Review – How InstaForum Works

How InstaForum Works – Make Money Online Legitimately to your Nigerian Bank Account Consistently Every Day with InstaForum Income by Posting and Taking Part In our Sponsored Post Activities on Your Social Media Channels.

At, we keep our promise!

Welcome to InstaForum Income!

A premium-sustainable platform that’s designed to not only help you earn legitimately directly to your Nigerian Bank Account.

By registering for InstaForum, you would automatically become part of a larger network of wealthy minds, and gain access to a membership program.

We have packaged a forum guide with a membership E-Book as our premium product. The membership Ebook Contains a forum guide, more ideas on how to make money online legitimately, and some other life mentorship/improvement tips

You can ultimately earn between ₦50,000 to ₦1,000,000 depending on your subscription package earning process by just sharing our posts, coupled with our – fast PAYOUTS.

InstaForum Payment Team fast-track PAYOUTS in less than a few hours every week to make sure our Members get their Payout in no small time.

Now it the time to get onboard – a smart web platform that’s come to ‘replace’ your idleness,

leisure time and relaxation time to cash. Yes we mean it and you can take our word for it – To CASH OUT steadily!

Membership Benefits And How To Earn Money with InstaForum Legitimately Daily and Get Paid is a hybrid platform that incorporates three different streams of wealth creation. With our pure ideology on making sure interested Nigerians experience and enjoy the online earning opportunity, InstaForum is fully equipped with the following earning features; TASKS:

Members carry out certain tasks including creating contents, sharing sponsored contents on their social media platforms, watching sponsored videos, etc and get rewarded for completing these tasks based on their membership plans.

Membership Subscription Packages on InstaForum and SUMMARY on How To Earn with InstaForum

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βœ… Our Registration Membership Fee is listed as follows:

  1. ₦3,000 BASIC – Earn ₦233 Daily (₦7,000 Monthly) Earn ₦1,000 Referral Bonus
  2. ₦5,000 STANDARD – Earn ₦366 Daily (₦11,000 Monthly) Earn ₦1,200 Referral Bonus
  3. ₦7,000 SUPER – Earn ₦500 Daily (₦15,000 Monthly) Earn ₦1,500 Referral Bonus
  4. ₦10,000 ULTRA – Earn ₦566 Daily (₦17,000 Monthly) Earn ₦2,000 Referral Bonus
  5. ₦20,000 PRO MAX – Earn ₦1,066 Daily (₦32,000 Monthly) Earn ₦3,000 Referral Bonus
  6. ₦50,000 DIAMOND – Earn ₦2,500 Daily (₦75,000 Monthly) Earn ₦5,000 Referral Bonus
  7. ₦150,000 CHAIRMAN – Earn ₦8,000 Daily (₦240,000 Monthly) Earn ₦7,000 Referral Bonus

Watin you gain if you no join InstaForum?

Join InstaForum and Register Now To Get Started!

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Register Account on InstaForum Income Now

βœ… Agent / Distributors earns = ₦200 profit per sales of COUPON – You can leverage on our COUPON Agent Distribution opportunity.

You will earn ₦200 per each COUPON CODE  you sell to any prospective members on InstaForum.

To become a Agent / Distributor, you can buy bulk from a minimum of 10 pins or more on any desired membership plan.

Also, your name will be added to the list of verified distributors on the website so you can be getting prospects from our campaign.

βœ… Daily Logins Earning is as follows:

  1. BASIC – Earn ₦50 Daily Login
  2. STANDARD – Earn ₦100 Daily Login
  3. SUPER – Earn ₦150 Daily Login
  4. ULTRA – Earn ₦200 Daily Login
  5. PRO MAX – Earn ₦400 Daily Login
  6. DIAMOND – Earn ₦500 Daily Login
  7. CHAIRMAN -Earn ₦3,000 Daily Login

βœ… Sponsored Post Task Earning is as follows:

  1. BASIC -Earn ₦183 Daily
  2. STANDARD -Earn ₦266 Daily
  3. SUPER – Earn ₦350 Daily
  4. ULTRA -Earn ₦366 Daily
  5. PRO MAX -Earn ₦666 Daily
  6. DIAMOND – Earn ₦2,000 Daily
  7. CHAIRMAN -Earn ₦5,000 Daily

βœ… Media Video Advert Earning

βœ… Withdrawal Threshold is ₦5,000 – Withdraw anytime and get paid in 24 to 72hours.

