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In Love With A Prvstitute Episode 1


{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 1

By: Itz Pretty White

Ray’s Pov:
“Lucas where’s the file I asked you to fill” I asked focusing on the road and at the same time glancing at my secretary.
We were sitting in the same car.

“Sir… Sir.. please… I.. forgot to fill it” he stammered and I abruptly stopped the car to a halt.
“You forgot to fill it? You’re so unprofessional. Get out of my car Lucas” I barked and he flinched.

“Sir please Biggie will kill me” he said as I pushed him out of the car.
“And who the hell is Biggie?” I asked and she looked at his back before talking.

“She’s my wife and she’ll definitely beat the hell out of me if she finds out that I lost my job” he said and I raised my brow.
“You mean your wife beats you?” I asked in surprise and he nodded.

What the heck!
A wife beats her husband?

“Okay get in” I said after thinking for a while and he thanked me.

I got home and flunged my briefcase away.
I sat on the sofa feeling very tired and exhausted.

“Grin! Grin!! Grin!!!” My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID.
It’s mum!

📞”Hey mum, how’re you doing?” I asked feeling excited.
📲”I’m fine son, what of you?” She asked.

📞”Mum am fine, how’s dad and all the others there?” I asked and I heard dad’s voice from the other end.
📲”We’re all fine. I just called to tell you to bring your wife home when you’re coming. It’s a must” she said and hung up..

So mum is still all over the issue that I get married .
Well that’s not a big deal.

I’ll propose to my girlfriend and am sure she’ll agree.

At Janet’s house 🏨
I stood by the doorway staring at her as she danced to the music playing in her phone.
“Hi” I said arranging the bouquet of flowers in my hand.

“Hello” she said and put off the music before flopping herself on the chair.
“What are you doing with flowers? Gosh! I’m very tired” she said and I shrugged.

I looked at the flower in front of me and brought out a ring from it.
“Will you please marry me Janet?” I asked but there was no response.

I looked up to see her sleeping soundly.
She takes this as a joke?

And am supposed to go back home tomorrow.

Where will I get a wife?
I’ll just wait for her to wake up.

I sat on one of the arm chairs and stared at her face.

Janet’s Pov:
I cursed Raymond in my mind as he didn’t leave.
I clamped my eyes shut still pretending to be asleep.

I’m sure this was coming but I’m already pregnant for another person.
Besides I didn’t love him from the start – I wanted to enjoy every bit of his money.

I opened my eyes a little and I heard him sigh.
“You’re awake!” He called and I stood up to face him.

“I actually want to propose to you so……
“Well I don’t want to marry you” I stated and walked away slamming the door behind me.

“Janet…. Janet…. Janet open this door” I heard him shout and bang on the door but I remained silent.
I huffed and entered the bathroom to have my bath.

He should stay here for how long he wants .

Ray’s Pov:
Oh my God!
What do I do now?

She rejected me.
She did – was she angry with me?

I need to talk to Madame Sera.
I walked out of the house and got into my car taking one last glance at the building before driving away.

I hit my hand on the steering feeling dejected and shattered.
How could she do this to me – my first love….

I need to think fast – very fast.
I took my phone and dialed Madame Sera’s number.

📞”Bonjour Monsieur Ray. What do you want?”
📲”Actually I want to inform you about something but I’ll need to talk to you personally”

📞”Okay Monsieur Ray. You’ll meet me if you come” she said and I hung up.

I have no other option than this.
I drove straight to the motel and parked the car outside before walking inside.

“Monsieur Ray! I’ve heard all what you said and I recommend my Queen – the queen of all these girls” she said pointing at the girls wearing s*xy clothes and winking at me.

“Okay so when will she be available. I need to take off tomorrow” I said and she squinted her eyes.
“Well she’s busy with a client right now and it will last till morning so I advise you to take off then she’ll come to meet you at your place” she said and at last I was relieved.

Well the acting is just for some days – then I’ll come up with something and break up with her.
“Okay. Thank you so much Madame Sera but can you at least give me her number so that we can communicate and talk about the payment?” I asked and shook her hand.

“Of course…. Of course… I’ll send it to you” she said and I smiled before walking out of the motel.

At last!
I’ll not get on mum’s bad side.

I entered my car and was about to drive away when Lucas came to stand in front of the car.
“Lucas what’s wrong with you?” I half yelled turning off the engine.

“Oga…. Oga please save me.. Biggie..” he paused and looked back.
“Oga. .. She’s coming… Oga.. please” he said and to my horror I sighted a figure that has the body of an elephant running towards him.

How can he marry someone fatter and bigger than him…
God! She’s even holding a pestle.

“Oga… please… save me” he said jolting me out of my thoughts and looking back at intervals.
I quickly opened the door of the car for him and he jumped inside.

“I’ll kill you today Lucas… Come out of that car” The woman shouted and I quickly reversed the car ignited the key before driving speedily away.

“We’re gonna travel out so we’re going straight to the airport” I said and he nodded glancing back.
“Oga she’s still coming ooo” Lucas said looking very worried.

“Don’t worry Lucas. She can’t harm you now” I said and he gulped down nothing…
How on earth can he marry someone as fat as that – while he’s very thin..

I’m sure he has received a lot of beating before.

Viola’s Pov:
“Yes go on faster” I moaned as the man thrusted into me and I felt him hit my womb.

I packed my hair in a ponytail and dressed myself up.
“My money!” I asked chewing a gum and threw some bundle at me.

“Hope it’s complete cause I wouldn’t want any inconvenience” I retorted chewing the gum noisily and he nodded licking his lips.
“Hope to get in there some other time” he said and I rolled my eyes before walking out making sure to sway my ass.

That’s my life.
I agree that am a b*tch and it’s nobody’s f*cking business.

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