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His Youngest Bride Episode 24





       🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father😾
Naijalanded story ✍️
    👙💞 EPISODE  Twenty four 👙💋

She gulped when she noticed that she just vomited what she never meant to tell her friend
    She felt remorseful immediately but she covered it up immediately with the thought that she was flirting with her boyfriend
    “Aliyah I didn’t even say anything to him… “
   “Just go away “she mumbled and she felt like choking
She made a mistake by marrying an old man whom she still loves but its not her fault
It was never her fault
    It was never her fault, she was marrying him out of love only for her to meet someone who never told her the truth.
  Lawal finished eating and declared his leave to his son
   He didn’t object since he had already spent a whole day with them
     She waved a goodbye to her after he pecked her cheeks so he would impress little Kabir before leaving
    “Bye !”they waved as he left
He didn’t waste time driving to Aliyah’s house only to see Munira with her bag in a haste to go.

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  Immediately Munira saw him,she frowned deeply
   He’s the last person she would like to see right now.
“Get out of my way Lawal!”she found herself barking at him as he stood in front of her
    “I know ….”
“Of course you know I was the only person who loved someone who was never my agemate
   An old man Lawal “
“But you loved me”
   “I thought I do”
She snapped and he stepped closer to her
   She was lying,he could tell that by the she shivered as he stared at her
    “Leave me alone Lawal,let’s divorce “
   She vomited and Lawal covered his ear
   It’s so immoral for a Muslim to vomit those words like that
It’s highly inhumane so that’s why he covered his ear
    “Munira I didn’t hear you say it so I will pretend not to get that “
   “Aliya called me names because of you”she said and Immediately she heard her name being mentioned labgs of guilt went through her heart and she felt so bad
   Aminu was gone already after causing a fight between her and her friend
  She so much hated to fight with her friend and she just told her things she will never forget in a hurry
  She cleaned her eyes staring at lawal direct into her face
   “I love you Munira “he repeated
“I really do “he repeated and Munira feeling like he was trying to intimidate her again
    She wanted to believe him for one last time but what if he’s lying again?
   “Munira I can tell you the truth on why I never wanted to sleep with you”
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