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In Love With A Prostitute Episode 6

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2nd December 2023

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 6

By: Itz Pretty White

“Hey” he cooed sitting beside me on the chair and I stood up.
I don’t know why – but I really feel uncomfortable when he’s anywhere near me.

“Are you afraid of me, come on baby I don’t bite” he said and walked towards me but I moved away.

“If you may excuse me, I have some work to do” I said in a rush and turned to go away but he held my hand back firmly.

I slapped his hands away and gave him a deadly glare.
“Excuse me, you can’t touch me anyhow” I said and rolled my eyes at him and he chuckled.

“Come on babe. I only wanna have a taste of what my dear brother in law Raymond has been enjoying” he said shamelessly.

“Can you even hear what you’re saying?” I asked and he laughed.
“No one will know about it. It’s just you and me” he said moving his hands to touch my b**bs and I slapped him.

“Don’t you dare, I repeat don’t you dare try that rubbish with me” I yelled angrily and walked away.

Now I know what he wants.
Every time he’s always staring at me – how can someone be this shameless?

Even when he has a wife and a kid.
Georgina must know about this – she can just trust a player like him.

I bumped into Lucas on my way out – he was holding a camera.
“Oga madam…..

“Out of my way Lucas” I yelled stamping my foot on the floor before walking away.

I got into the room and closed the door behind me.
The door opened and Raymond came in closing the door with full force..

“Viola, we need to talk. We really need to talk” he yelled taken me aback.
“What’s happening here?” I asked and he rolled his eyes.

“Well can you explain to me what you were doing with Stanley?” He asked.
“……. With Stanley?” I dragged the words and he nodded ..

“Yes with Stanley” I answered.

I saw them.
They were kind of talking and he moved his hands to her chest.

I couldn’t take it so I walked away.
Only God knows what they had done together..

Right in my own house.
What if my parents could have seen them?

Was I being jealous.

Absolutely no!
How can I be jealous of a prostitute?

“So tell me Raymond, are you jealous?” She asked and I shrugged.
“Why will I be jealous?” I asked.

“Your eyes says it all. Just admit that you’re jealous Raymond” she said with a smirk and I dipped my fingers deeply into my hair.

“I’m not jealous Viola”
“Let me tell you something – this is not the motel where you go around f*cking men and selling yourself the way you want”

“This is my house and you have to do as I say. You’re just a homeless dog that I gave shelter and you’re still going around f*cking my sister’s husband…..

A hot slap landed on my face and I placed my hand on my cheeks.

“Don’t you ever call me that Mr Raymond. I know my work here and I might as well resign from this”

“Look, to cut the story short, I’ll just leave early by tomorrow morning. I can’t stand you insulting me anyhow just because I agreed to help you out”

“Suit yourself” she yelled, tears streaming down her cheeks and she ran out.

Why on earth did I say that?
Why did I make her feel miserable.

I’m so bad.
I made her feel miserable.

I hit my hand on the wall in frustration and cried my eyes out.

I’m a bad person.

I walked away after listening to their conversation.

So she was actually a prostitute?

I sensed something fishy.
I’ve finally gotten what Raymond was hiding.

Now I will use it to my own advantage.
I’ll just set him up and make him do anything I want with a threat that – I’ll tell his parents all about Viola being a prostitute if he doesn’t do what I want..

Stanley you’re so smart.
Anything for the big b**bs lady.

I’ll surely have her on my bed – no matter what.

I ran out of the room and into the garden.
I sat on the well trimmed glass and palmed my face crying heavily.

A hand touched my shoulders and I turned to see Olivia.
“Why are you crying?” She asked and I shook my head.

“It’s nothing” I replied wiping my tears and smiling at her.

“So tell me what you wanted to tell me the other time” I said and she looked around, as if she was afraid of someone seeing us.

“What’s the matter Olivia? Talk to me” I asked and a tear rolled down her cheeks which I cleaned with my thumb.

“Crying won’t solve the issue Olivia. Just tell me what happened” I asked and she nodded.

“My dad…..
“Yes go on” I urged and she looked around.

“He… He….
“He did what Olivia? Talk” I said and she nodded.

“He has been having s*x with me. I mean rape. He has been taking advantage of me” she said and my mouth dropped open.

He did that to his own daughter.

He’s a rascal.
“Look Olivia. You’ll have to tell everyone about this” I said but she shook her head negatively.

“No.. No.. He’ll kill me” she said in fear and I patted her back.

Only God knows what this little child was going through all along.
How can Stanley be so heartless as to do this with his own daughter.

What was Georgina doing all along.
Didn’t she notice anything?

She’s such a careless mother.
I gazed at the little girl whose hair was messed up all over her face.

Her eyes were red and her face looked pale.

I remembered what Raymond said to me earlier.
*You’re just a homeless dog that I gave shelter and you’re still going around f*cking my sister’s husband*

Why does it hurt so much.
It felt like an arrow pierce through my heart.

I agree am a prostitute but it wasn’t my will to go into this job.
It wasn’t at all.

Why did he have to say such hurting words?
Why does his words affect me so much.

He shouldn’t have judged me like that.
He should have heard my own side of the story.

It was something that led me to prostitution.
Something big.

Something that will always be right there in my heart.
It’s like a hole which can’t be healed.

I remember my awful childhood with my step mum and her daughter.
The day she sold me off to a s*x center and had me raped by her daughter.

I was sexually assaulted….


I can’t believe I was crying while writing this episode 😢😓.
It’s so emotional.

Let’s wait to hear Viola’s story

Stanley already knows everything 😨😨


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