βœ… GET Paid to your Bank with or without Referrals! Referral is strictly is optional for Cashout!

Once your subscription expires, you’d be able to use the “WITHDRAW” button on the website and withdraw all that you’ve

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earned through your 30days of Active Subscription to your bank account, and then if you wish to continue earning from us, you can re-subscribe TO ANY OF THE PACKAGES.

At the end of every month, you could be banking at least ₦5,000 to ₦1,000,000 and getting paid What more could be better than an earning system that’s sustainable as InstaForum?

Watin you gain if you no join InstaForum?

Join InstaForum and Register Now To Get Started!

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Register Account on InstaForum Income Now

βœ… Affiliate Commission

As A registered member, you earn a certain affiliate commission (Referral Earnings) for introducing new members to the InstaForum system after a

successful registration. Affiliate commission (Referral Earnings) earned is determined on the membership package bought or registered by the person (downline) you refer to join InstaForum through your referral link.

The Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning) you earn is listed as follows:

  1. BASIC – Earn ₦1,000 Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning)
  2. STANDARD -Earn ₦1,200 Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning)
  3. SUPER – Earn ₦1,500 Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning)
  4. ULTRA -Earn ₦2,000 Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning)
  5. PRO MAX -Earn ₦3,000 Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning)
  6. DIAMOND -Earn ₦5,000 Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning)
  7. CHAIRMAN – Earn ₦7,000 Affiliate Commission (Referral Earning)

InstaForum Cryptocurrency Investment

The world is fast evolving, and moving fast from the normal physical currency to digital assets.

InstaForum recognizes the importance of providing its members the opportunity to evolve with the growing trend and

as such, InstaForum offers a wonderful opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency space and earn more cryptocurrency with a focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP,

Bitcoin Cash, TRON, and Tether USDT. Let us be your bank and Earn between 1.5% daily on savings with an option to cash out at any given time of your choosing.

Who Can Participate and Why You Should Join InstaForum Earning Opportunity now!

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Anyone with daily expenses can take part in InstaForum Income. It is an equal opportunity open for students,

fresh graduates, job seekers, Bloggers, Housewives, or anyone who wishes to earn extra money online or have an alternative stream of income.

Take advantage of your social media influence, your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, WhatsApp viewers, phone contacts, etc to earn extra income.

If you are a student, getting onboard the InstaForum community is an excellent decision as an affiliate or distributor

because there are a lot of students like you on campus who could use the opportunity provided by our ecosystem in terms of earning programs and mentorship.

The entry fee is relatively affordable for anyone. Your social media marketing skills are one way to break away from financial bondage while working and making money from the comfort of your home or wherever you are with.

Features of InstaForum Income

  1. Enjoy Quality Content by reading on InstaForum
  2. Get social, make new friends, comment and reply to your friends as you discuss quality comments on Posts on InstaForum
  3. Earn from all your general activities.
  4. Make quality posts and Videos on InstaForum.
  5. Earn Referral Earning bonus when you refer any of the packages under you. This means you can join any package and earn Referral Earnings from any package.
  6. Get Paid once your earnings reaches a threshold of ₦5,000 to your Bank Account within 24 to 48hours
  7. Create Posts on InstaForum.
  8. Payouts are made to your Bank.

Watin you gain if you no join InstaForum?

Join InstaForum and Register Now To Get Started!


ck Here To Buy COUPON CODE &

Register Account on InstaForum Income Now!

Time to wise up!

Wouldn’t You RATHER Join InstaForum Income?

Yes! It’s worth it. It is risk-free and most importantly, an ‘enjoyable’ earning system.

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