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In Love With A Prostitute Episode 7

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2nd December 2023

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 7

By: Itz Pretty White


“You idiot. Get out of the house and never come back” my step mum yelled pushing me out while her daughter helped in taking my luggages out…

“Mum please don’t take me there. Please. Please am begging you mum. I promise to obey and do everything you say but please don’t sell me out” I cried my eyes out but she gave me a deafening slap while I sobbed.

I grew up with my parents and we lived happily with my step mum and her daughter.
Things changed for the worst when my parents died and I was only eight back then.

My step mum beat me almost everyday but her daughter comes to my rescue.

We were friends back then and she shares her food with me whenever her mum didn’t give me food.

When we were 13 and in JSS 3 – one of the boys she crushed on in school asked me out but I turned him down.

He started spreading fake rumors around that I was dating him and Janet got a whiff of it

She confronted me and blasted me with insults for stealing the man she loves.

I tried explaining but she wouldn’t let me and that was how the hatred began.
She put hands together with her mum and they agreed to sell me to a s*x house.

“Mum, don’t send her out yet. I’ll have to taste that thing in between her leg” she said and I gasped ..

“Pleas…..” I tried to say but she landed a slap across my cheek.

“After you leave, Nathan will be mine forever” she said with a wicked glint in her eyes and her mum brought out a long rope and tied my hands and legs to the sofa.

She got on top of me and ripped my top off.
She unhooked my bra and grabbed my b**bs s*cking and pinching them..

I cried my eyes out and my step mum only stood enjoying the show.
She also tore my jean with a scissors and inserted two hands into my cl*t.

“Argh!” I cried struggling to remove her hands but it was futile.
She increased it to four fingers and my eyes widened.

The pain was unbearable.
It felt as if something was dividing the place into two.

She undresses herself and told me to s*ck her b**bs while her mum held a hot iron..
“If you don’t do as she says, this will be the end of your miserable life” she said with a wicked smile and I nodded helplessly s*cking on the useless falling things..

She walked to the fridge and brought out a big sized cucumber.
It was very big and immediately she got to where I was, she inserted it forcefully into my cl*t and I yelled..

“Ahhhh! Someone save me” I cried and yelled.
My step mum walked to where I was and stuffed something into my mouth which made my yells come out as muffles.

She brought it out again and inserted it with full force ..
Her mum took over and she started with my nipples.

Her focus were on them as she sucked and pinched it.
I was slowly loosing consciousness but they didn’t care till Janet inserted two big sized cucumbers.

I let out a shrill cry and blacked out.

I woke up only to find myself in a moving car – hands tied and mouth gagged.


I got angry fisted my fingers into a ball.

If I ever see her – I’ll do the same exact thing to her.
She’ll terribly suffer and experience the pains she made me go through …

Raymond really hurt me.
Those words stings – I placed my hand on Olivia’s back and patted her.

“I promise to get you justice Olivia” I said and picked her up.
I told her to go inside the house and not to go into Stanley’s room for the mean time.

I need to figure out something.
I dialed Ma’am Sera’s number and she picked up immediately.

📱”Hello ma’am. I just want to tell you that I cannot continue this goddamn contract anymore.

I’m coming back today” I said and disconnected the call before she could say anything.

I know she’ll try to discourage me not to come but I’ve heard enough.
I can’t take it anymore.

I booked a flight for 9:00pm and walked into the house..
“Pleas….. Please dad don’t kill me” I heard a tiny voice say and I trailed the voice to the kitchen.

I opened the door and met Stanley holding a knife and pointing it at Olivia.
“Olivia?” I yelled pulling her away from his grip.

“Chill babe. We were just playing” he lied and I snorted.

“Playing indeed. Look Stanley, your game is over. I know how you used your 10year old daughter to your satisfaction” I said and I could see his smile disappeared.

“I’ll tell everyone about it” I said and made to walk out.
“Well I guess everyone will have to know about the prostitute in the house” he said and I stopped on my tracks.

I turned to look at him.
How… How did he know?

“You thought I don’t know? Well you’re very wrong babe” he said shamelessly and I scoffed.

I stumped my feet on the ground and walked away in anger.
How the hell did he?

Oh my gosh!
I must leave this place as soon as possible.

I was walking to the room when a hand slipped into mine.
I turned to see Olivia.

“Olivia. Please go and play. I’ll be right here in the room if you want anything”..
“Aunt, he’ll kill me….

“Okay. You can stay in the room. I’ll be right back okay?” I said and she nodded dashing into the room.

“Viola” a voice called and I turned to see Raymond’s mum.

“Ma?” I called and walked to her.
“Come inside, we need to talk” she said and I entered the room.

There were lots of jewelries on the bed.
“Viola my dear, these are for you” she said and my hands went over my mouth….

“Mum, they’re too much. I…. I..
“Don’t say no dear. You’ll also love this” she said going to her drawer and picking up five set of jewelries.

I stared wide eyed at the woman who kept bringing more jewelries.
“You will also love….

“Ma?” I said holding her hand.
“Ma, you’re giving me almost all your jewelries” I said and she nodded placing my hand on hers.

“You know what Viola, my son has been single for so long and when he finally brings a woman, it’s my duty to show her love” she said and sat down beside me..

“You’re one hell of a beauty Viola” she added and I blushed.
“Look who’s blushing” she said with a laugh…

“Thanks ma’am…
“Don’t ever call me ma’am, call me mum” she said. ..

“Okay mum”….
“And you don’t have to thank me” she said and I shrugged.

“So how long have you been in a relationship with Raymond?” She asked and I gulped down nothing.

“It’s.. Uhmmm. Three months” I lied and she gasped.
“Three months? The boy is so un serious. Isn’t it time for him to propose?” She asked and I began to sweat all over.

I managed to carry the jewelries to my room and placed them in the drawer.
Isn’t this wrong.

I’ll have to return it but in a different way.
I shouldn’t be taking things from her when am going today.

I stood up and walked out of mum’s room.
Like seriously?

She’s asking me to propose to Viola?
What if she gets to know about her identity.

I’m doomed.
I rubbed my head and finally decided to go to the room.

I met Viola packing her clothes inside her bag.
“Where are you going?” I asked in a calm voice..

“You don’t need to care. Am leaving for good” she said and continued packing.

“Please… Viola, hear me out. Am sorry” I pleaded but she stormed out of the room.

I’ve caused much harm.
What will mum and dad day when they find out that she’s gone?

In short, what will everyone say.
I bit my lips and my eyes ran into Olivia sitting at a corner of the room..

Olivia – she’s the answer…

TBC – Guys are you thinking what am thinking?
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