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Household Enemies Episode 5 πŸ’•πŸ€΄

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Episode 5

It is 7:00PM, by this time, Funke has given up on travelling to America. The flight is to take off in 3 hours time and the driver she forgot her bag in his car didn’t call and she has no means of contacting him.

Funke: “For this failed American trip, Abuja men will pay. I will use what I have to get what I need and want and I will soon be richer than I would have been if I travelled,” She said to herself. She is lying on the bed thinking of what to tell her parents when Kate walks in.
Kate: “Babe, get up and get dressed. We need to go clubbing, it will help your mood. I trust you say as you dey that bed, na America you dey dream of. “
In about an hour, they are all dressed and heads out to a car waiting outside for them.
Funke: “Kate, do you think it’s good for us to leave the house even when your parents are yet to return?”
Kate: “Why not? They are supposed to be back by now, I don’t know what’s holding them. My other siblings are in the house, abeg let’s go have fun. Who sitting at home all day epp?”
They got into the car after driving for about twenty minutes, they are stuck in Traffic. The traffic is heavy along Maraba-Karu axis, it always is.
Funke: “This place reminds me of Eko!” she says yawning.
Kate: “Hmmm, there‘s always traffic here. That’s why I hate this road.”
Funke: “This should be the Eko of Abuja!” they both giggle as she yawns again.
Kate:”Na wa oo. After the heavy meal?”
Funke: “It isn’t hunger joor. I’m feeling sleeping. After my torturous journey down to Abuja I need a month’s sleep!” Kate laughs.

Silence returns after few minutes, Kate breaks the silence,
Kate: “once we are close you need to remove what you are wearing and wear this,” she brings out the skimpy dresses, “Only shorts and body hugs are allowed in the club. You need to be provocatively dressed to attract big politicians. Of course we can’t wear this from the house. This is Alhaji’s driver but Alhaji is at the club waiting for us,” Kate smashes the gum in her mouth making deafening sound.

Funke is already asleep, Kate smiles at her and brings out her iPhone 7 swipes her finger over it then starts chatting on PalmChat. Funke is fast asleep she even seems to be talking to herself but Kate nudges her and she readjusts but continues in her slumber.

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Funke is out of this world, having a nightmare, in the dream a man in a black robe appears with the face covered with a black hood, he grabs her by her hand as she seems to be approaching the airport- it is the devil.
Devil: “Funke, the daughter of Aderibigbe, where goeth thou?” he asked with such a strong spirit, his eyes turning dark red
Funke: Who art thou?”she is shaken; paled eyes, dried skin like the crumbs of sun beaten bread as tries to run away.
Devil: “I am the spirit of hindrance, the obstacle that prevent human beings from their success. Come down Funke, you cannot and will not climb this”. ties her with a robe and begins to pull her closer.

She moves all the strength in her body to the legs, trying to stand very firm on the ground but the Devil doesn’t relent in his effort to pull, her feet draws scary marks on the ground during the tussle,
Funke: I…I am almost at the top of the mount of fulfilment. Therefore I have got no time for your conversation, let me be,” manages to say.
Devil: “Have you forgotten that Nobody in your lineage has ever climb this mount of fulfilment, likewise you will not be the first”. he cackles as he pulls her closer.
Funke with the little help of Bible Verses she learnt from her Father, Schools slowly screened the knowledge, searching for some Bible verses that would gain her access and conquer the devil. In no time, she spotted some bible verses and fires back at the devil with Power from the Words of God (Remember there’s always Power in your tongue.. so use it wisely). She drenched in sweat she yells,
Funke: You are blabbing. You can’t stop me. I am already at the top. Have you forgotten it is written in His word, Hosea 2 that “In this land, I will partake of the blessing, Heaven will acknowledge it”. It is also written in His words – Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Do not also forget that the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; I shall receive blessing from the Lord for I seek His face, The God of Jacob. So therefore, Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in”
Devil: Hmm… seems like you know some bible quotes abi? Ok oo.. tell me.. Who is this King of Glory?
Funke: The Lord Strong and Mighty, The Lord Mighty in Battle. Lift up your heads, oh you gates, lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in” ***The devil staggers but after a while recovers and starts pulling again,
Devil: ” Who is he, this King of Glory?” in a mocking tone.
Funke: “The Lord Almighty – He is the King of Glory!” she wrestles the devil to the ground as she is about to punch him he disappears.
The devil let go of her, she wakes up sweating and frightened,
Funke: “where are we now?”
Katie: “Hold up o,my sister!”
Funke feels uneasy,
Funke: “I don..”
She is interrupted by her phone, it begins to ring – her uncle, Mr Ayodele calling. Her heart sinks.
Funke: “Uncle, good evening, sir.”
Mr Ayodele: “Funke, where are you? I went to the park in Zuba and I was able to trace the driver in whose car you forgot your bag. I have collected it from him. I just got home now and you are not here. Start coming back now, as you have less than two hours to catch your flight to America.”

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Funke cannot believe her ears. She stands, transfixed and confused.
Question: Should she turn back or just go clubbing with her cousin? Will she still travel to America after all? What about Alhaji and the car and apartment he promised her? Should she forfeit all these goodies for America? Will her trip to America be worth it?
Funke having ended the call with her Uncle looks at Kate,
Kate: “who was that?” she asks
Funke: “Your dad!,” swallows spit, “they’ve found the bag!” she says with excitement
Kate: “They have found the bag and so? Are you still interested in traveling abroad? What do you have to travel abroad for when you can acquire more riches and connection here in a shorter time? Hmmm, you are yet to know how profitable this idea I’m bringing up is, wait till you give it a try”
Funke: “I have always dreamt of traveling abroad. I encountered lot of troubles coming to Abuja, my father’s motor cycle was stolen where he left it to take me to the park, I can’t tell you all I encountered on my way here, I don’t even know if my parents will survive when I tell them that I won’t travel again. I just have to go, after my studies, material things will come afterwards I believe.”
Kate: “Hmm, what do you intend to do? ‘cos I must go clubbing this night o.”
Funke: “Okay. Can you please tell the driver to turn back home, please?” she pleads with discomfort
Kate: “No, I can’t o! Can’t you see the holdup on the other lane is times two of ours? No way. I can only tell the driver to drop you here so you can find your way home or you’d have no choice but to follow me to go make some millions. Make your choice, sweetheart”
Funke is confused, she is not familiar with the road, and how will she get home? She is about to go down when her phone beeps.
Funke: “Hello, Uncle.”
Her Uncle: “Where are you? Don’t bother coming home again, just take a cab to the airport and we will meet you there with your bag. Your parents have been calling me and I don’t want you to get stuck in hold up on your way here. You hear me?”
The call ends,
Kate: “What did he say?”
Funke: “…that I should meet him at the airport”

Kate heaves,
Kate: “Okay, this is the only way I’d help ya. The driver will drop you off at either Berger junction or Area one from there board a taxi that will take you to Airport. Alhaji is already pissed, he hates waiting!”

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They drop her off at Berger, on their way she is contemplating if to ask Kate for some cash but with Kate’s attitude she knows it is going to be useless to ask. She plans to take a cab then meet up with her Uncle at the airport who will pay the fare.

Prayers and bible verses are the key, don’t joke with it….

To be continued……. 

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