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Household Enemies Episode 4


Household Enemies Episode 4 💕🤴

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Episode 4

After Funke allowed the gang leader and his deputy to have … with her, other members of the gang also wanted to have a taste of her but the gang leader forbade them from touching her. The robbers released them, all the passengers got into the car and drove away quietly. Some of the passengers including the woman who had first antagonized her try to be friendly by sympathizing with her and thanking her for saving their lives but she refused to answer them. She kept to herself all through the remaining part of the journey and hoped that she got to her destination quickly so that she could get off the car. She felt dirty and disgusted by all that she had been encountering on the road.


The bus arrived Zuba park in Abuja at about 7:30pm. She made enquiries, a man directed to her to take the pedestrian bridge to get a cab going to Mararaba; in feeble state she climbed the bridge counting her steps as she climbed, the scream of a mad woman who had made the bridge her home jounced her back to reality- she seemed to be lost in her thoughts, faster, she increased her pace until she got down. She did not find any difficulty getting a car and she kept her box at the booth of the car while she sat at the front with the driver. The drive to Mararaba was terrible as they encountered serious hold up on the road as most workers in Abuja who could not afford to pay rent were rushing back to Mararaba where they live after the day’s job. She got to Mararaba some minutes before ten with a terrible headache. All I need is a good bath and sound sleep, she said to herself. Her uncle and his family welcomed her warmly and invited her to the dining table where her dinner was.
Mr Ayodele: “You are most welcome, my dear. Your dinner is served, it was served about three hours ago since your mother called to say you left home very early.”
Mrs Ayodele: “Yes, my dear. You need to go and eat, we tried calling you to no avail, we were afraid something may have gone wrong on the way.”
Funke: “Thank you ma, thank you sir. It was a really long and tiring journey. I can’t even talk about my experience. I will like to have my bath before eating so that I can go to bed afterwards. I am so tired.”
Mrs Ayodele: “Okay, dear. I will show you to your room.”
She took Funke to the room, and left her alone to settle down. Funke removed her trousers, her top and was about to pick her towel when she realized that she had forgotten her bag in the booth of the car she entered from Zuba. In that bag are all her clothes, certificates and travel documents. She ran out to the sitting room to where her uncle and his wife were watching television.


Funke: “Uncle, I am doomed! Oh, how can I be so forgetful? I left my bag in the car I took from Zuba to this place.”
As she was talking, her uncle turned away, backing her and his wife stared at her, bewildered.
Mrs Ayodele: “What is wrong with you, Funke? How can you walk in here naked simply because you forgot your travelling bag in a car. Have you gone crazy? Oh my God. ” he rubbed his shiny bald head with his hands
At that point Funke realized she was bare (naked)she was about to tie her towel when it occurred to her that her bag was missing, carried away by the wind of worry she ran out without remembering to put anything on..
Funke: “Oh,my God!” She covered her face and ran back to the bedroom.


Funke woke up the next morning with a serious headache. All the happenings of the previous night seemed like a dream to her. She was mad at herself for allowing her box to get missing after all she went through on the way including sleeping with robbers just to secure her travel documents. She did not know what to tell her parents when they call to remind her to go to the airport before 10:00 PM when her flight was scheduled to take off. She could not get up from the bed to greet her uncle because she was ashamed of her behavior last night. The bathroom door opened and her uncle’s daughter walked out.
Kate: “Hi, good morning. When I came in early this morning, you were fast asleep. You must be my cousin Funke, my daddy told me about you.” She smiled
Funke: “You must be Kate right? I saw your pictures in the sitting room yesterday. Where were you when I came in? “ she smiled back at her
Kate: “Oh, I went clubbing in Abuja. I got back around 2:00am when you were sleeping.”
Funke: “Yeah, I fell asleep just about that time. You mean your daddy allows you to club all night?”
Kate: “No, I am an adult and I am in my second year in the University of Calabar, I know how to move without daddy suspecting a thing. Common, let’s go to the sitting room and take breakfast.”
Funke: “I am actually very hungry.


