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How To Make Money on Globalitz (Globalitz Income)

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2nd December 2023

How To Make Money on Globalitz

Making money online may not be easy except you choose a platform like Globalitz income. Let’s teach you how to make money on Globalitz.

There is no argument to the fact that everyone in today’s society wants to make money online.

So, seeing the desire of many trying to make money online has made me make out time to look into Globalitz income and know how genuine they are as they claim to be helping people.

Now, some persons are always curious with “how do bloggers or website owners make their money”
Well, that’s a very good question because no one can pay out when they are not making money from their firm.

Let’s briefly look at some ways income websites make money on their platform

How income websites make their money

1.  Google Adverts
2. Company’s adverts
3. Promotions
4. Website visitations.

I will explain this very clearly to you so you won’t have to get confused about income websites anymore especially an income website like Globalitz

Google Adverts

You may not know that google pays website owners money to place their ads on their website’s.

This is only possible with those who have gotten what is known as AdSense approval. AdSense is the right given to a site owner to place their ads on their websites.
Other Alternative to Google AdSense includes; Adnaira, propeller and the rest of adverts..

Company’s adverts

Companies may decide to advert their products or their goods and they pay money to website owners to make their possible.

The main reason for adverts are usually to get attention of many people who have interest in the direction the ads points to.


Musicians may want to promote their songs for downloads and recognition and they pay website owner’s money to promote such for them to a large number of persons .

Website visitations.

Now, website owner’s also make money when you come to their websites, clicks on their adverts and the rest.

It is therefore a thing of question why mist website owners make lot of money without considering their users who has made it possible for them to earn such from Google and other sources.

So, for that reason, Globalitz has come to wipe out poorness, idleness, and false websites that claim they are legit.

One thing you should consider is the uniqueness of Globalitz income. Thinking if how unique the platform is, you may what to look at the genuinity of the website and see for yourself.

How Genuine  is Globalitz income

Don’t think this is another scam as that is usually most persons impression when ever they see this kind of website.

This site is above the negative thought running in your mind.

Now, The best way to prove how Genuine it is is to show reveal to you all the testimonies of members who are already make some cool cash on Globalitz.com.ng

Members category in Globalitz

Yes, the platform, Globalitz has designed a system that allows them share their revenue with members categories ranging from;

Premium members

Premium Gold members

Master Gold members, and

VIP members.

These revenues are shared every week, just for your reward for using the Website.

Isn’t that just awesome?


As a student or employee member, your one year of service should be the perfect time for you to activate the creativity in you and also leverage on any opportunity around you in order to earn more than N33,000 stipend.

Here, we introduce you to a financial solution, an alternative option that works, a side hustle online and a lucrative system you can venture into, no matter your busy schedule and regardless your place of primary assignment (PPA) location.

We invite you to come and take advantage of Globalitz Forum opportunity and start making more money to your bank account weekly by growing our membership with us without moving from pole to pole.

Now, thinking of how to earn on Globalitz income forum right?

Don’t worry yourself, I will show you clearly…

How to earn daily on Globalitz income

Below is a list of how Globalitz pays their registered users

1. Sponsored post N250

Daily Share of Sponsored Ads on Facebook. You earn N250 per day when you share sponsored post to Facebook and other social media.

2.  Daily login N100

You Earn 100 Naira everyday when you login to Globalitz.com.ng. this is very easy right?

3.  Reading news N5

Now, when you read or click on a new post or topic, Globalitz will credit you instantly with a little token of N5.

4. Referral commission N300

If you are good at referring people to join something, this may just be your opportunity.

5.  Welcome Bonus N300

Globalitz gives you a welcome bonus of 300 naira once you register. So, it just like u are joining the platform with N200.

Isn’t that cool

Register and begin to refer both your friends and for.

Why you should join Globalitz income program.

1.  No hard memberships level
2. Referring is at registered user’s choice
3. Payment is 100% assured and quick cash out button is always open for Green.
4. Instant activation of account either direct registration or through the use of coupon vendors.
5. Registration fee is very affordable.

Is Globalitz Registration free?

No, Globalitz registration is not free, but the registration fee is as good as being free.

Globalitz Registration fee is N500 only.

 How to join Globalitz income

Joining Globalitz income forum is very simple and straight.

How then!

Okay, after reading this article “How To Make Money on Globalitz” use your smart phone and follow this steps

1.  Go to your browser or open a new tab and enter the web address “Globalitz.com.ng
2. Click on register since you are new
3. Fill the required details
4.  Complete registration after inserting coupon code
5. Click on sign up and view your dashboard.

What is Globalitz minimum withdrawal.

The following are the withdrawal policy of Globalitz income forum.

1.  Payment for Referral is Daily
2. Payment for non federal is weekly.

You will be proud to be part of GLOBALITZ Online Income Project and GLOBALITZ FORUM community at large.

Come and join us now and stop thinking otherwise. Contact anyone who share this post with you and get a referral link to register asap

Minimum Withdrawal Referral earners #1200 every day is Referral earners payment.

Minimum Withdrawal for Non-referral Is N4000 Sun Point which is equal to 1000naira we pay only 60% or 70% depending on available revenue But Everybody will get Paid.


Having discussed with you on “how to make money on Globalitz” you now have knowledge of what the platform is all about and how to become a part of the program.

I wonder what you are still waiting for.
Join Globalitz now to earn cool cash straight to your bank account every week!!!

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