“You must fire her Alan”. Carlos said to me.
“I won’t”. I told him
“Why not”?? Carlos asked angrily. He is always easily angered.
“I know what to do to her”. I said coming up with an idea.
“Don’t do anything stupid man”. Andy said liting a cigar. I smiled to myself. My usual mischievous smile………
We drove to a stripper’s club that night to cool off our anger.
Don’t worry Miss Naomi Sandoval, I know what to do to you that will make you regret insulting me in your entire life.
🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
I woke up early as usual, said my morning prayers and went to the bathroom and had a quick shower. I quickly dressed up in a peach button shirt and black skirit that stops mid way above my knee. I wore a black wedge, combed my long black hair and packed it in a pony tail. I applied a little makeup and wore my wrist watch. I took my black bag and walked out of my room, closing the door behind me. As I walked to the kitchen, I saw my mum preparing breakfast. I have to apologise for what I did yesterday.
“Good morning Mom”. I greeted her. She only nodded and went to sit on the dinning table, sipping her tea.
“Mom, I’m sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I’m so so sorry Mom. I promise it won’t happen again”. I pleaded.

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But she didn’t even say anything.
“C’mon mom, are you going to keep malice with your only daughter”?? I asked her and went over to meet her hugging her tight.
“Mum please forgive me, I’m so sorry”. I said
She then smiled and hugged me back.
“You know I can’t be mad at my baby for so long”. She said ruffling my hair lovingly and I pecked her on the cheek.
“Thanks Mom”.
“C’mon, quickly eat your breakfast”. She said standing up to serve me while I sat down feeling happy. My mom was no longer mad at me. As I was eating, she sighed and said, “What about your boss?? Do you think he will fire you?? My mum asked feeling worried.
“Don’t worry too much mom”. I said caressing her hand. “Everything will be fine”. I said and continue eating.
Well I hope everything goes well.
I got to the office and dropped my bag. Then I headed for the CEO’S office. I knocked but there was no answer. I gently opened the door and went inside to arrange his files. No less than ten minutes, the door opened abruptly and Mr CEO walked in, with a stoned look on his face. I was afraid but I tried not to show it. I have to apologise.
“Good morning sir”. I greeted him.
“Keep your stupid greetings to your cheap self. I don’t need it”. He answered rather rudely.
I wanted to get angry and shout back at him but I calmed myself down. Chill Noami chill…..
“I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t mean to”. I said trying to look sober as possible. But he didn’t answer me. He didn’t even look at me. He faced his computer and began typing. As I turned to go out, his voice stopped me.
“I mustn’t tell you to get me my coffee everyday Miss Naomi”. He said coldly.
“Sorry sir”. I said trying my best to be as polite as possible and not to snap at him. I went quickly to bring his coffee. As I dropped it on his table and was about to leave, the coffee poured on my dress, staining my peach top and my black skirt. Thank God I wore a black skirt, or else.

I looked at my dress and looked at him and saw him smirking. I knew he poured the coffee on me on purpose. I gritted my teeth in anger but I couldn’t say anything.
“Get me another coffee quickly and stop standing there like a moron”. He said turning his gaze back to his computer.
I breath in and out, trying to calm myself and I went to get him another drink after quickly cleaning up myself in the bathroom.
I went to take his file that contain his schedule for today.
“Sir you have a meeting with Mr Alexander in Ten minutes time”. I told him.
“You are coming with me. Prepare the contract papers for him”. He said rather coldly, still typing.
“Ok sir”. I answered and left his office.
Ten minutes later, me and Mr CEO is seated with Mr Alexander. The man wouldn’t stop raining praises at me, calling me the most stunning woman he had ever met. I smiled and thanked him anyways,not minding the angry look on my boss’s face. We then settle down for work.
“I don’t want to sign a contract where I’m going to obtain losses”. Mr Alexander said adamantly after Mr CEO had explained the business details to him.
“But why”?? Mr CEO asked him
“I’ve already……..”
“Sir”!! I quickly cut in, not allowing him to finish. I tried my possible best to convince the man to accept to sign the contract and highlighting so many benefits he’ll get if he only signed. From what I learnt, this contract is one if the biggest contract Mr CEO ever handled and he doesn’t want to lose it. After I was done explaining things to him, he smiled.
“Okay, I will sign. Bring the remaining paper work at the gala party next week Saturday for the final process. You can even bring it before that time. This lady here has really inpressed me”. Mr Alexander said smiling warmly at me and I smiled back. Mr CEO had a long frown on his face but who cares?? We finished our meeting and headed back to the office.
“Don’t be too excited because he signed the papers because of you. It’s just luck, don’t think you are that smart and intelligent. It’s just a mere luck”. Mr CEO said while we were walking back to the office.
“At least I have luck on my side unlike some people”. I said and walked pass him, smiling to myself.
“I’ve not forgiven you Miss Naomi. I’m not done with you yet. I must revenge for what you did to me at your mom’s restaurant”. He said coldly and left for his office. I looked at him and shrugged the fear in me off and continued my work.
As I got home, I went inside my bathroom for a quick shower and climbed my bed and fell asleep.
When I woke up, it was already dark. I went inside the kitchen and saw my mum cooking dinner.

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“Evening mom”. I greeted pecking her.
“Evening baby, how was work?? Did you apologize to your boss”?? My mom asked me, with a worried look on her face.
“Don’t worry mom. Everything will be fine”. I assured her.
“I hope so”. She said serving the food in a plate. Spaghetti and meatballs . Yummy!! I quickly sat down and began to eat as my mom laughed at me. I was really hungry.
I helped my mom to clear the plates and I went to bed….
I walked towards the company very early in the morning. As I was walking to my office, I saw everyone staring at me, in disgust, and they were whispering at each other. What’s going on??
“Miss Naomi”!! I heard my name. As I turned back, it was Mrs Bree. I smiled at her but she didn’t smiled. Something is definitely wrong.
“What happened Mrs Bree”?? I asked looking curious.
“What is this I hear about you on social media”?? She asked looking disappointedly at me.
I was surprised. Me??
“What news Mrs Bree”?? I asked her feeling scared already.
She handed me her iPad and what I saw almost made me collapsed.
Headlines read that”ALAN RODERIGO SANCHEZ SECRETARY CAUGHT HAVING SEX WITH A MALE STRIPPER”, and a video of the supposed me having sex with a male stripper.
I was so broken and sad. Who would have done this terrible thing to me.
“Mrs Bree I swear on my life, it’s not me on that video. I swear. Someone wants to tarnish my image”. I said already crying.
“But who”?? She asked looking worried already..
My mind went straight to only one person. My boss!!! He told me he would revenge. But why will he do this?? I was burning in anger, my tears falling rapidly from my eyes as Mrs Bree kept calling me but I refuse to listen.
I walked into his office banging at the door. I saw him. The devil!! He was sitting on his king sized chair, and he was……… smirking at me.
“I told you I’ll have my revenge Miss Naomi, no one insults Alan Roderigo Sanchez and go Scot free”. He said, a wicked grin on his face.
“How dare you”!! I yelled at him, tears pouring from my eyes.
“How could you”?? I asked. I was hurt. My reputation has been destroyed by this inhuman idiot sitting down. And he seems not to be bothered. I’ve had the height of it. Then I broke the bombshell
“I resign”!!!!!!!!!!!
His smiling face quickly turned into shock.

“You’ll regret this, I swear. You are so wicked. I never expected this from you. After I apologised yesterday, you went ahead and did this??? I hate you”!!! I yelled loud
“I hate you”!!!!!!!!!!

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