His Youngest Bride Episode 6

👙💋 His Youngest Bride Episode 6 💋💕



               👰BRIDE 👰
           🌷Virgin at 50😧
  👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father😾
Arabian story
        Episode   Six
He noticed it, by the way she stared at him nonstop and right at that spot too
   She gulped hard trying to figure out whose lip paint that was
  Maybe it was hers… She guessed and then rubbed her lips but she was not wearing a lip paint on her lips so she started staring into his eyes for an explanation
   “What? “He asked as she noticed her explaining look on him
   “There is a lip paint on your chest” she point at it as she said so and he acted in a swift with his gaze meeting the paint
How did he get this on his clothe? He thought roaming his eyes
   “Oh… My sister Miriam did that “he quickly lied and Munira felt relieved
She had already began to have doubts that he went out with a woman
  Thanks Allah that Miriam was the culprit
   “Oh wow! It looks pretty then “she said as she brought her hand to that spot and caressed it
   He smiled
His heart was threatening to fly out, he thought he was caught
That she had found out but she didn’t
    He rubbed her hijab and kissed her forehead
   “To the room right? “Munira said and winked and he gulped hard
He had to avoid sleeping with her without hurting her feelings, so he sought for a suitable way to do that
   She nudged him
“To the room now, I missed you”she said pouting like a little kid as he tugged at his clothe to pull them off but he was reluctant
His mind was racing, what cheap lie could he say now
   “I’m shy to do that Munira “he said feigning shyness and She started laughing
 A brief laughter actually which didn’t last upto a second
    “Me too Lawal but we will learn from each other “she said and he shook his head
   “Uhm… I don’t think I can please you “he said and covered his face and she smiled
Is he this shy? Maybe that’s why at his age he’s still a virgin.
She’s so lucky to have him
  She licked her lips and with trembling hands, she unbuttoned his shirt
    Could she really do this? How will she moan at his touch to please him?
  She was actually so nervous
And on his side, he felt like he was betraying her first real love
  He’s someone he’s so fond of despite the age gap and here he is trying to get away from touching her
  What’s on the deepest part of his mind?
  Is that a love?
A love that involves a lot of lies can’t be called a love right?
Maybe I should think twice that Munira was making a mistake by marrying him
   Freeing up the last button, his shirt came off and she saw his bate body
Though a bit pot bellied because of old age
  She still found him attractive that way
     So she trailed her finger up and down his bare chest when his arm suddenly caught her hands pushing them away slightly
   “Can’t we do this later am hungry “he said politely and she smiled
Yes she was hungry too
  Maybe he’s right, they should eat first so she wouldnt get worn out after they were done
   She nodded and left him for the kitchen
    Immediately she left, he hurried upstairs and to his secret locker
He opened it and took out a small plastic bottle used mainly to store drugs
   He opened the cap and took out two capsules of the sleeping pills and put them in his mouth
   He rushed down a bottle of water and waited for the effect to over took him
Soon, she was done preparing the meal
   She set it properly on the dinning table to entice her husband and then went to call him for dinner.
“Honey! Food is ready”
She called as she searched for him in the whole of the house but couldn’t find him
She decided to check him upstairs and he was there sleeping peacefully on the bed
  She heaved
Another tiredness again
   She tapped him on his leg but he was already in a deep sleep
  She gave up trying to wake him up and ghen covered him up with a bedsheets
  She mistakenly lifted up the flap of his trouser when removing his belt when she saw something strange there
  Another lip paint!
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