His Youngest Bride Episode 22





         🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father😾
Naijalanded story
        💞👙💋  Twenty two 👙💞💞

  He hissed as his eyes met his wife’s
     “Welcome, aren’t you going to sit down? “
He shrugged and walked past going into his son’s room
   He saw him drawing on his book with a pencil too
  He smiled and sat down on the mat beside him
    “What is this you’re drawing? “
“Daddy and mummy”he said sharply
   He peered into his book and he was surprised to see his son draw so beautifully
    “Why would you draw daddy and mummy? “
   “Because you make mum happy all the time
   Each time she’s with her phone, she smiles non stop”he reported still drawing as he said so
  He smirked
He had never made her smile for once
   So why would she stare at her phone and smile?
     “Mom is like that? “He asked to be sure and he nodded still drawing
   “Dad”he suddenly called
“What is it! “
“Can you stay over for tonight”
He requested and he started scratching his head looking for a cheap excuse he could buy.
“Kabir I have something to take care of okay
Maybe I will see you tomorrow “
He said and he shook his head
“Stay over here dad, I missed you “he insisted and he knew refusing will make him sadder so he agreed to stay on a premonition that he would leave very early in the morning the following day.
   That his father wedded two weeks ago and they don’t even know of it
   Zainab came in, eyed him and sat down on the couch to watch some movie before the time for her Islamic lessons reaches
    But his pacings seems to be a disturbance to her
    “What is it? “She asked.
“Nothing”he replied as he started nibbling at his fingers
    She scoffed wishing he would sit his bums down on a chair for a minute so she could watch a movie but she didn’t and she was forced to ask him again
     “What? Why are you pacing like that? “She asked again getting tensed up coupled with the hot temper she has
     “Nothing”he repeated
“Then stop pacing like that”she said and he frowned at her
“Know your manners Zainab, go meet Umaymah in the kitchen “he ordered and she hesitated before leaving the living room and that was when his mom came in
  He rushed to her side
  “Mother! I have something to say, very important”
  “Say it”
“Dad is married”
“What! “
“So I heard and I think is true”
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