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Her Voice My Addiction – Episode 25 & 26


2nd December 2023

💞Her Voice My Addiction 💕
💕💜(Vocal High)💕💜

By favy writes

-🦋chapter 25&26🦋-


“Arabella got to the room ,Melvin was already seated in the room pressing his phone “

“Gosh I can’t believe am going to stay in the same room with you for a week Arabella scoffed”

“We might end of killing ourselves Melvin muttered”

“Arabella ignored him and went to the dressing room,she wore a pair of shorts reaching her below her thighs with a mini top which disclosed her stomach “

“She brushed her long hair which was reaching her above her butt,she put on her flip flops and got to the room”

“If you keep on dressing like this I might eat you up one of these days Melvin said as he looked at her seduceively”

“Pevert she muttered “

“Why are you talking to me,I thought you said we should give each other space Arabella said”

“You made me talk to you Melvin said”

“How Arabella asked”

“You wore something that made me talk to you Melvin said”

“You know what,dont talk to me Arabella said as she took the pillow Melvin was resting on”

“What the f*ck,can’t you see i was resting my head on the pillow Melvin muttered “

“You were resting on it so,since we are both sharing a room i can take any pillow i like she said as he rolled her eyes”

“You’re so annoying Melvin muttered “

“You too she said and stucked our her tongue”

“And I don’t like sharing blanket with people Arabella said as she removed the blanket from Melvin’s body”

“She wrapped her self with the blanket and used it to cover herself as she laid on the bed”

“Why are you acting stubborn Melvin said as he used the blanket to cover himself also.He used his hand to draw her closer to him and before she knew it,he locked her lips with hers”

“He started kissing her slowly and gradually the kiss became intense,he left her lips and started kissing her neck.He left visible hickeys on her neck and went back to kissing her lips,A loud moan escaped Arabella lips as Melvin deepened the kiss”

“Arabella got back to her senses and quickly pushed him away “

“What do you think you were doing Arabella said pretending to be angry “

“Common,if you never wanted it you would have pushed me away Melvin said”

“Pevert she muttered as she moved away from him and faced the other side of the bed”

“She touched her lips and smiled”

“Gosh 40 missed calls from Dylan and Melvin am sure they have reached italy by now Andy said as he ruffled his hair”

“I guess its not too late to get another plane Dylan said inwardly “

“He wore a pair of hoodie and shorts,he did not feel like dressing too well today,he took his car key and made his way to the airport “

“He finally got into the plane and sat with a girl”

“Oh Rachel its you,you missed the plane too Andy asked “

“Yes,seems i slept for too long she replied “

“They finally got to italy and made their way to the hotel”

🗣Gosh is that not Andy and Dylan’s girlfriend Rachel🗣

🗣They look so good together 🗣

🗣i think they are a couple 🗣

“This people can’t stop assuming nonsense Andy said as he nodded his head “

“Seems everyone already has a partner,why don’t we share a room together Andy asked”

“Sure it will be okay Rachel said”

“I can’t believe am paired up with you Lucy said as she roamed round the room while sam laid on the bed”

“You have been Complaining since we got here can you at least keep quiet for a minute Sam pleaded”

“How can i ,when we are paired up together,imagine we are going to sleep on the same bed ,I can’t,i can end up kicking you out of the bed if you annoy me Lucy said as she continued pacing around the room”

“You know we can do naughty stuffs together Sam said seducively”

“Dont dare if not am going to blow you really hard Lucy said as she showed him her fists”

“Damn,girls are dying for my touch and you’re here trying to kick me ,that’s not a good sign but anyways i know you will soon be mine sam said”

“Never she said as she walked out of the room”

“Such a drama queen he said inwardly “

“Ariana struggled to dry her hair with the towel properly “

“Just ask for my help Dylan said”

“Never she said as she tried drying her hair with the towel “

“I will help anyway,Dylan said as he took the towel from her”

“He dried her hair and handed the towel to her”

“Thanks she said as she took her lips in”

“Dylan went back to the bed and laid on it”

“Ariana was done with dressing and laid on the bed”

“I can’t use this pillow,give me the one you’re using Ariana said”

“I can’t use that pillow also so you have to manage it Dylan muttered “

“Is that how you treat a girl Ariana said as she faked a cry”

“Gosh you’re so dramatic Dylan scoffed,we can share a pillow anyway Dylan said “

“You’re so stingy,you can’t give me the pillow she said as she went closer to him and laid on the other side of the pillow “

“They stared at each other for a while without saying a word until Ariana fell asleep “

“Arabella,Ariana and Lucy sat with each other at the dinning hall”

“A student stood at the center of the dining hall to give an announcement and the hall became silent at ones”

“So as usual,we are all going to have a late night party around 9:00 pm here and i expect you all to be here except you don’t want to have fun,there will be swimming and some other stuff here so don’t miss and mind you this party is not for kiddies the student said”

“The party is going to be fun Arabella said excitedly “

“It’s going to be really fun Lucy muttered “


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