Immortal Academy Episode 39


{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 39

Ciara walked out of the room angrily as Craig walked towards his wardrobe to pick out a shirt for himself.

“Take your bath and come to the table.” Craig said to Tanya as he continued searching for a suitable wear.


Tanya blinked as she stared at Craig’s sexy back then swallowed hard.

She got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom.

After a while,she came out with a towel around her chest.

Craig looked up as she came in then nodded towards the bed. “Put that on.”

Tanya walked towards the bed and picked up the baggy shirt she saw there. She threw it I er her shoulder and wore it.


“Take a seat.” Craig ordered and she did so, sitting in front of him.

Tanya almost licked her lips at the sight that greeted her face. The table was filled with assorted and delicious looking meals.

“Eat.” Craig said icily.

“Huh? Yeah.” Tanya mumbled and took up a dish, serving herself.


“He dares to treat me like that I’m front of that b*tch! Oh gosh…..I can’t believe Craig can do this to me! I can’t!” Ciara fumed as she walked about her room.

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Ashley rolled her eyes. “Calm down,Ciara. You do not have to worry. There’s always a way out.”

“She’s a witch, Ashley! Don’t you get it? Why do you think our first plan to kidnap her didn’t work out? Well,it’s because she foresee things! We can never harm her and it’s driving me crazy.” Ciara grumbled.

“Well,I think it’s time you visit the priestess again.


She might have something to help you cage Tanya”s powers. What do you think?”

Ciara turned to look at Ashley immediately. “Do you think she’s gonna have such a thing?”

“That priestess is great, Ciara. She’s so powerful. I’m sure she’s gonna have it. Trust me.”

“Hmm. That’s a good idea. Once her powers are caged, I’m sure we are gonna be able to get rid of her. She’s really becoming an headache.”

“You have to be fast, Ciara. Syes gradually taking the master away from you.” Ashley whispered and Ciara turned to look at her angrily.

“I don’t get it! How was she able to do it!”

“She’s a witch,remember?”

Ciara scoffed and looked away. She really needed to see the priestess again.

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Jeremy sat on his chair, observing some local herbs on his table when his phone ran. He picked it up and check the called before connecting the line.

“What are you doing about my plan?” Dean asked from the other line.

“You have to chill,bro. We have to take things easy else…I’m gonna be found out. He already suspects that there is a spy at Sky Squared. O mean,Craig.” Jeremy said, getting up on his feet.

Dean scoffed. “Do I sound like I care? That guy has got to be eliminated! Take him out of the way!”

“The camp is coming up on Friday. Tanya is likely to know her father.” Jeremy sighed.

“Why does that bother you?” Dean asked.

“I’m scared for her. She might want to take revenge…or find her father’s killer and that might result to her knowing you are actually the Killer’s son.

What are you gonna do about it since you have interest in her?” Jeremy asked.

“That shouldn’t be your problem right now, Jeremy.


“We need to focus on taking Craig out of the way before Friday night!”

“Fine! I will be fast about it.” Jeremy snapped and cut the call.

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He was beginning to get fed up with Dean’s orders.


Thursday morning, Ciara woke up very early in the morning… brushed her teeth wore a cardigan over her silky top and left her room.

The day was still a little dark and she was sure she wouldn’t be seen so easily.

She stepped out of the building adjacent to Craig’s building and glanced up his window…just to make sure no one was up there.

She couldn’t see a thing as the window was very dark from where she stood.

“It’s still 6 am….no one is likely to see me.” Ciara mumbled. She tucked her hands into her cardigan pocket and walked past the window, heading outside the main compound.

She got there safely and met two securities at the gate. She quickly used her mesmerising powers on them to avoid their stupid questions and then collected the key when they were now helpless.


Smiling triumphantly,she unlocked the smaller gate and stepped out of the compound.

Unknown to her, someone actually saw her and right now….was already after her…just to know where she was headed.


So… who saw Ciara leaving??

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