His Youngest Bride Episode 16



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        ๐ŸŒทVirgin at 50๐Ÿ˜ง
๐Ÿ‘ซMarrying a man ๐Ÿ‘จold enough to be my father ๐Ÿ˜พ
Arabian story
  Episode Sixteen
 “Aren’t you going to send me in? “He asked her and she shifted for him to come in sluggishly
She was undecided if she really wanted him in here or not
   She cursed herself for still liking him even when she hates seeing him
   She scoffed trying to go into the room leaving only him in the living room but something else happened
   He back hugged her halting her from going anywhere
Her heart shook terribly feeling his body on hers
   “Let me go! “She mumbled enjoying how he held her but its just doesn’t seem right for her
  “No I can’t “he said placing his head on her back
  “I missed you so much and you won’t come back either “he said calmly as he closed his eyes still holding her
   She wished he won’t leave for the moment
  She wished he should stay like this on her for a moment.
He missed this body scent of hers
   If he loved her enough he shouldn’t have lied right?
  He shouldn’t have
He felt so guilty
   “I’m so sorry Munira, for the lies and… “
  “Let’s not talk about it, you had a reason to”
   Talking about will add more heart ache to the one she’s already suffering from
  So its advisable they don’t talk about it
    They stayed in that position for a while, until they both got tired of standing that he requested to sit down with her
   She obliged but not with all her heart
  She’s still trying to trust this man once more
Maybe he loves her afterall, but the other side can’t buy that.
He is going to lie to her again
   “Let’s watch a movie “
He suggested bringing up the remote in his hand and started tuning to his favorite channel
  “You should be thinking of going home, its already late”she said and he smirked
  “I alone can’t sleep on that large bed, I alone can’t
   So I’m going to sleep close to you “he said and her heart melted immediately
  She tried making herself come back to her rightful sense but it was still lost to his words
   He gave her quick kiss on her lips which she wished would last for another moment but it didn’t
   “Munira I love you”he said and her heart started beating rapidly again
  She cursed her heart under her breath
  She hates her heart so much for beating for him
   He started glaring at her lustfully trying to find the loose end of her dress when she noticed his gaze on her
   This was the first time he’d look at her that way
     He lowered his lips to her shoulder and kissed it sensually that it sent an unusual wave down her stomach
    She wanted to make him stop touching her but it seems she wanted that too
   She seemed to need it
   He was almost ripping her cloth apart when Aliya came in….

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