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His Youngest Bride Episode 18




His Youngest Bride Episode 18

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         🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨 old enough to be my father😾
Naijalanded story
  Episode    Eighteen
He started trembling
Why is everything turning over to him now?
  He just made up with Munira
  So why this?
How did she get in? How did she know?
  He thought wildly when he recalled that Aminu his son was here before
  He gulped hard and put up a smile for her walking close to the bed
   She rolled her eyes at him already angry with him because there was some womanly things she saw in the house even though she met no woman in the house
   He kissed her coldly on her left cheek and her anger melted as she beheld her husband’s face once again
   He cursed himself for being such a cruel man
   He shouldn’t be this way, he shouldn’t
   “How did you get here? I missed you and was planning on coming over tomorrow and here you’re as if you read my thoughts “he said romantically and she smiled as he kissed her on her lips….
Munira looked down as she prepared to go to bed when she saw her husband’s wallet on the floor
   She picked it up and smiled
It was an excuse for her to go over there this night to go meet him
She smiled at the wallet and thanked it for making itself fall out of his wallet
  She quickly went upstairs and to Aliya’s room
  She was already sleeping
  She went to the wardrobe changed her dress and wore a short hijab that barely covered her long hands and she walked out to her husband’s house that night
  She wasnt going to return the wallet, she wanted to see him so she’s using the wallet as an excuse… She reminded herself as she flagged down a cab.
“Jeez! What are you doing to me Lawal arrgh!! “
  She clutched her hands around her neck as he keep on going in and out of her
  Munira found the door ajar and wondered why the door would be open by this time of the day
She didn’t bother about that when she started muffled, sweet noises coming from upstairs
  Her heartbeat increased
She shouldn’t be what she’s thinking, she thought as she held her breath taking the steps slowly till she reached his door
  She opened it slightly and her heart shattered for the second time at what she saw
   He heard the noise the door made so he looked out to the door in a sweet and weak way only to see Munira standing there glaring at the both of them
At first he was doubting if that was really her but after staring gir a while
 He knew it was her so she scurried out of the bed naked rushing to her
  “Its not what you think Munira”he said shaking his head trying to touch her with her sweaty hands and she halted him in anger
She threw his wallet to his face and glared at the elderly woman on the bed
  She looked her mother’s age she thought
   Lawal was so confused at what to do next
   He didn’t know she would come around this night
   He was doomed!
   She was already crying holding her chest
  Her heart had just broken again
Why is he being like this to her? She thought as she left the room and he ran after her naked
  “Munira I can explain this one”
“Explain what?! “
“You sleep with everyone freely but me you don’t “
“She’s my first wife “he said
  “I thought as much”
He gulped hard seeing the burning hatred in her eyes
    “Munira is you I love”
“I believed that few hours ago”she snapped looking him over at his own nakedness
  He never allowed her see his nakedness and here he is, standing naked in front of her
  She felt cheap and dirty who is eating food that is not meant for her agemate
   “I hate you Lawal and don’t ever come to look for me”she spat and tears brewed around his eyes
  She called those tears in her mind
   Crocodile tears
He’s trying to deceive her again with those tears of his
    “Munira I… “
“Goodnight Lawal”she interrupted walking away from him…..
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