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           🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨 old enough to be my father 😾
Naijalanded story
 💞💋👙  Episodes   Twenty 💞💋👙

  He cleared his throat trying to speak but no words came out
  She hissed and followed her friend to know what that guy is doing here
    She met her friend crying profusely and she made her hug her as she patted her back tenderly
   “Aliya”she called her “what is he doing here? That’s my husband’s son”she said and Aliya looked up at her face shocked at what she said
    “What! “She exclaimed
   “Yeah he was the one who came to our house claiming that Lawal was his father “she explained and she mouthed an “oh”
  “Is he your boyfriend? “She asked and she shook her head
   “Then what is he doing here if he’s not your boyfriend? “She asked suspiciously
   “I have a crush on him and I misbehaved… Never mind, its so embarrassing to talk about it “she said sighing
Munira knew already that there was something she wasn’t telling her so she let her be going back into the living room only to see that he was already gone.
   Lawal woke up with a heavy face
  He rushed his morning prayers and left the house amidst the naggings of his wife
   She can’t believe anything he told her yesterday
  That he had other wives apart from her
   She had been living with a liar all this while
But Lawal didn’t care
   He was going to have the person he loves back again
No matter how bad she hates him now
  He will try all he could to convince her once again
  Aminu couldn’t believe that he was going to meet that same woman again in Aliyah’s house
  He was half happy, he was going to be seeing her often tho
  He will have a reason to be going over to Aliyah’s house
He never knew those two were friends
  Lawal knocked on Aliyah’s door and it was Munira who opened the door
She hissed and walked away in a haste before he starts telling her another tale which she will not like to hear
   He understood so instead of talking to her, he asked her about Aliya her friend that he came to see her
She perked up her brow when she saw the seriousness he was using to ask her after her friend
  She scoffed and called Aliyah for him from upstairs
   Aliya came downstairs confused to see Lawal and Munira again together
  She smirked.
“Aliya I came to see you”he said rolling his eyes at her and Aliya understood before she started laughing
   Munira hissed walking upstairs and to her room when she saw him following him from behind
   She didn’t speak to him
She wanted to know her motive so she walked into her room and he followed suit coming into her room with her
  She couldn’t take it anymore so she started yelling at him
  “What! Leave me alone!! “
She barked and he scoffed
  “I came to collect everything single thing I bought for you including yours…. “
“Everything you bought for me?”she felt hurt even though he didn’t mean it that way
   She rushed to her wardrobe and started dolling out clothes which she was sure it was him who bought it for her
   He tried to stop her but she was unstoppable especially when she’s angry
   She kept picking out clothes with tears flowing out of her eyes
   He couldn’t bear seeing her cry like that so he back hugged her amidst her struggles
   “Let me be Lawal! “
She cursed her heart for still finding comfort in this old man
   “I love you Munira”
He said and she scoffed thinking it was another lie he was trying to tell her but he know he was saying the truth
All his life, he never loved someone the way he loves Munira and he wished she could see through his heart
There are so many lies which he can’t correct
   He don’t deserve to love her… He thought
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