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In Love With A Prvstitute Episode 4

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2nd December 2023

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}

Episode 4

By: Itz Pretty White

Ray’s Pov:
“Viola, please can you eat properly” I whispered into her ears and she looked at me.
I knew she was glaring at me but she was trying not to show it.

She faked a smile and picked up the fork and staring at it like it was a strange object.
“I think am done eating” she said with a light smile and walked away.

“I’m done too mum” I said and she looked surprised.
“But you’ve not eaten enough, you just drank tea with some slices of bread” she complained.

“Don’t worry mum. I’m fine” I said and scuttled away.

I met her sitting on the bed and fuming in anger.
“You don’t tell me what to do okay?” She half yelled and I sighed.

Well I brought this upon myself.
“Please calm down Viola” I said and made to touch her but a deadly glare from her dropped my hand back to it’s position.

“Everyone it’s time for games” mum announced and everyone started coming downstairs but Viola was yet to come.
What’s she still doing upstairs.

“Mum I’ll go get Viola” I said and walked up to the stairs into the room – to meet her sitting on the bed.

How will I say this?
“Uhm.. actually.. Viola well it’s… it’s time for games so mum wants all of us to come down” I said and she snorted.

“Well tell your mum that am not coming” she replied and I looked at the door then back at her.
“Viola am paying you well so do your job” I half yelled at her and she murmured some inaudible words before walking out of the room.

I stood back staring at her ass which was bouncing as she walked.
It’s damn big.

I wonder how it will feel spanking those.
‘Oh come on Raymond. This is just a contract” my subconscious screamed in my head and I quickly snapped the thought out of my head before walking downstairs.

Viola’s Pov:
“So this is the rule of the game, anything you pick in that bowl, you will read the instruction aloud then do what the paper says” Raymond’s mum said.

This silly game.
Can’t they play truth or dare?

“Let’s start. If the music ends, the person with the pillow will be the one to pick from the box” she said and began passing the pillow around while the music was still playing.

I just hope the pillow won’t end up with me.
I clamped my eyes shut as I passed the pillow to Justin who was sitting by my left and the music stopped.

“Justin, now come and pick from the bowl” Raymond’s dad said and he took a paper from the bowl.
“Read it aloud Justin” he urged and Justin hesitated before opening the paper.

“It says I should have s*x with my wife right now and it will last for 2 hours” he read and I gasped.
Well I use up to 4 hours having s*x so it isn’t a big deal.

“Mum seriously are you kidding me?” He asked and mum pushed his wife to him.
“Take her to the bedroom and do the right thing cause we will be looking at the time. Once it’s two hours we will announce ‘over’” Raymond’s mum said and everybody giggled while they walked to their bedroom.

“Now let’s start from you Viola” she said and hurled the pillow towards me and I grabbed it.
“Start” she announced and I passed the pillow to Stanley – who I recently got to know his name.

The pillow got to Justin and he passed it to me.
I was about to pass it but the music ended and I sighed.

“Go on Viola, take a paper from the bowl” Georgina said and I took a paper from the bowl.
“Open it” Raymond’s dad said and I slowly opened the paper to meet the shocker of my life.

“Read it loud” Raymond’s mum said and I guessed she was happy.
I choked on my spit and felt the sudden need for water.

“It says I should cook jollof rice within the next one hour” I read and they all giggled except Stanley who was staring keenly at me.

“Well that’s good, you go into the kitchen, no one is allowed to help you and remember that your clock is ticking” Raymond’s mum said and I rushed to the kitchen.
“It must be delicious” Georgina yelled after me and I closed the door.

I stood there staring at everything in the kitchen.
How are they used? What are they used for?

I’ve never cooked anything in my life – since I was born.
How will I cook jollof rice now?

I bit my fingers in frustration and thought of what to do.
How do I cook it?

What do I do?
I stared at the pot already placed on the cooker.

Lemme try to guess what I need.
I know for sure a pot is used to cook.

I need some cups of rice, meat, I think vegetable will be among and some groundnut oil.
I’ll just try my best.

If not for this stupid contract, I won’t be here cooking some jollof rice or whatever it is called.
I poured 10 cups of water in the pot and immediately poured 5 cups of rice in it ..

Well what am I to do?
I don’t know a thing about cooking.

Bright idea! Lemme check YouTube.

I searched for my phone in my pocket but I couldn’t find it and I remembered I left it in the goddamn sitting room.
What am I gonna do?

Good lord please save me!
I stared at the vegetables in my hand and it irked me.

Gosh! The smell…
Without further thinking, I dropped it inside the pot pushing it in so that it could fit in.

I unwrapped 8 seasoning in it and put 5 long peppers in it.
I hope it’s sweet.

I then poured 8 cups of vegetable oil in it and covered it.
“You have 10 minutes left Viola” Raymond’s mum said and I walked to where the pot was.
I opened it and found out it was still the same as I left it.

Why isn’t it showing any sign of cooking.

I didn’t light the cooker.
I looked for matches and when I finally found it, I stared at it like it was a different object.

I placed the tip of the match on the side and lit it.
I placed it on the cooker and didn’t know what to do as the fire was blazing…

I quickly placed the pot on the cooker and coughed.
This is so annoying.

The pot began to shake vigorously as the steam came up.
Oh God!

What have I done?

I didn’t realize I was still holding the matches and I mistakenly lit it dropping it on the ground.
My eyes caught something blazing on the floir.
“Fire!” I screamed and blacked out.

Viola want kill person.
Make she no go burn down person kitchen.

Stanley 😏😏 I still dey look you with one eye 👀 poo

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