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In Love With A Prostitute Episode 8

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2nd December 2023

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 8

By: Itz Pretty White

I tiptoed back into the room and met him already asleep.

I don’t know why but I feel bad doing this.
I took my box already containing my arranged clothes.

I wheeled it towards the door but suddenly stopped and looked back..
I walked towards his sleeping body and placed a light kiss on his forehead..

“I’m sorry for doing this” I cooed and kissed his lips.
That was when I saw his handsome self.

He had pink lips – nicely shaped.
His nose was pointed coupled with his already messy.

I can’t help but admit that he’s a real definition of «handsome».
A tear escaped from my eyes and I quickly wiped it off.

“Goodbye” whispered and walked to where I left my box.
The door flunged open and Olivia entered holding two glass of juice.

“Aunt!” She called going to drop the juice on the table.
“Aunt, are you leaving me? He’ll kill me… Aunt” she cried and more tears rolled down my face.

“I’m sorry Olivia. You should tell your uncle Ray. He’s in the right position to help you… I’m so sorry Olivia” I said and made to drag the box out but she held my hand.

“Aunt at least have something to drink” she said and carried a glass of juice before handing it to me.

“This is just for you Olivia and no one else” I said and gulped down the entire content.

“Are you happy now, can I go?” I asked and she nodded negatively.
She ran to me and embraced me – tears falling down her chubby cheeks.

“Aunt am sorry but I will have to do this” she said and I tried to understand what she was saying.

Before I knew it, I felt something sink into my arm and I began to feel dizzy.
I couldn’t understand the strange feeling until my eyes began to rotate and I blacked out..

“Uncle Ray, it’s done now so can you quit the act” I said sighing and he jumped up.

“You’re such a great actress Olivia” he said hugging me tightly and I freed myself.
“It’s okay Uncle” I mouthed and he bent down to pick her up.

“Uncle, do you love her?” I asked and he looked away shyly.
“I can’t explain the feeling I have for her” he said and I mouthed an ‘oh’..

I can’t believe my uncle is in love.
“I think I love her” he said and I laughed out loud.

“You don’t think uncle. You love her. Just admit it” I said as he picked her up and gently placed her on the bed ..

“You can go now Olivia” he said and my happiness washed away.
What will he do to me…

“Uncle can I…..
“Olivia, you’re such a pest” he said and playfully dragged me out closing the door.

I broke into tears as I walked away.
He’ll surely kill me. I sobbed as I walked past what used to be my happy room but now – a nightmare.

I was still walking when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I looked back in fright to see him.

“Oh daughter! I’ve been looking for you – to give you this gift” he said and brought out a knife.

My eyes sank as I stared fearfully at the knife he was holding.
“If you dare shout, I’ll kill you and no one will now” he threatened and I only whimpered.

“Now daddy is going to please your little cl*t” he said and tears welled up in my eyes.
“Dad…. please… I promise not… not to tell anyone again…. please” I sobbed and he smirked.

“But you already told someone” he said and trailed his hands to my little b**bs getting hold of it and pressing it.
“Argh!” I gasped and he smirked.

*I’ll surely get justice for you Olivia* I remembered aunt’s word.
Isn’t it time I fight for myself?

My eyes caught the knife in his hand and I closed my eyes breathing in and out while he continued his wicked acts.

I felt my hands move to the knife which was a bit loose from his hands.
I braced myself up and with much bravery, I snatched the knife from him digging it deep into his stomach.

“Argh” he yelled and I dropped the knife on the ground.
He fell flat on the floor and I gasped.

What did I just do?
Is he dead? – Oh my god! I killed him..

I looked at my bloody hands and began to shiver all over.
I killed him. I killed my dad.

My hands shook and I rushed into my room locking the door from inside.

I rushed to the sink and washed my hand.
I kept seeing more blood and I yelled..

No! No.
I put my hands under the running water again and saw that I had cut myself.

I dried my hand with a towel and walked straight to the bed curling myself up.
I did not kill him.

It was only a mistake right? – yes
It was a mistake – I can’t kill anyone..

I can’t ..
I cried my eyes out till sleep took over.

My lips curved into a smile as I stared at her.
Seems am in love again.

But what Janet did circled my mind.
What if Viola does the same thing and rejects me?

No – I’ll have to keep my hopes high.
I can’t bare to loose her.

I patted her hair and kissed her cheeks.
My own cheeks flushed as I remembered how she pecked my forehead and kissed my lips.

I closed my eyes filling very fulfilled.

I rubbed my eyes and stared at the familiar room.
What am I still doing here?

My flight?
How did it?….. Oh God!

Now I understand why she said that.

Did she really had to do that?
I looked beside me and saw a cup of hot tea on the table.

Who prepared this?
Anyways it doesn’t matter.

I took it and drank from it before putting it down.
“You like it?” I heard a voice say and I looked up to see Ray.

I looked away and he walked towards me.
“Look Viola, am sorry if I had triggered any bad memory last night. Am so sorry”

“I wasn’t just thinking straight. I was occupied with my jealousy that I felt betrayed. Please forgive me” he said and I smiled.

At least he has realized his mistakes.
“I forgive you Ray and I know you won’t do that again” I said and he held my hand close to his mouth and kissed it.

“Thank you so much Vee. You made my day” he said.

What a nice nickname.
“I’ve prepared your bath with a warm water” he said and I gasped.

“You’re so full of surprises Ray” I commented and he chuckled.

“Stanley!” Someone shouted from outside and we both rushed.
Georgina was standing in front of Stanley’s body which was lying in a pool of blood.

What happened to him?

And where’s Olivia?
I looked around to see if I can catch any glimpse of her but she was nowhere to be found.

I looked beside me and her name was boldly written on the door.
I guess this is her room .

Everyone was busy with Stanley’s body examining it while Georgina was already crying her eyes out.

What could have really happened to him?
I knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

“Go… away… I didn’t kill him.. Please it was a mistake.. I didn’t mean to do it…. Please!” She wailed and I could tell she was miserable ..

Something is wrong..

Is Stanley dead?

Did Olivia do the right thing?
Our Raymond is in love oooo

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