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His Youngest Bride Episode 7


💋👙 His Youngest Bride Episode 7 👙💋



           Virgin at 50😧
👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father😾
Arabian story
         Episode 7
Another lip paint!
She thought and gasped at the same time
  So even his so called sister had the guts to kiss him on his flap isn’t it?
  She grinned having a doubting thought in her mind
  Her husband can’t cheat on her, she tried to calm herself with that thought coupled with the fact that he’s a virgin
But why a lip paint?
   She was confused
What if her husband is having an affair with another woman behind her back?
No he can’t… She thought
Maybe a little misunderstanding of hers
   Maybe he will have to explain it to her tomorrow.
  “Salaam aleyikum warahh matullahi asalam aleyikum warahh matullahi”he saluted the both sides of his and then got up from his praying mat to greet his wife
   She was still sleeping so a double tap on her leg woke her up
  “Salaam aleyikum”
He greeted as he wrapped himself around him
  “Hey Lawal you slept off last night “she complained immediately and he sought for ways to soothe her for having slept off like that.
“Well… I don’t know how I actually slept off”he lied thinking that was suitable enough when she suddenly asked him about the lip paint
   “Well I don’t know about a lip paint “he lied and she stared into his eyes
She found him for once to be lying to her
  Her mind is telling her that he’s lying to her
  Something he’s not saying to her
  “Where did you go yesterday? “
“Where did I tell you I was going yesterday “he replied with a question
He sensed the curiosity in her so he needed to act fast before she notices his crude nature
  “You think am cheating on you? How will I cheat when I never had s3x before? “
He asked feigning anger
  “I didn’t… “
“Of course you said that already with your eyes”
She felt he was right
He can’t cheat on her, he knows no woman yet
   She was relieved and she decided to push that lip paint case aside
   “So have you eaten? “She asked him locking her arms around his neck
   “No, not when you’re suspecting me of something I don’t know”
“I’m sorry, I said I’m sorry “she pleaded
 He cupped her face
  “Its okay because I’m hungry now”he said holding his tummy
  “And hungry for me right? “
She said and his facial expression changed
   “Well yeah but now I have to eat”
He said and she got out of the bed to go make food for her husband
  Immediately he left, he examined himself and saw about three to four lip paints printed boldly on his body
 Arrggh! How could he make such a mistake?
He will be caught soon and in a very bad way too.
Few minutes later,
She invited him to the dining room for a meal
   She served him and watched him eat every of her meal with relish
   “How was it? “She asked him after he was almost done with eating
   “Delicious “
“You’re a very good cook”
   She beamed
Her food enticed her husband,
   “Oh, my phone help me get it upstairs please “he said and she went upstairs to go get her husband’s phone
She saw it and then took it with her and started coming downstairs when a strange message popped into his phone
   :::I’m missing you already babe
   Last night was superb:::
The message read
  She blinked twice
What does this mean?
She read it over and over again
   The message was directly pointing to her husband
What kind of man is he? Whom did Munira marry?
I’m eager to know
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