I’m Afraid Of The Night – Shareholder Secret

The first debut album of [Juju Secret], a girl group that JS, who is a trainee and representative of the music project Thank You Entertainment for the MBC entertainment program [What do you do when you play?], ambitiously planned.

As an exciting song based on city pop, it features a reinterpreted dance song with a modern sound rather than retro, and the delicate description of the lyrics that you can relate to is the listening point of this song.

■ [I’m Scared of the Night] Credit

Lyrics by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)
Composed by Hwang Hyun, Yoon Jong Sung, Holy Holy (MonoTree)
Arranged by Hwang Hyun, Yoon Jong Sung (MonoTree)

Vocal Directed by Hwang Hyun
Background Vocal by Kwon
Ae Jin Guitar Performed by Lee Tae Wook
Keyboard Performed by Hwang Hyun
Recorded by Hyun Hwang @ MonoTree Studio
Vocal Edited by Hyun Hwang
Engineered for Mix by Seonyoung Kang
Mixed by Jong Pil Koo @ Klang Studio
Mastered by Nam Woo Kwon @ 821 Sound Mastering

Original Publisher : MonoTree