Immortal Academy Episode 43

Immortal Academy

πŸ€΄πŸ‘‘ Immortal Academy Episode 43 πŸ‘‘πŸ€΄


{Melting His Icy Heart}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter

Episode 43

“Oh boy.” Tanya mumbled as she walked back into the room.

She pulled on her cardigan and wore her sandals before stepping out again. She locked the door and followed Dagger immediately.

It was 1 Am in the morning for crying out loud! What does he want?

They walked into the building where the master’s room was located and went up the stairs leading to his room.

Tanya could notice the hurry in Dagger’s steps and wondered why.

He stopped few distance away from the master’s room and turned to look at Tanya who wondered why he stopped.

“You are gonna go to that door right now abd knock.


Once the master opens the door,fall into his arms and sleep off.

Just…do anything dramatic that will make him take you inside.” Dagger said looking around and Tanya stared at him in confusion.

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“I…. really don’t get you. What do you mean?”

“What part of “fall into the master’s hands or do anything dramatic” don’t you understand? Just do as I say! Go now.”

Tanya frowned and found herself moving forward to the master’s door.

The night was all silent and dark with cold and Tanya shivered.

She was getting so confused as hell. What was Dagger asking her to do?

Why would she purposely faint in front of Craig so he could take her inside?

Nevertheless,she found herself knocking at the door.

After a long while,the door opened, revealing a bare chested Craig.

He stared at Tanya, surprised. “Tanya?” Craig called, looking behind her.

Tanya wrapped her arms around her body. “Master.” She called and closed her eyes, slowly losing her balance.


Craig caught her immediately in his arms before she could hit the ground and carried her into his room where he placed her on the bed.

“Tanya? What’s wrong?” Craig asjed😧, staring into her face.


Tanya winced quietly, cursing Dagger under her breath. She had forgotten how bad a pretender she was.

Her eyes started moving abd Craig scoffed.

“Did you really passed out?, What’s this for?”

“I… don’t know too…. but.. somehow,I really feel strange back on my bed.”, Tanya replied truthfully.

It was the fact. She had felt very strange a while ago before Craig had come to call her.

She’d even agreed to this because she was scared of going back to the room,not wanting to get that sickening feeling.


“And you came all the way here?” Craig asked again.

He would never understand the girl.

Tanya nodded. “I was scared. Can I stay the night, please master?” She asked with big cute eyes and Craig couldn’t say no.

“Go to sleep.”, He mumbled and covered her with the bedspread.

Tanya smiled and closed her eyes. Who ever said this guy was deadly?

Soon she fell into a deep sleep.

Craig drew a chair nearer to the bed and sat in front of Tanya, staring into her young innocent face.

What was he gonna do with her? Why can’t he stop thinking about her??


Dagger watched from the stairs and breathed in when he saw the master carrying Tanya into his room.

He then turned around and walked back downstairs then out of the building

He took a narrow part to the gate abs saw the two securities snoring.

He quickly knew that Ciara had been there.

She’s done her job.

Hurriedly,he took the narrowed part back to the building.

He stood at a corner and just in time to see two of the girls climbing off the roof top.

He stared on and watched as they ran into Tanya’s block.

“You will never find her there. She’s now with the master.” Dagger mumbled.

He smiled triumphantly.

Good thing he got her out on time.


What’s happening??🀐

Did Craig just saved our Tanya??

Does he know something?

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