I couldn’t eat yesterday when I realized that my bag is lost. I had a terrible journey and after that discovery, I lost my appetite. Now I am hungry but I am ashamed of facing your daddy and your mummy.”
Kate: “I heard the story of the lost bag when I went to the sitting room this morning. Are you still thinking about that? Is it compulsory to travel to America? Listen, there are so many ways of having fun in this country. I have many rich friends who will spend on you and transform your life if only you will cooperate with them. They can take you to Dubai, Paris, America or any country of the world for holiday and shopping. So, stop killing yourself over any aborted journey.”
Funke: “But my parents will be so disappointed if I don’t go on this journey. It will break my mother’s heart.”
Kate: “By the time you start making real money and sending to them, they will be glad you didn’t travel. Look at you, you are beautiful with correct front and back, exactly the way Abuja men want their women.


Funke was embarrassed at the girl’s boldness, she looked away shyly.
Kate: “Don’t worry, I will take you shopping later and then we go clubbing at Cubana in Wuse II tonight. I will introduce you to someone who will take care of all your needs and I will teach you the different ways of making a man happy in bed. By the way, I love your b…..s; I wish mine was this full. They are so full and big, a man will give anything to bury his head in-between them”.
Kate and Funke leaves the bedroom and joins others at the dining table where they are having breakfast of tea and bread with fried egg. Eating with her uncle and his wife discomforted Funke a lot.
Funke: “So, this man and his wife have seen my full nakedness”, she thought to herself.
After breakfast, her uncle leaves for his office and his wife goes to her shop somewhere within the vicinity. Funke and Kate goes back to the bedroom and take their bath. Then Kate takes her out for shopping. They take a cab and go into Abuja city. Funke notices that Abuja is indeed a very beautiful city as it was dark and she was too tired when she passed through it last night to notice its beauty. They get to a residential area and Kate pays the taxi man and he drives away.


Funke: “This doesn’t look like a shopping center, it looks more like a house where people live or is this the way Abuja malls are built?”
Kate: “Oh no, you are right. I am here to see a friend after which we will go for our shopping.”
They got into the compound and walk to the second flat. Kate knocks on the door and a man in his mid twenties opens. He hugs her and ushers them in. His friend who is about the same age is in the sitting room and after introductions, they settle down to drinking wine. After they stayed in the sitting room for about 15 minutes, Kate and her boyfriend excuses themselves and go into the bedroom.
Funke is alone in the sitting room with his friend and some minutes later, they hear Kate’s loud … from the bedroom. They were obviously having…


The silence between the two strangers in the sitting room becomes unbearable and Richard shifts uncomfortably in his chair.
Richard: “Funke, you are a very beautiful girl, has anyone told you that before?”
Funke: “Yes, I hear that always, thank you.”
Richard: “I think I am in love with you and I want us to be more than friends. My father is a top government functionary whose identity I am sure Kate will reveal to you. If you agree to be my girl, I will take care of you and spoil you with whatever money can buy in this town.”
Before Funke can reply…. She is hoping that the moment will last forever when her cousin comes out of the bedroom, interrupting them.
Kate: “I see that my cousin is getting along well with Richard. However, we have to go. You guys have to pause and continue some other time. We have a lot to do today.”
Funke: “Of course, we can leave”, she says, feeling embarrassed and cheap.
When they go out, Kate’s boyfriend drives them in his car to the shopping mall. When they get to the mall, he kisses Kate and drives away.
Kate: “Don’t tell me you wanted to sleep with that guy just like that. A guy that has never spent anything on you. That guy is the son of a past state governor and he has plenty money to throw around. You don’t give yourself to men like that. He needs to spend on you before you open your legs for him.”
Funke: “It’s unlike me, I just don’t know what came over me. I feel so ashamed and dirty right now.”


Kate: “There’s no reason for feeling ashamed or dirty. I gave Henry gave me 200,000 naira cash for this shopping. I met him few months ago and what he has spent on me is running into millions so I can strafe him anywhere. You need to be smart to make it in this town.”
They go into the boutique and Funke can’t help but admire the way Kate is picking only unique and expensive things with great quality. She buys clothes, under wears and shoes for herself and Funke. In less than one hour, Kate had spent almost half a million which is more than all the money Funke had ever spent in her entire life.


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