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His Youngest Bride Episode 14





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          🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my dad😾
Arabian story
       Episode   Fourteen
        “What did you just say? “She asked his son after he said that and he nodded meaning that he was right
  “I saw the young woman”he said laying more emphasis on the words YOUNG WOMAN as he spoke
   He had already lost his heart to her and he can’t tell why so sudden
   “She was very beautiful mother and young too
   Daddy seems to love her tho who know “he said the last words with a shrug.
Her phone ran twice and she ignored it picking on her food
  “Munira pick up your phone huh, “Aliya nagged as the phone rang for the third time
   “I don’t want to talk to him, I hate him”
  “As if you mean that, you really want to talk to him so much Munira just that you’re hurt and… “
“And I feel like a fool! Say it to me Aliya I understand
  If I had listened to my parents and to you
  I wouldn’t have been like this” she said regretfully
    “Stop being hard on yourself, “she consoled her but it was making her to cry the more
    “I really loved him, I really did! I believed every word he said so why would he lie to me this far? Huh?? I feel like a kid playing with her father Aliya its so disgusting!! “She shouted and ran out of the dinning room and headed for Aliya’s room to sleep
He stopped trying her number and resigned to sleep on his large by himself
   *I know you’re many years older than me but I still love you and I don’t care what people will say about us
  *Then disown me father, disown me
*Sleep with me Lawal,
*Lawal I don’t think I can really live without you
  All her sweet voice filled his ears as he tried to sleep
He covered his ears but he couldn’t sleep so he brought his phone up and called her again
  Luckily, her line came through and he was thrilled.
He called getting so nervous to hear her voice
📲Its not Munira but Aliya her friend
📲Oh, is she at your house?
He asked as a glitter of hope showed in his heart
He sighed
He miss her so much, he wants to kiss that lovely lips of hers once more To hold her in his arms once again
  “Munira someone is here to see you”Aliya announced when she checked the door early in the morning
   Munira grudgingly went to know who was looking for her only to meet him
   She scoffed and made to go but he stopped her from leaving by holding her hand
    “Munira ,I didn’t come to ask you to come back to me but …I just came to see your face”he said camly and let go off her hand
  “You just saw my face so get going “she said and he was reluctant to go
  Maybe saying something will help
  “Actually you’re not my first wife ,never my second or third,neither are you the fourth or the fifth…”
Her head had started aching again
  She wasn’t even the second wife?not the third too!!
   “Get going !who asked you to speak,I don’t want to hear your voice”she blurted and he pulled himself closer to her
   “I missed you yesterday that I couldn’t sleep”
  “Then meet your wives!!”she snapped and he felt hurt
She has every right to be angry with him…he reasoned
    “I will leave if only I get a kiss from you “he said and she grinned
Is he taking her for a joke here?
    He bent his head and slowly he shifted his face till his lips came in contact with hers
He missed this so much
  I’m a fool to still want to kiss him after all he did to me
Am such a fool to still love him
    She suddenly pulled away from him
“Now leave!”she said but he didn’t bulge
    He wants to he nice to her,tell her the truth and never lie to her again
   But will munira ever believe his truths again?
   “I said go!!”
“Maybe a meal will do”he said and she sighed pushing him out of the house and as he was about shutting the door
  She stumbled on something and ended up falling into his arms once more
Her heart beat was at the highest rate
   She cursed her heart so much for still loving this damned old man…
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