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Recall, naijalanded official website had earlier reported similar case of assaults of students during exam in IMT Enugu in first semester examination when one Miss Nene Mba allegedly assaulted a student for not put on Face Mask.

Lillian, while speaking with our correspondent she said, she has already wrote her exam finished and about to submit her answer booklet and she requested for attendance record, the invigilator walk up to her and seized her answer booklet.

Lilian said, at that moment she wasn’t take it too serious until the invigilator (Mr Okenwa) said, she has been booked for examination malpractice. The whole student written in that hall was like ‘WHAT?’ she said.

I walk up to him and ask him what was my offense for booking me for examination malpractice, and the man responded with hot slap like four times and kick me off like ball, Lilian told the SUG Executive.

I can’t really believe what happened to me, though the man was my toaster but before the incident I don’t really believe he could still recognized me until he descend on me with grudges against me in him.

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The painful part of it all is that he booked me for examination malpractice, without any evidence or conviction of any exam malpractice. Lillian said

Let seek justice for Lillian…… Share this so Lillian case to get to authority.