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Immortal Academy Episode 42

Immortal Academy

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{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 42

Tanya managed to get down from the bed when she saw how mad the master look.

She couldn’t really understand why he had to be that angry.

Craig glanced at Jeremy,his lower lip dancing. “I will take her from here.”

“Master…she needs to be here….”

“I don’t wanna here anything from you. Tanya?” Craig called over his shoulder as he walked to the door.

Tanya glanced at Jeremy and took her eyes to the floor before going after Craig.


“What happened to you?” Craig asked facing Tanya as she sat on the bed.

“I’m feeling better now.”

“That isn’t the answer to my question, Tanya.” Craig replied coldly. He was yet to understand why she always have to end up in Jeremy’s hands.

“I fainted…”,

“What happened?” Craig asked again.

“I don’t really know why….. Tanya stopped talking as she remembered the mirror.

Yes – everything had happened after that strange occurrence in the room.

“I happened to look into this strange mirror as my reflection couldn’t show. Shortly after,I felt dizzy and collapsed.

Craig sighed and crouched down in front of her. “We are leaving for camp very soon and everyone is expected to go. It’s a must for everyone.

“All twelve clans must be there with their members. If you are a student at Sky Squared… nothing is supposed to stop you from being there.


“It’s gonna involve a lot. A whole lot and most of them…. dangerous.
You have to be strong for it.”, Craig said, making sure she was making eye contact with him.

Tanya mustered the courage to look into his eyes and all she could see was war.

“I will be strong.” Tanya stammered, staring down at her fingers.

“Has he ever told you anything?” Craig suddenly asked.

“Huh? Who?” Tanya raised her eyes.

“Jeremy. What were you two discussing when I came in?”

“Nothing serious, master. We were….”

Craig straighted up and turned away. “Be careful.
Do not trust anyone. Anyone at all. Have your rest.” With that he left the room.

Tanya stared at the door. He still looked angry. She could feel it.

But why??


Dean talked in hushed tunes as he stood in front of the group is boys.

He was passing an information to them in low tunes.

The boys paid attention to him, knowing they couldn’t afford to fail the assignment.

Everywhere was full of activities as his clan members were also getting ready for the camp.

The boys dispersed and Dean stared after them as he smiled wickedly.

This time around,Craig was going down for sure.

He fished out his phone from his pocket and dialled Jeremy’s number.

“You guys getting ready for war?” Craig started.

Jeremy sighed at the other end. “What do you want?”

Dean laughed. “Don’t tell me you are getting tired already because we just getting started.” Dean laughed.


“I’m not getting tired. I just really need a break from all these dramas.” Jeremy said and suddenly stopped;then sighed. “He’s attracted to Tanya, Dean. Not only that… he’s in love with her.”

Dean’s countenance changed immediately. “Of more reason why we need to get that bastard out of the way.

“Tanya should be here abd I’m gonna make it happen. Trust me, Jeremy. After I take him out of the way, gonna take Tanya as my new girlfriend and become the next Sky Squared leader.”

Jeremy was silent for a while. “You will really do that?

Do you know that taking Tanya as a girlfriend is like being tied with an enemy? She’s the daughter of a man who got killed by your father,Dean!

“One day she’s gonna find our who her father was and then,she will come seeking revenge.”

“You talk trash, Jeremy. Does that angel look like someone who had seek revenge? Nah. Relax your mind and watch me do this.” After a while,he cut the call and walked back into his room.


Some group of girls gathered in the darkness at the outskirt of the town, talking in hush tones.

Few minutes later, someone else joined them and it turned out to be Ciara.

She stood in front of them,her eyes blazing with determination.

“You all know why I’ve gathered you all here again. It’s because of the failed mission few weeks ago. We are embarking on that mission again.

“And this time around,it’s different. Very. No mistakes and no f*ckups.” Ciara ordered and the girls nodded, putting on different actions.

“Just like plan A,one of you will go to her block and give her the false call from the master. You know what plan B is,right?”

“Of course!” The girls chorused and Ciara smiled.

“Three of you will lay ambush at the gate entrance. Do not worry about the securities. I will take care of them.

“Once she’s out of her block,she will be dragged down to the gate and from there,you will bring her here.” Ciara said as the girls listened with rapt attention.

“We are gonna do a good job, Ciara.” Eloise,one of the girls assured Ciara who smiled.

“Let the game begin.”


It was almost 1Am in the morning when Tanya jerked up from sleep with a pricky feeling.

She looked around and saw Maureen and Tammie on their respective beds, sleeping soundly.

She felt very strange and couldn’t quite understand the feeling.

She came down from her bed and looked out of the window. Indeed,the air was troubled.

She moved backwards and sat on her bed, turned and switched on the light beside her bed.

Then a sharp knock came on the door and Tanya’s heart skipped a beat. Who could be knocking at such odd hour?

She glanced at the wall clock again before walking to the door.

“Who is it?”she asked slowly but no response came.

Swallowing hard,she turned the door knob and pulled the door open.

Standing outside was Dagger. He looked back at her with a grim look.

“Dress up and come with me. The master wants you in his room. Right now.”



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