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2nd December 2023

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 10

By: Itz Pretty White

I was stunned as the doctor announced Stanley’s death.
How could it be?

The security around the house is very tight and no one could have sneaked into the house.
I’m sure it was someone from the house.

But who could it be?
I looked at the faces of everyone and no one was looking suspicious

It can’t be Anna, nor Justin or Olivia.

Who is it then?
Viola was with me the whole night.

Who is the murderer?
Georgina sat on the floor crying as the nurses managed to inject her and she kept quiet.

“Mum let’s take her home” I said and lifted her in a bridal style.
“I don’t care about your f*cking work. Just come to my house and investigate this matter right away” dad yelled and I was sure he was talking to the police.

The culprit needs to be found and dealt with.

*At the mansion*

I placed Georgina on her bed and covered her with the duvet.
If there’s anyone that’s dear to me other than Viola and mum – it’s Georgina.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I kinda felt for her.
How is she feeling right now.

I remember the days when she would beat up any bully that dare to come near me.
She protected me and played with me when I was lonely.

I cleaned my tears and walked out of the room to meet the inspector already having a deep conversation with dad.

“Please I need all your attention. Everyone should be present here” he ordered and everyone rushed to the sitting room.

They were all moody.
My eyes searched for Olivia and I saw her – with Viola.

How will she take all this in?
How is she feeling right now?

“Please I need your thumbprints, so that I’ll take it for some tests” he said and everyone moved forward to have their prints on the piece of paper he was holding.

I also placed my thumb on the ink and pressed it hard on the paper.
“Little girl, it’s your turn” the inspector said to Olivia who shrinked behind Viola.

“Olivia, come and have your thumbprint on the paper” I half – yelled but she still maintained her position behind Viola.

“Olivia, what’s all this nonsense?” I asked and she flinched not moving.
“Olivia dear, please go. It will not do any harm to you” Viola convinced and led her forward.

She held her thumb and placed it on the ink before proceeding to press it on the paper but she moved back and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Please uncle don’t let them take me to prison” she murmured as I held her hand forcefully and placed it on the paper.
“There, it’s all done now so you don’t have to be afraid” I said and patted her back.

Viola lifted her up and cuddled her like a three month old baby.

What’s wrong with her?
“Olivia, are you alright?” I asked placing my hand on her head..

“Yes” she replied and I sighed.
“I know you must be feeling bad right now – we’ll surely get the culprit and have him punished” I stated and she nodded lightly.

“Sir, we’re done and I assure you that we’ll surely get to the root of this matter” he said and dad only nodded while they took their leave.

No one was in for much talk.
I slowly walked to my room and laid on the bed.

The door opened and I immediately knew it was Viola.
She walked towards me and placed her hand on my hair.

“Please stay calm Ray” she said in a calm tone and I nodded closing my eyes.

I smiled stretching myself as I moved around the room.

My plans are working perfectly.
In no time the final plan will be loaded and boom 💥

Just wait and watch how I’ll destroy everyone…

I ruffled his hair and watched him fall asleep.
I think it’s time he knows about Stanley’s evil deeds.

I can’t just keep him in the dark.
Olivia was fast asleep in my hands and I smiled.

She’s like my own daughter.
I placed her on the bed beside Ray and turned to go to the bathroom when I heard the shattering of glasses.

I rushed out and traced the sound to Georgina’s room.
Everyone also gathered except Ray and Olivia who were fast asleep.

My heart thumped as I opened the door and met a shocking sight.
Georgina was shattering all the window glasses in her room.

“Georgina!” I called holding her tightly to prevent her from shattering more glasses.

“Let go of me Viola” she yelled and struggled to free herself from my grip but I wasn’t planning on releasing her.

Who knows what she might do to herself.
“I swear I saw him. He’s not dead. Please he’s alive. Bring my husband back to me”

“I need my husband” she cried and fell on the floor.
“Take it easy Georgina, he’s dead…..

