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His Youngest Bride Episode 11


💋👙💞 His Youngest Bride Episode 11 💞👙💋


          🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father 😾
Arabian story
         Episode    Eleven
Her head felt like bursting, she made herself an object of mockery
The words of her mother came back to her that instant
*He’s too old Munira! Are you sure you love him?
*what if he’s not a virgin
*I will disown you when you marry him
*No man at his age is a virgin Munira
*hold on a minute! Are you marrying him because he’s a virgin?
   All these played in my head that I didnt know when I took my hijab and all my hair bared themselves on my shoulder
His gaze widened up.
Seriously all the twenty five years of his life
  His eyes have never seen such a beauty
  His heart threatened to fly out by just a simple gaze on her face
   She ran her hands into her hair like a mad woman raging but Aminu was finding it admirable
   His heart was beating faster that he wasn’t sure if it won’t burst in an instant
    “Are you sure its Lawal Jabar you’re looking for? “She asked Aminu for the umpteenth time and that was the same spot He showed up in the house
  He was all smiles rushing to hug her when she blocked him from hugging her
   She first of all gave him two daring slaps on his cheeks
   Her eyes were covered with tears already
   It was then he noticed the visitor in the house
  His own son Aminu!
He panicked
  She knew already
He’s done!!
   “Munira… “
“Don’t you ever in your life again utter those words from your lips else I seal it up for you
I wonder how I believed you! I feel like a fool Lawal!
  You made me look like one! “She sobbed to the extent that she couldn’t finish what she wanted to say to him
He tried holding her but that wasn’t what she wanted right now
    “I’m a fool Lawal! I went against my parents because of you and… You turn around and do this to me!! “She said pointing at herself in utmost rage
  Soon, she held her chest (where her heart was located) and rubbed it in a way to soothe the hurting heart
   Lawal was short of words
   Where do he start?
How will he begin?
The only thing he’s sure of now is that he loves her alot
  He can lay down his life for her that he’s sure of but she will forbid him say it to her again
He had lied too much
   He never told her that he was HIS YOUNGEST BRIDE.
The one he thinks he has fallen for even though the age gap is too much
   “Now I believe that I married an old man who will never touch me because I’m unattractive to him”she spat and ran upstairs to her room
To bare her heart into a pillow
That’s what she needed most now
    But lawal too was heartbroken, his whole body were shaky and soon, he felt his leg becoming weak and couldn’t bear his weight so he found a seat and sat down
  Aminu understood everything going on but one thing was a puzzle to him
He never knew his dad married another wife apart from his own mother….
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