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Her Voice My Addiction – Episode 29 & 30


2nd December 2023

💞Her Voice My Addiction 💕
💕💜(Vocal High)💕💜

By favy writes

-🦋chapter 29&30🦋-


“Gosh why does my head hurt so much Ouch Arabella said as she placed her hand on her head”

“And why am i on the floor she asked her self and that’s when she realized Melvin was also sleeping on the ground next to her as he held her tightly to herself “

“She suddenly remember that she was drunk last night,then Melvin took her to the room and then she kissed him”

“Oh know ,why did i do that,what am I supposed to do now,how will i face him,gosh why is this happening to me She said to herself inwardly “

“Oh you’re awake Melvin said as he got tried getting up from the floor “

“Do you remember what happened yesterday night Arabella asked in a shaking voice”

“Yes I remember every single bit of what happened yesterday night Melvin replied “

“Okay tell me what you remember Arabella said”

“Why are you so curious to know,anyway you got drunk and i also got drunk,then i took you to the room Melvin said”

“Oh thankGod he does not remember that i kissed him she said inwardly “

“And i can also remember you kissing me Melvin muttered “

“Wait what,but you know it was a mistake,i was drunk,wait am not sure I kissed you,oh God i did ,oh My God it seems am getting crazy Arabella rushed her words”

“Yes,you are getting really crazy,I can’t believed you kissed me,you know you also knelt down and begged me to kiss you Melvin lied”

“No that can’t be Arabella said”

“That’s not all,you also bowed down and touched my feet pleading that I should kiss you Melvin lied again “

“Gosh am such a fool Arabella said aloud “

“Yes you are Melvin said”

“Melvin am going to kill you she screamed as she chased him out of the room”

“Wait how come am here,I can’t recall coming here last night,wait what are you doing here Frankie shouted as he saw carly at the side of the bed”

“Wait what he shouted when he looked down and found out he was naked,he looked at carly and found out she was also naked”

“Wait what did you do,you f*cking too advantage of me because i was drunk frankie screamed out”

“But babe,i had no choice,you are really sweet in bed Carly said as she kissed his cheek”

“It seems you have no shame,please get out of my room and never come back,your face alone disgust me frankie spat out in disgust “

“But why are you angry babe,you sleep with alot of girls yet you are angry that i took advantage to you Carly said”

“I can see you have no shame,leave before i loose it Frankie said”

“Am going no where,i have proof that you took advantage of me because i was drunk,i have pictures carly said as she showed him the pictures of them together “

“But i did no such thing,you took advantage of me instead Frankie said”

“And who the hell will believe you carly said “

“So what do you want frankie asked”

“I want to be your girlfriend carly replied”

“That can never be possible,i will rather die than let you be my girlfriend “

“Then i will send everyone the the video carly said as she made a move to leave the room”

“Fine,i will let you be my girlfriend frankie said and carly ran to hug him”

“Frankie sighed in disgust as he regretted getting drunk “
“So how are you guys preparing for your performance a day before we get back to italy Rachel asked Andy as they walked round the hotel”

“Well we are trying our best and I’m very sure we’ll perform well that day Andy replied”

“So what’s up with you and Dylan,are you guys still dating Andy asked”

“He broke up with me a long time ago,i was just forcing myself on him,he never loved me Rachel said sadly “

“Oh am so sorry about that Andy said”

“What about you,don’t you have a girlfriend Rachel asked “

“Nah,i don’t have a girlfriend,am single and searching Andy smirked “

“So can we be friends carly asked”

“Sure we are already friends Andy replied”

“Am so happy Carly said to her friends as she danced excitedly “

“What happened babe,why are you so happy kim nana asked”

“Guess what,I Finally got frank all to my self carly said”

“No way,so you guys are like a couple now Lily asked”

“Yes he’s now my boyfriend carly smiled”

“But how babe because last time i Checked he had no interest in you kim nana said”

“Trust me babe ,you know I always get what i want Carly smirked


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