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His Youngest Bride Episode 5





       🌷Virgin at 50😧
 👫Marrying a man👨 old enough to be my father😾
Arabian story
           Episode  Five
  “What took you so long from coming? “She asked as the man came into the background
     He hissed rubbing the wrinkles that formed on his forehead
  “What do you want this time? I thought am done with you this time? “
She scoffed as he heard him speak, just then a little boy came into the background
She scoffed as he heard him speak, just then a little boy came into the background
   He saw the man and started beaming in excitement and then ran to meet him


  “Daddy! “He said as he hugged his father
He wasn’t expecting to see his dad today
   He had already told him that it will take time before he saw him again and here he is
  Maybe he missed me… He thought as his father lifted him up high on his shoulders
  “Oh my God, Kabir what are you eating! You’re so heavy! “He exclaimed and brought him down on his two legs
   He giggled
“I told ya that am big now “he said laughing at his dad
   “Ouch my shoulder hurts”he feigned pain looking at the little kid as he kept laughing
   Kabir laughed for sometime and then ran off to his room to get something for his dad, that was when the two adults had the time to talk to each other again


    “So what do you want again? “He said frowning at her as soon as the little boy was out of ear shot
     She winked at him and then started pulling off her dress seductively
  He grinned
He know what she wanted from him now
   His body!
   She wants him!
When will she stop wanting him for Allah’s sake, he says his five daily prayers everyday and he’s always in sin
   She came closer to him and started dragging him slowly and romantically to her room…


 After many hours of staying in her friend’s house, Aliya decided to call it a day when she did her evening meditation with her friend
   So Munira was left alone in the house
   She can’t say what was keeping her husband from coming home since morning that she left
She was worried maybe something bad happened to him so she brought out her phone to call him when the door bursted open to show his presence in the house
   She heaved and ran into his arms
   Soon, she was sobbing
   He was confused on why she will be crying on meeting him, did anything bad happen to her while he away?
   He waited for her to feel him before he pulled out of the hug and then cupped her face
  “Something bad happened to you? “He asked full of concern for her and she shook her head
She was only angry with him for keeping her waiting all this while
  She thought something had happened to her old man
  She was so scared and that’s the only reason on why she was crying
  She started hitting his chest slightly and this act was getting Lawal frustrated so he pulled her into another hug patting her back gently
   “Its okay, stop crying”he wiped her tears with the tip of his hands and rubbed them on the collar of his shirt
  “I’m sorry if i kept you waiting”he apologized guessing that was the reason she was crying
   “Why! I had to wait almost a whole day “she said soberly and he felt guilty
  “Im sorry okay? I’m so sorry “he apologized and then kissed her as a way of compensation but his kiss was cold
  She felt it in her bones
  His kiss used to be warm and sweet but he’s cold
    He pulled away after kissing her at length and then gave her a smile as a way of soothing her too.
She smiled back giggling
   He started drooling watching her perfect roll of teeth as she spread them out as she laughed
 He didn’t know when he started smiling too
Maybe she was captivating him to laugh
    “I hate you so much for making me love you Lawal”she said playfully and he smirked
   “Really? “He said and then drew her to himself and his arms wrapped around her slim waist
   “Are you sure you hate me? “
  “Of course “she said giggling and he kissed her neck
   Sensations started building up around the new couple especially on Munira
She wished she can lead him to her depth
    She wished he could sleep with her right here with no problems at all
       “Munira doesnt hate me at all”he said and then made to kiss her again when Munira’s eyes caught a (💋) lip shaped paint on his shirt beside his chest side
     She became alarmed
What was he doing when a woman kissed his clothe?…
Seems that there is a cockroach on his cupboard afterall….
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