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In Love With A Prvstitute Episode 3

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}

Episode 3

By: Itz Pretty White

Ray’s Pov:
I covered his mouth tightly and glared daggers at him.
“Idiot! Can you stop yelling, you’ll wake everyone in the house” I hushed and he nodded bashfully.

“Look Lucas, all you have to do is act as if you’ve known her as my girlfriend before and if you make a mistake I swear I’ll kill you with my bare hands” I said removing my hands from his mouth and he nodded blinking his eyes.

“But Oga ashawo….
“Shut up Lucas and look she’s my wife not an ashawo. I made a mistake okay?” I said and walked out of the room but bumped into someone.

I looked up to see Stanley – Georgina’s husband.
“Why’re you awake by this time of the night Raymond? Aren’t you suppose to be having some nice time with your girl?” He asked and I shrugged.

“No… I came to check if Lucas is okay” I said and made to walk away but he held me back.
“I heard you raise your voice at him Ray. What’s happening! What are you hiding?” He asked and I wriggled my hand from his hold.

“I said it’s nothing” I barked and walked to the room.
What if he finds out?

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What will mum think of me?
I’ll make sure he doesn’t find out – but he’s such a poke noser since the day I met him.

I made sure to stay far away from Viola before she beats me with her leg.

Stanley’s Pov:
I stared at his back while he walked away and I huffed.
He’s really hiding something and I need to find out what it is.

I didn’t really get to see his girlfriend yesterday.
She must be beautiful and s*xy.

I stared at the door he came from and shook my head before going to our room.
What could he be hiding?

I took a drink from the table and decanted some amount into a cup gulping it down at once..
I went straight to the bed and laid on it recalling what I heard.

“If anyone finds out the truth I’ll kill you with my bare hands” I had heard him say.
What truth?

A message popped into my phone and I unlocked it checking it out.

It was the nude pictures I told one of my side chicks to send.
I rubbed my temple as I scrolled through the s*xy images.

The bathroom door opened and Georgina came out wearing a bathrobe.
“Where have you been Stan?” She asked and I quickly turned off my phone..

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“Uhm…. I… I actually went to get fresh air from the balcony” I lied and she hummed.
“Fresh air indeed! When there’s AC in the room” she huffed and I clamped my mouth shut.

“Why do I feel like you’re lying Stan? You’re lying to me” she complained and I hissed under my breath.
“We only have a child and you don’t care about us making babies” she complained and I could see she was about to cry.

“It’s okay Georgina. Can we do it now” I said having no other choice left.

I took off her bra and did things rather in a hurry before spreading her legs apart and entering into her.
She doesn’t know am doing this to get her dad’s properties.

Such a dumb girl.

Georgina’s Pov:
I woke up and smiled seeing myself still unclad.

We actually did it the second time.
Everytime I ask for it Stan always complain that he’s tired.
Tho the s*x was short and he wasn’t romantic – I loved it.

I blushed and kissed his cheeks.
“I love you Stan” I whispered trailing my hands on his abs before going to take my bath.

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“Good morning dad, good morning mum” I greeted and sat down to eat.
“Good morning dear, how was your night?” Mum asked and I nodded smiling brightly.

“I guess it was good then” dad said and I concentrated on my food.
“Aww. The newest couple are here” mum exclaimed and I looked up to see Viola and Raymond..

“Good morning ma” Viola said shyly.
“Oh don’t call me ma, call me mum” mum said and she nodded sitting beside Raymond.

I turned to look at her and saw her dipping her bread inside the tea before taking it to her mouth.

I feel like vomiting.
Isn’t this disgusting?

Ray’s Pov:
Can’t she eat like a person who is well mannered?

Her face was spoiled with jam plastered on it.
Does she really eat like someone who hasn’t eaten for many days?

“Viola, please eat slowly” I whispered into her ears but she paid no attention.

Viola’s Pov:
I continued eating with my hand and licking my fingers noisily at the same time.
I don’t care what people think about me.

I looked up to see everyone staring at me.

This Viola will not kill somebody

What do you think about Stanley?

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