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Immortal Academy Episode 41

Immortal Academy

Immortal Academy Episode 41 🏃


{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 41

Tabitha walked into the temple and stood at the familiar spot in the big room.

She could tell lord Krishna was still in his secret room and she decide to wait till he comes out.

She still wanted to get that assurance from him, that she knew no body in the world.

Minutes later,Lord Krishna arrived, taking his long thrown.

“What are you doing here so early in the morning?”

“You should know master.” Tabitha almost cut him short but held her tongue because she knew it was a big offence.

A small smile touched Lord krishna’s lips. “You were born here,Tabitha., Why are you suddenly doubting me?


“These people are only trying bro deceive you. They do not want you to take away their clan.” Lord Krishna replied she Tabitha looked at him, trying to see lies in his eyes but couldn’t.

She sighed and looked away. “Then why do I feel like I know him? Why?”

Lord Krishna bang his fists on his thrown handle. “You do not know him! Don’t be deceived!”

“I want to believe you master but another mind wants me to investigate in this matter. Permit me to do so.” Without waiting for his answers, Tabitha turned and left.

Lord Krishna’s hands shook with anger. “An investigation? Before that happens… I’m gonna replace you and take you down.” He whispered evilly.


Tammie walked into Ciara’s room and saw her sitting on her bed, polishing her nails.

She sat on the sofa beside the bed and crossed her legs. “You sent for me.”

“Yes I did. I’ve got an assignment for you.” Ciara started and brought out the mirror from behind her then handed it over to Tammie.

“Here. Take this. Make sure Tanya looks into the mirror.”

Tammie was confused. “Why?”

“I want her powers caged and only this is gonna do the work. I want to cage her powers so she is never gonna see what’s coming her way.” Ciara said evilly.

Tammie scoffed. “But… why are you doing all of this? I don’t get it.”

Ciara smiled. “I’m gonna answer your questions Tammie. Ever since we have been here,I’ve been the only one on Craig’s mind. He’s been mine and mind alone! But ever since that crap joined us? It has never been the same.
“She wants to take Craig away from me and put me to shame..but then,I’m never gonna allow it and that’s why I’m doing all of this.

“Have I answered your question?” Ciara asked abd Tammie shrugged.

“Yeah.. bit it is camp tommorow. Don’t you think we need to be done with the camp first before you strike?”

“Of what use is she to the camp? She’s different from us and needs to leave us alone.” Ciara snapped.

“Yeah. She’s kind of different,you know. We really do need to get rid of her.” Tammie supported and Ciara smiled.

“That’s my girl. Now go abd get that done.” She ordered and Tammie stood up and walked out of the room.


Tanya was packing up some of her clothes,ready for the camp tommorow when Tammie ran in excitedly.

“Tanya! Look what I’ve got!” Tammie squealed happily as she ran to Tanya’s side and flashed the shinning mirror in front of her.

Tanya stopped what she was doing and looked at the mirror then something strange happened.

Immediately she looked into the mirror and saw herself,she disappeared from the mirror.

Tanya’s eyes widened as she stared harder without her reflection showing.

Tammie was also stunned. “Is this a magic mirror? Ah ah ah!!” She laughed nervously, hoping Tanya wouldn’t suspect anything.

Her reflection came back and a heavy headache greeted her skull.

Tanya yelped out in pain and before she knew it,she collapsed.

Tammie gasped. “Tanya? Tanya!!”


Tanya’s eyes opened blearily as she stared around and almost immediately,she recognized where she was.

Jeremy’s lab.

She winced in pain as she tried getting up. The hammering headache rushed back and she laid back down.

Jeremy appeared from behind and smiled on seeing her. “You are finally awake.”

Tanya looked at him. “What’s wrong with me? I feel terrible.” She mumbled.

“Don’t really know but it’s kind of strange because medically,you are okay.

I used my power on you but it didn’t really worked. What happened…it’s kind of strong.” Jeremy said, staring deeply at her.

Tanya managed to sit up and looked at Jeremy. “Am I gonna be alright?” She asked tiredly.

Jeremy stared at her…. realising how innocent her soul is.

He stared at her face and thought he had never seen someone so angelic. His heart tugged at him, knowing he had tried to hurt her before.


What was wrong with him? He shouldn’t be thinking like this.

He quickly looked away and backed her.

“Jeremy? Are you okay?”

“Yes, Tanya. You are gonna be fine..” he mumbled over his shoulder. He couldn’t continue looking her in the eyes.

It made him feel so guilty.

“Jeremy…” Tanya reached out and held his arm, turning him slightly so he could face her.

“Is there something you are not telling me?” She asked softly and Jeremy looked into her eyes.

“You have a pure soul, Tanya…and nobody should hurt you.” Jeremy said helplessly.

Tanya frowned. “I don’t understand…ah!” She winced as the headache rushed back again.

“Come here.” Jeremy mumbled and pulled her closer to himself, hugging her head to his chest.

The door opened then and Craig stepped in with Dagger behind him.

Tanya couldn’t see him because she was turning her back to the door.


Jeremy’s eyes dimmed as he saw Craig and purposefully held still on to Tanya, wanting to know what Craig’s reaction would be.

He wanted to know if truly his assumptions were right.

“Tanya.” Craig’s deep and cold voice called and Tanya froze immediately, forcing herself out if Jeremy’s grip.

“Master.” Tanya replied, staring at Craig whose eyes were still on Jeremy.

Jeremy stared back stubbornly and looked at Tanya. “You should stay here for some time, Tanya.”

Tanya looked from the master to Jeremy and from Jeremy back to the master. “Master…?” She called again when Craig remained silent.

“Get up on your feet,you are coming with me.” Craig ordered, staring into Tanya’s face with fury in his eyes.

Tanya was speechless. Why does he look so angry. “But.. master…”


“Are you questioning my authority! I gave you an order! Get up now. You are coming with me!!”


Let me laugh small

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