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In Love With A Prostitute Episode 5

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2nd December 2023

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}

Episode 5

By: Itz Pretty White

I was startled as smoke began to come out of the kitchen.
“Mom, what’s that?” I asked pointing at the smoke.

Mum gasped.
“Doesn’t she know how to cook?” Mum asked alarmed.

“No mum, she doesn’t” I said and mum looked very angry.
“Why didn’t you tell me before. Now go and bring her out before anything happens to her. If anything happens to her you’ll be severely punished” mum warned and I nodded rushing into the kitchen.

Mum is putting all the blame on me and not on her.
Has she really won mum’s attention that much?

I must do something about this.
I saw her lying on the floor and ran to her side.

“Viola? Viola??” I called but there was no response.
Did she fainted?

I coughed vehemently as the smoke from the burning flame filled my nose.
Oh my God!

I quickly rushed to get water and sprinkled it on her face but her eyes were shut tightly.
“Viola?” I called again and felt her breath but she was still breathing fine.

“Viola?” I yelled loudly sprinkling more water on her face and she blinked her eyes.
“Viola” I called hugging her tightly and she opened her eyes.

“You’re alive” I muttered holding her tightly to myself.
Somehow when I met her lying on the floor, I couldn’t just think straight ..

“Hey am okay. What happened?” She asked disengaging from the hug.
“You fainted” I sighed and she looked around.

“Couldn’t you just say you don’t know how to work? Was all this necessary? Now, mum is blaming me” I said and she hissed before going out.

“Oh my god Viola, are you okay?” I heard mum say and I sighed.
She didn’t even ask about me.

“Raymond!” Mum called and I grumbled before walking out of the kitchen.
“Mum am here” I said.

“Now carry her to the bedroom and……
Just then Lucas entered.

“Good morning everybody and the asha….. ” he turned to look at me and I glared at him.
“I mean good morning our wife” he said with a grin and I looked away.

Everyone were looking at him as if he was a clown.
He really looked like a clown.

He suddenly had a phone call and his eyes dilated in shock.
“Oga.. … Biggie… Biggie… She dey come…. ” he said hiding behind my back as everyone laughed.

“Lucas!” I roared and took him by the arm leading him to his room.
“Stay here, the maids will bring your food for you” I said and tried to go but he held my hand.

“Oga… Biggie…
“Lucas, Biggie can’t come here besides you can pick the call” I said in a calm tone and I saw discomfort in his eyes.

“Me? Pick the call ke? Unless you want Biggie to eat me alive ”

I sighed as I walked to the room and met Viola touching up her face.
She isn’t even remorseful for what happened and all the problems she caused me.

I stared at her backside as she swayed her ass.

Ray’s girlfriend is so endowed with everything.
It will be nice entering into her honeypot without anyone knowing.

I licked my lips and walked to the room.
Olivia – our 10 years old daughter was sitting on the bed and playing with her toys..

“Daddy” She called and ran to hug me but I pushed her away.
I hate her and her mother.

They’re so clingy!
But I have to pretend in front of the family.

“Daddy? Don’t you love me anymore? Whenever I come to hug you, you always push me away” she said and I hissed going to lie on the bed.

“Daddy. I’m talking to you, answer me” she said hitting me with her little fists and I got angry.
I raised my hands to hit her but just then the door flung open and Georgina came in.

“What’s going on here?” She asked and I put on a fake smile drawing her closer.
“We’re just having a little chitchat” I said patting her head.

“Olivia, why are you crying?” She asked her..
“Mum… Dad……

“It’s okay Georgina we’re just playing there’s nothing else” I said and she looked doubtful.
“Okay, Olivia. I’ll go get some things from the supermarket, would you mind coming along?” She asked and I made a deadly eye contact with her to say ‘no’.

“N..o” she replied and Georgina patted her head before going out.
Immediately she went out, I locked the door and she started to cry.

“Don’t cry baby. I’ve told you many times not to try to expose me but it seems you’ve got something stuck into your ear” I said and grabbed a cloth forcing it into her mouth.

I brought out a belt and beat her back mercilessly.
Her mum doesn’t bother to check her body so it will be easier.

I tied her to the bed and brought out my long d*ck forcing it into her tight p***y.
She’s as sweet as ever.

I sucked her little b**bs and bit her nipples.
“Dad.. you’re hurting me” she cried and I slapped her mouth leaving a cut there.

I entered into her again and her cries came out in muffles.
Blood gushed out and I quickly pulled away from her leaving her lying helpless on the bed.

I removed the cloth from her mouth.
“Don’t you ever try to expose me or else I’ll do this to you everyday. If anyone asks you where you got this cut from, tell the person that you fell. Okay?” I cautioned and she nodded forcing herself out of the bed.

“Go clean up” I told her and she walked to the bathroom.
She came out after some minutes and walked away.

It’s good to have a sweet daughter.
I grabbed my phone and stared at the nude pictures sent to me yesterday.

They’re so beautiful.

I cried as I dragged myself away.
He’ll kill me if I tell anyone.

He had once threatened to me with a gun.
I bet you’re all surprised.

This isn’t the first time he’s doing this to me.
“Oh my God Olivia, what happened to you?” Grandma asked and I remembered what he said.

*If anyone asks you where you got this cut from, tell the person that you fell*

“I. …. I fell down” I lied and she gasped.
“Lemme see” she said and wanted to bring her hand to my chin but I brushed it away.

“I’m okay” I said controlling the urge not to burst into tears.

I know that whatever he did to me was very bad.
I could feel severe pain in my private part.

I went to the garden and met aunt Viola.
Everyone in this house except Grandma cares to ask me how I am.

Even sometimes mum just forgets about me.
Aunt Viola is nice and I think I will talk to her.

“Aunt Viola” I called running to her and embracing her tightly.

“Olivia” I said and she smiled.
“Yeah.. Olivia. What happened to your lips?” She asked and I sighed.

“Aunt, can I trust you with my secrets?” I asked and she nodded placing me on her laps.
“Of course…. Tell me anything” she said in a calm tone and I looked around.

Can I really trust her?
I need someone to talk to.

I bursted into tears and sobbed loudly.
“Olivia, why are you crying? Tell me what happened?” She asked and I made up my mind to talk to her about it.

“Aunt my dad……. *I stopped when I saw dad at the back of the garden holding a knife and telling me to keep quiet.

He also brought out a cardboard paper which ‘I’ll kill you if you don’t keep quiet’ was written.

“Aunt I need to go” I replied hurriedly standing from her laps.
“Are you afraid of anyone?” She asked looking around.

“No aunt I’ll go” I replied and ran away with teary eyes.

I could sense something strange in her legs.
The way she was walking.

It wasn’t normal.
Why didn’t she want to talk all of a sudden?

Something is really fishy.

I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see Stanley.

Has he been there all along?

The poor girl is afraid

Stanley is such an animal

Atleast Viola isn’t useless anymore – she’s somehow useful


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