“No! Please don’t say that. He’s not dead. Please tell him to come to me”
“I still need him”

“Stay away from me everyone” she yelled pulling her hair..
Her mum walked towards her and cupped her cheek with her palms.

“Baby, please don’t hurt yourself. Please forget about him”
“Shut up! Don’t you ever tell me to forget about him” she yelled and yanked herself away from my grip.

She rushed to Stanley’s portrait in the room and grabbed it kissing it.
“Dear, they all believe that you’re dead but you’re alive right?” She asked and kissed the portrait.

She walked out of the room and rushed into the kitchen grabbing a bowl of rice.
“My baby is hungry. Don’t worry, I’ll feed you” she said and sat on one of the chairs while everyone stared at her in awe.

It seems Stanley’s death has affected her mentality.
Oh God!

I wish she shouldn’t have gotten herself into a relationship with that idiot who doesn’t deserve her.
She scooped an amount of rice with the spoon and held it closer to the portrait.

She pushed the spoon harder and the contents dropped on the floor.
“Why aren’t you eating? Are you full already?” She asked as a tear rolled down her face.

“Why aren’t you answering me? Don’t tell me you’re dead” she said with a smile.
“You’re just joking right? I know you can’t be dead”

“Remember you promised to take me to the mall and buy plenty clothes for me”
“I know you can’t forget that” she said and held the portrait closer to herself.

She walked towards mum with the portrait.
“Mum, do you remember on our wedding day, you laughed so much that you almost peed on your body. Remember?” She asked and mum tried to fight the tears clouding her eyes but she couldn’t.

She let them fall freely.
Georgina walked towards dad and held the portrait for him to see.

“Dad, do you remember him? My husband. Stanley!”
“You remember right? Dad he’s not dead right?” She asked as dad turned his face away.

“What is happening?”
“Why are you all keeping quiet? Just tell me that he isn’t dead” she yelled and sanked unto the chair.

She got up and walked towards me smiling.
“Even if everyone keeps quiet, I know you wouldn’t” she said and placed my hand on the portrait.

“He isn’t dead right?” She asked and I turned my face away.
“I’m. … sorry…. I don’t.. know what to say” I stammered and tears flowed down my cheeks.

That bad man doesn’t deserve Georgina at all.
I’m not crying because he’s dead – just that it pains me to see Georgina act this way.

I held her closer and she moved away.
“Relax Georgina, you’re not in your right sense” Justin said and tried to touch her but she moved away..

“Are you trying to tell me that I’m not mentally stable?” She asked – her voice croaking.
“No…. I didn’t mean……

“It’s fine if they don’t want us to be together. We’ll go faraway from here”
“We don’t have to see them again” she cried and rushed to the room jamming the door before anyone could enter.

Mum cried and I went over to console her.
“We need to call the psychiatric hospital before this gets out of hand” dad said and mum only weeped.

“Please am I unto Mr Steve?” He said into the phone.
“Please I need you to come to my house immediately” he said and disconnected the call.

I knocked on the door but there was no reply.
I looked at the others and they gave me a go ahead.

“Georgina, Stanley is here” I rushed my words and just like we had expected, the door opened and a happy Georgina came out beaming.

“Where is…….
She couldn’t complete her sentence as the doctor who stood beside me pushed the injection into her arms and she blacked out.

The scene was too much to bear.
I was rushing to the room when I think I heard footsteps behind me.

Not I think!
I actually heard footsteps.

I turned back but no one was in sight.
Everyone were in the sitting room.

I rushed upstairs and my heart began to beat fast.
Someone has been following me.

I turned like a flash in time to see a figure run inside an open room.
“Who’s there?” I half – yelled and quickened my pace to the room.

I stopped halfway and looked around.
Oh silly me!

No one can come inside this house without having to come through the gate.
Maybe I was just hallucinating.

Could she be hallucinating or was there someone really following her? 😱

Who’s this unknown? 😲

Seems Georgina is running mad. What advice do you have for her?

Please guys I need long comments on this episode. I don’t want to see ‘nxt’. Just comment something sweet and long please 🙏..

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