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His Youngest Bride Episode 12


🤴👙♥️ His Youngest Bride Episode 12 ♥️👙🤴


        🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father😾
Arabian story
        Episode  Twelve
  “You never told me you were cheating on my mom”he found himself saying to his father
  “She’s beautiful tho and young, I can’t believe you just ruined her”he blurted and he felt his cheeks got hot because of the kind of slap his father gave him
  Lawal is so angry that he wouldn’t want to get more angered than he already was
  He never wanted that so he hit him on his face
  He held his lips immediately feeling it to see if blood came out but there was no blood
   He smiled weirdly at his father
“Whoa! First time you hit me father “he said
  “Stop talking”he warned grinning
  “I will but why are you cheating on my mother? Huh is she not enough for you? Even though you wanted another wife, mom would’ve accepted if you ask nicely after all its Islamic “he said defending his mom the more
His mom worry day and night for him thinking about how she missed that man called her husband not knowing he’s married to someone somewhere
  Its so embarrassing?
How will his mom when she gets to find out that her husband is cheating on her with another woman?
“Hmmm”she answered Nafisat as she helped her pick her nails
   “What if you find out all of a sudden that daddy is cheating on you? “She asked and her mom went cold at the question
  What made her fifteen years old daughter to suddenly ask that?
Of course she knows her husband is a flirt but why would she complain about it since she doesn’t love him?
  She’s after his wealth that’s all
  “Well, I will cry or get angry”she lied chuckling and her daughter did same thing
  “But daddy will never cheat on you right? “
She asked and her mom nodded
She wish her daughter will know the kind of husband and father they have
A flirt!!
She packed her things with tears and mucus rushing out on her face
  She feel like dying
She cursed the day she was born
The day she met him, its so hard to forgive someone you love after lying
She’s even doubting if she ever loved her?
Maybe the usual lies
But why was she so dumb to notice that thing everyone ariund her noticed?
Why was she so weak to get it?
   She shed more tears as she zipped up her bag
    She’s done with this marriage!
She’s done!!
   He ran in to their room and saw her all packed up to go
   He was alarmed
A real love he ever felt is leaving his side
  How did they meet?
In a mall where she escorted her friend to buy ice cream from the ice cream man
  He had seen her and the way she flaunts the short skirt she wore that day drew his attention
  He wanted to say hi to her that day but when he saw a boy seeming to be her agemate
  He withdrew from speaking to her
   But she met her again, during the Idel-fitr celebration
   She had the most brightest dress and hijab ever.
He found himself thinking about her everyday until she fell in for help someday and he helped her with an umbrella during a rainy day
   She had smiled to him
The first smile ever which was the first time someone smile that genuine towards him
   But when did he start lying?
When did he tell her that he was a virgin?
When did he lie that far?
And to someone he claim to love?
He clenched his fist as they both glared at each other
  “Say something nice that will make me stay Lawal! Tell me one reason why you lied and I won’t go”she thought to herself as he kept glaring at her
  He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out
  He struggled so hard to find his own voice
   “Don’t go”he mumbled and she scoffed
  “All you’ve got to say after playing me for a fool! Treating me like a kid that I am to you! Isn’t it!! “
She felt like a kid for the first since she met him
The umbrella man who helped her out when she needed help the most
  She never thought that the kindhearted man is this cruel!
   “Let’s call our marriage quits! “She announced
  “Why? We’re married “
“And I don’t want to be with a liar “
He smirked painfully touching his brow
   “Munira “
He called
  “Don’t call my name anymore!! “
“Why are you angry? Because I didnt touch you? I will do that now if you want me to”he said pulling off his clothes but she wasn’t in the mood for it anymore
Her mind recalled the con:dom… She frowned
And then the lip paint which he blamed to have gotten from his sister
   Her head was aching
She thought she was dreaming and in a fairy land
She wants to wake up and found out that all these is a lie.
“Why are you angry? “
He asked
This is not what she wants to hear
  She wants to hear why he lied to him not to have married before
Why he said he was a virgin when he was not
 And the most important of all if he loves her
  She wants to know that
  “Lawal have you ever loved me? “She asked
 And he nodded his head
   “I always do love you “he answered and she scoffed
Her mind tinkled to her that it was another white lie to soothe her
   “Get lost Lawal! Because I hate you with passion!! I hate you old man!! You’re an old man old enough to be my…. “He hugged her and their two bodies touched bringing the both injured heart into collision
Each on its own breath….
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