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Her Voice My Addiction – Episode 33 & 34


2nd December 2023

💞Her Voice My Addiction 💕
💕💜(Vocal High)💕💜

By favy writes

-🦋 EPISODE 33&34🦋-


(Its short because I’m scared of Facebook blocking my page again)
“Kim nana was walking through the hotel when she decided to stop at Melvin’s room”

“She knocked on the door but no one answered “

“She opened the door slowly and entered the room,Thank Goodness Arabella is nor here with him she said inwardly “
“What are you doing here Melvin asked as he laid on his bed not taking his eyes from his phone”

“Melvin am sorry okay,the fact that you’re not talking to me is making me really said kim nana said”

“You should apologize to Arabella not me Melvin said”

“You see everytime you mention her name and it makes me feel bad ,i just hate the sound of her name kim nana said”

“You need to leave,I don’t have anything to say to you Melvin said as he got up from the bed”

“Melvin i love you so much and you know it Kim nana said as she romanced his face with her palm”

“Kim nana stop this Melvin said as he pushed her hand away from him”

“She forcefully pressed her lips on his and before Melvin could stop her ,Arabella came in.”

“Arabella ran towards Carly’s room crying “

“I think i can hear someone crying outside the room Lucy said to Ariana “

“Let’s check Lucy said as she opened the room door”

“What the heck,what’s wrong Arabella,why are you crying lucy said as she took Arabella in”

“Babe what’s wrong Ariana asked as she wiped the tears from Arabella’s face”

“Please tell us what’s wrong,you know we hate seeing you like this Ariana said”

“I saw Melvin and kim nana kissing Arabella finally blurted out in tears”

“I’m sure she tried to take advantage to him,Melvin will never do that Ariana said”

“She didn’t take advantage of him okay,if he never wanted the kiss,he could have pushed her way Arabella said in tears”

“Arabella we can sort this out but can you please stop crying if not we’ll all cry too Ariana said “

“I don’t know why I feel this way honestly,I have feelings for him so why am I jealous all of a Arabella asked as she wiped away her tears”

“Common girl,you should have realized it by now,you have feelings for Melvin and Melvin has feelings for you ”

“If he has feelings for me,why did he kiss Kim nana Arabella said as few tears rolled from her eyes a

“I think you are Melvin have to talk about this whole situation Arianap

“They where still discussing when they heard a knock on the door “

“Can i please have a little talk with Arabella Melvin asked “

“No you can’t Lily said aloud as she rolled her eyes”

“Lily,don’t be like that,let him have a little discussion with her Carly said “

“And i think we should give them space Carly said as she pulled Lily and Carly along side with her”

“You’re eyes are already swollen ,seems like you cried Melvin said”

“Why will i cry not as if i care about you kissing kim nana Arabella said”

“Trust me Arabella,i did not kiss her at my own will,she forcefully kissed me Melvin said”

“If she forcefully kissed you then why did you not push her away Arabella asked”

“I pushed her away immediately she did that Melvin said”

“Arabella do you like me Melvin asked “


Trust me guys ,i just posted this story immediately i saw that Facebook removed the account warning from my post
You guys should please make this post reach everyone by liking ,commenting and reposting 🥺🥺


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