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His Youngest Bride Episode 17



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            🌷 Virgin at 50😧
👫Marying a man👨old enough to be my father 😾
Arabian story
  Episode Seventeen
Aliya coughed seeing the both of them in that awkward position
   She didn’t interrupt them, she just went straight to her room and Munira turned to Lawal giving him a signal to leave and he refused to, instead, he rested his head on her laps giving a loud sigh of relief as his head landed on her soft laps.
She hissed
She couldn’t find herself pushing him away so she allowed him lie like that on her
   She couldn’t believe it since her son told her that her husband was married to another woman somewhere else
  She wished to seize breathing
Why would he marry with out telling her about it
   She bit her lips as she prepared to leave for the direction Aminu gave her to be her husband’s house
For allah’s sake, why had she not known earlier that her husband was married somewhere?
  She’s a fool not to have known
“Where are you going to mother”her second son Nurudeen asked her as she saw with her bags all packed up to leave
   “Somewhere I should be right now “she answered and signaled him to help her carry her bag to the car packed outside.
   Munira stroke his hair tenderly as tears started dropping from her eyes
   She don’t why she still love him after what he did to her
    He noticed it so he sat up from her laps and hugged her to his chest
   “I will never hurt you again Munira “he promised patting her hijab and she nodded
She believed him even though she never wanted to
She will hurt she guessed but it was too late already because she had forgiven him
    “I will tell you the truth from now onward and never lie to you again”he promised and she nodded yet again
   “You’re my precious wife Munira and I want to handle you with care”he said and a small smile formed on the corner of her lips
She didn’r care anymore if she was the twentieth or whatever as far as he loves her
  She don’t want to care as far he would change and touch her whenever he wants to
 And whenever she needs him too
She wouldn’t care at all
   “I love you Munira”he said to her and she couldn’t hide the blush on her cheeks
   He saw it and knew he just had her back
  He pecked those cheeks and bade her goodbye even though she wished he stayed longer with her
He hissed as he came out of his car and went to his door
He tried opening it with his pass code only to find out that it had already been tampered with
Someone tampered with it… He thought and pushed the door open
  He led his way to the steps, taking each slowly with all the happiness inside him
  He couldn’t afford to lose her that soon
   He smiled to himself as he opened his room door to see a woman lying on his bed
Immediately she noticed his appearance inside the room
She raised herself up and their gaze met and his jaw dropped immediately at whom she saw
        Barakat his first wife!!
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