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        🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father😾
Arabian story
         Episode   Thirteen
He hugged her tightly
No words were shared by the two because there was no words to say
    “Munira don’t go, I love you”he whispered into her ear abd immediately she heard LOVE from his lips she pushed him away
   “Love my foot! “She spat and went for the handle of her bag, drawing it after her
   “Munira! “He shouted following her from behind but she didn’t oblige him to touch her
  She was done already with this marriage even though its still a week old
  Its better she quits now or she might end up not leaving him again
   In a rage she brushed past Aminu who was still lingering around in the living room
   The instant her body almost collided into hers, it sent a signal to his tummy
   What is he feeling already?
  Soon, he saw his father ran past to her with despair written all over his face
  He never recalled seeing his father be like this for his own mother but here he is being so concerned about someone else
   He bit hard and followed them from behind
   “Wait up Munira! Where are you going? “
He asked and she shot him a very spiteful glare
   “Stop acting as if you care lawal! Because you don’t! “
“I do care!! Its just… “
  “Just the con:dom I caught you with and then the lip paint which was cuased by your sister Miriam isn’t it!? “
She cursed him under her breath
   “When last did you tell me the truth? “She asked him and he became confused
  When last did I tell her the truth… He thought to himself
  He couldn’t remember the last time he did
   She waited for an answer and he couldn’t answer the question she gave a short laugh
   “So even your love was a lie? Right!!! “She asked scornfully and he shook his head
  How does he explain this messed up love of his?
  “I love you”he mumbled and she hissed walking away with her bag and an aching heart…
  He kicked his legs in the air and then turned to see his son staring at him
  It was all because of this boy that he lost her
More anger enveloped him that he decided to take it out on his son
  “Get out! “He yelled at him
“What! “
“I said get the hell out, i don’t want to meet you back here”
“You asked me to come for the job in your compan… “
“Get the hell out!!!!! “He yelled and Aminu scampered out of the house with everything he came with.
    “What happened Munira”Aliya asked her friend when she opened the door to see her friend standing there with a sore face
   Immediately she saw her friend, fresh tears came to her eyes, she smooched and sniffed drawing her bag inside the room
   “What happened Munira? Why your bag? Something happened “she asked with pangs of sacarsm in her voice
Maybe she slept with him and found out that he wasn’t a virgin like she predicted…. She thought as she helped her sit down on a chair
    “He’s not a virgin? “She asked after a moment of silence between them as she kept crying non stop
   She nodded her head and she suppressed her laughter because it was not the best time to laugh at her friend
   “Really? Is that why you left his house? “She asked again and she shook her head
   “He’s a married man with a son that I think is older than me, “she said bursting into another round of weeping
It was more than she can bear
   “What! What do you mean? “
She asked finding it unbelievable
   “He’s married and and.. And… And.. “Her voice trailed off
Pain won’t make her speak, Aliya understood that and pitied her coming to her aid
   She side hugged her and she rested her head on her chest as she wept uncontrollably….
I failed
   I should’ve told her the whole truth from the onset
  She wouldn’t have left
  He paced about the living room when a message popped into his second phone He checked it
::::We miss you here babe:::::
The message read and he raged throwing the phone to the ground
Aminu reached home and sat himself down on a chair and his mother ran to his side immediately
   “What happened? Did you see your father? Is he okay! “She asked in a worried voice and Aminu pitied his own mother
  She’s here worrying about someone who doesn’t care if he was there or not
  “Stop worrying about him mom okay? He’s okay without you”he said and his mother frowned
  “Why? “
“Because he’s married to another somewhere “he replied remembering the same girl who ruined his heart earlier with her looks….
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