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His Youngest Bride Episode 4


💕👑 His Youngest Bride Episode 4 💕👑


          🌷Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father 😾
Arabian story
        Episode  Four
“A con:dom! “She mentioned aloud to his hearing as she held it up with her first finger
How did it get into his pocket? He’s a virgin so what the hell is he doing with a con:dom?
   But Lawal was fast enough to grab it from her hold when he heard her say it out aloud


His heart skipped a bit, he was in danger
  He quickly put it back into his pocket and then gave her wink without even explaining the reason for a con:dom
  Munira concluded what the con:dom meant
  It was for her… she had thought
Maybe he’s not planning on getting a baby soon so he’s using a con:dom
    She dismissed every thought about why it was in his back pocket or anything else
 She trust him, and coupled with the fact that he’s still a virgin
So she has nothing to fear, he will know no woman except her.
She sighed deeply as he watched him lock the bathroom door


   He breathed hard as he closed the door
  What was she thinking?
What would she think of me?
  He gasped for breath immediately
When will he stop leaving this kind of life? When will he stop leaving like this…. He asked himself as he hit the tiled walls before him
    Soon, he turned on the tap of the shower and the water rushed out showering water on his body starting from his hair and downwards to the rest of his body


   Aliya, Munira’s best friend who had been with her through thick and thin even when everyone turned against concerning her marriage to an old man didn’t hesitate to come to her house in the afternoon
   She wanted to hear from her friend on how he had screwed her till she begged for mercy so she sat comfortably in the living room admiring every furniture in the room
With the way the room was furnished to stupor, it was no doubt a very rich who married her friend…. She thought when she suddenly heard Munira’s foot steps as she came down the stairs to come meet her friend


Part of her was happy to see her while part of her again was sad because she knows she will laugh at her when she tell her that her own husband is yet to touch her
and she hates lying to her friend, no matter what it was
  She always find herself telling her the whole truth.
She cleared her throat spreading a smile across her lips and then ran into a hug with her friend
   “Hey Munira, a-m-e-r-i-y-a”she stressed with the both of them giggling and hugging each other
  “Your husband, is he in? “She asked and she smirked
“He’s not, he just left to go see his family “
  “Family leaving his newly married wife like that? “She asked giving a frown and Munira sought for ways to change the topic


  “What can I get for you? And besides that, how did you come here? “
She asked and she smirked
  “Well I know every way that can to my friend “she said with a wink
“Cut that crap please, what can I get for you? “
   “Nothing, I’m full”
She pointed to her tummy
   She refused to buy that, she knows her friend very well. She can be really picky when it comes to eating so she persuaded further
“Come on, you’re at my place and you don’t want anything from me! “She feigned anger
  “Fine a glass of water will do”
She suggested and she left to go get it
She was back in a few seconds and handed a glass of water to her
    She drank in a haste and then turned to her friend
   “So, how was him? “She said blinking her eyes
  She understood what she meant but how to reply seemed a bit hard
   “Who? “
“Don’t tell me you don’t understand whom am talking about “she frowned


  “My husband, oh… He was very good in bed and… “
“Stop lying, he didn’t touch you right? “
That’s it!
This is how she caught her when she wanted to lie
   She can’t understand the magic she used to use against her thoughts
   “He didn’t right? “
“Well he was tired… “
  She sighed before interrupting
“I told you once remember, no man can be a virgin! Are you he is? “
What does her friend mean by that?… She thought as she rolled her eyes at her friend
  “Aliya, he’s a virgin okay, I know that”
She defended.
“Okay so why didn’t he sleep with you? On your first night? “
She asked him and she was confused at the question
She was right


Why didn’t he sleep with her on their first night even after seeing her in those seductive dress?
  “He was tired! “
“Tired! What happened after that? Did you find anything strange on him? “
She asked looking searchingly into her eyes and she immediately recalled the incident of the con:dom which she quickly brushed off
   “I trust him Aliya, he will never hurt me”
  “Remember the age bracket Munira
  You might get hurt”
“Age is just a number
  He will sleep with me when the time comes
  I’m not even ready to loose my virginity too”she lied when she said those last sentences
She needed her husband,she wanted to know how her husband was like without clothes
  “I can tell you’re lying “
  “Aliya please change the topic”
“If you say so”
“I said so”
She insisted and she shrugged shaking her head


  Her friend is no doubt in trouble but she’s yet to see what she had gotten herself into
   “Okay how about his kiss “
“Change the topic!! “


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