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2nd December 2023

🍓🍓🍓🌹 HER BOSS 🍓🍓🍓🌹

✍️by Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❤️ Chapter six❤️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹

He sat there till looking at me ,with a shock expression on his face but I don’t care. I stormed out of his office, banging the door behind me and walked out of the company. I was shattered. People were all staring at me, I was in a mess. The only option left is for me to go to Cassandra’s beauty salon. She runs her own beauty salon while Betty works as a detective. I boarded a taxi and went straight to Cassandra’s shop.

When I got there, I found Cassandra instructing one of her workers to do some work. She turned and sighted me and she screamed so loud that I had to cover my ears with both hands. Well, that’s my bestie!!! Always crazy!!
“Hey girl, how have you been?? You just forgot about us just because you’ve started working in a big company now huh”?? She said to me hugging me but that was not what was bothering me now. I’m in trouble!!!
I did not answer her as I just walked inside her office in her beauty salon. You are surprised that she has an office in her salon. Well that’s how big she has made it. I sat down on one of her sofa and I began to cry. I was so sad, so angry and so ashamed although I know it wasn’t me on the video.
“What’s wrong bestie”?? Cassandra asked worriedly, sitting beside me and petting me. I continued to cry. I just want someone that would console me now. I heard Cassandra calling and I guess she must be calling Betty. And my guess was right
📞Hello Betty📞 Cassandra said, with a worried tone.
📞Hey Casey, whatsup📞 I heard Betty say from the other end of the phone.
📞Come to my salon right away. Naomi is here and she is looking so devastated. She has been crying since she came📞 Cassandra said petting my hair.
📞What!!!! Okay Cas, I’m on my way📞 Betty said and hung up.
“You’ll be fine okay, stop crying Naomi”. Cassandra said petting me as I continued to cry. She went over and brought a glass of water for me to drink and I gulped it down at once, muttering a “Thank you” too her as she nodded and went to drop the glass cup on the table. She came back and sat beside me and place my head on her laps, still petting me.
Twenty minutes later, Betty came rushing in. She saw me and quickly rushed to my side.
“Bestie what’s wrong?? What happened?? You are supposed to be at work, why are you here?? Did something happen”?? Betty asked me looking very worried.
I sighed and told them everything that happened from day one that I started working, to today that I resigned. After I was through talking, they all open their mouth in shock and anger.
Cassandra stood up angrily and took her bag and was trying to go out but Betty quickly rushed over to stop her.

“Hey!! Where the hell do you think you are going to Cassandra”?? Betty asked holding her and closing the door
“That bastard must be taught a lesson. I have to go and meet him to deal with him. How could he do that to our friend?? For goodness sake he had gone too far”. Cassandra stated angrily. She easily gets angry when she is hurt or when you hurt her loved one. She is very brave and troublesome too and she is very stubborn and rude, even worse than me as both of us always get into trouble in highschool. Cassandra had always been my protector. She will always save me from bullies in school because she is very brave. So I wasn’t surprised if she lashed out angrily like that. And if Betty hadn’t stop her, I swear she would have gone to the company to make trouble there.
“C’mon Cas, fighting wont solve the problem. It won’t make him erase that viral video on the net so let’s solve this issue without violence. C’mon sit down”. Betty said to Cassandra, pulling her over and made her to sit down. Cassandra sat beside me, still boiling in anger. But me, I was so devastated. I don’t even know what to do.
“So what are we going to do about this”?? Cassandra asked holding my hand caressing it. I sighed heavily in despair.
“I just don’t know what to do”. I said almost in a whisper.
Betty got up and ruffled her hair walking round, deep in thoughts. This is a serious matter.
“Have you told mother”?? She asked me.
“No”. I said
“She’ll go hysterical if she hears it. I don’t even know how to tell her that I had resign. I don’t even know what to do”. I said and began to cry again. Cassandra and Betty tried to console me. Betty offered to take me to her house because she was on leave and I can’t go home now because my mom will ask questions. I accepted to go with her.

“Go and wash your face in the bathroom”. Cassandra said patting my back. I stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash my face. So many things were running through my mind. What will I do?? How will people look at me?? How will I tell my mother??? How will I be able to help my mom pay the bills as I have already resign. I had only spent four days and I already quit????
All this thoughts kept running through my head. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. I wanted to call Cassandra but I could not even open my mouth as I felt myself falling down. I felt so weak and my eyes felt heavy and all I could see was darkness. I had passed out!!!!!!
💎 Alan’s POV 💎
“You did a great job mehn!! Good job! That will teach her a lesson”. Carlos said smiling but my mind wasn’t in what he said. I was just thinking of Naomi. Did I do the right thing??
Or I had gone a bit too extreme?? I ruffled my hair in frustration as I could no longer concentrate on what I was doing. When I saw her crying, my heart broke and it grieved me that I was the reason for her tears. I had done this to different bitches that tried to mess up with me but that didn’t bother me. But in this case, I felt so bad. I felt that I was a very terrible person. But why?? Why do I feel so bad??
“Hey bro”!! Carlos called jolting me up from my straying thought and I sighed and tried to concentrate on my work.
“What happened bro?? U don’t look so good”. He asked looking worriedly at me.
“Have I gone too extreme?? Don’t you think was I did is too much”?? I asked Carlos feeling scared. But he burst into laughter.

“Bro, when did you start caring about people’s feeling?? The Alan I know gives no shit about what bitches feel. So what happened to you mehn”?? Carlos asked smirking.
“Stop it Carlos, be serious here”. I scoffed.
“I’m serious”. He replied.
“Why does it bother you. C’mon forget that rude bitch and get another sexy secretary. Forget about her”. Carlos said drinking the wine in front of him. I shrugged the feeling off and tried to concentrate on my work. Then my phone rang. As I looked at the caller, it was dad.
📞Hello Dad📞I said rather reluctantly. I pray he doesn’t talks about me getting a wife again.
📞How are you son?📞 He asked.
📞I’m okay dad. And you?📞 I asked him.
📞I’m good. I heard about the contract with you and Mr Alexander.📞
📞Yes dad📞 I answered.
📞Okay. I want you to go and meet him now to sign the papers. He has to sign it so that we can finalize the business on Saturday, at the gala party 📞 my dad said.
📞Okay dad. I’ll do that📞 I replied.
📞Okay son. Take care 📞
📞Yes dad📞 I answered and hung the call.
“I have to go mehn”. I told Carlos. “Business work”.
“Okay bro. I’ll be going then”. Carlos said standing up. We shook hands and walked outside and I entered my car and rode to Mr Alexander’s company.
I got to meet with him and we exchange pleasantries. Then we sat down to discuss business. As I gave him the papers to sign, he began to look around.
“Where is the lady with you the last time”?? He asked and I almost rolled my eyes at him.
“She is not around”. I answered
“Where is she”?? He asked and I got angry. What business does he has with Naomi for crying out loud??
I kept my cool and tried my best not to lash out at him.

“She resign”. I answered nonchalantly.
His eyes turned into a frown as he shifted the papers back to me.
“I won’t sign this paper until she is here”.
WTF!!!!!!!! What!!!!
“What”!! I said to him and he stood up.
” Is better she is here while I sign or you say bye bye to the contract. Excuse me”. Mr Alexander said and walked out leaving me dumbfounded.
I ruffled my hair in frustration. What I’m I going to do?? Where will I even find her??? Gosh!!!!
I stormed out of the company in angry and drove back to my office in rage. Now how will I find her?? And if I do how will I even face her after everything I’ve done to her??? God!!!!! And my father knows about the contract. What am I going to do???????

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