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In Love With A Prvstitute Episode 9

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2nd December 2023

{A f*cking sl*t as my wife?}😱

Episode 9

By: Itz Pretty White

I felt really miserable as I threw my pillow on the floor
It was a mistake!

I didn’t mean to do it.
I felt my eyes hot and very red as mum screamed and wailed.

I heard the bolt of the door opening from outside and my eyes widened.
Who’s opening the door?

The door opened and I came face to face with aunt Viola.
She closed the door and walked towards me picking me up and embracing me.

“I swear aunt, I didn’t mean to do it…. He could have done it again” I weeped and she placed me on the bed.

“Now tell me Olivia, do you anything about what happened to your father?” She asked and I shook my head immediately.

“No…. No… Please don’t tell them.. please… I didn’t do it” I cried and she patted my hair.
“I believe you Olivia, you didn’t do it” she said and my breathing became heavy..

“Olivia, what’s that cut on your hand?” She half yelled and I flinched.
“I…. I.. I fell down” I replied and she quickly walked towards the door and locked it.

“Tell me Olivia, did he try to do anything to you last night. Did you do it?” She asked and I shook my head.
“Olivia, I promise you that your secret will be safe with me. All I just need to hear from you is the whole truth” she said and I pulled my fingers together.

I began to explain how it all happened excluding the drink part.
“Aunt, I didn’t mean to do it. I was scared” I muttered and she nodded.

“Don’t worry Olivia, he’ll be fine. Just don’t think much about it. Now go clean your face so that we can go out” she said and I nodded rushing to the toilet…

I screamed my lungs out as I stared at his half conscious body.
“Dad! What are you waiting for? Call the ambulance” I yelled..

“Don’t worry Stanley, you’ll be safe. Nothing will happen to you” I rushed my words as the nurses placed him on a stretcher and rushed him to the emergency ward..

“Who did this to my husband?” I cried and mum came to me.
“Dear, please get a hold of yourself” she said sitting beside me and I scoffed.

“Well at least it isn’t your husband that’s in this situation. We’re talking about my husband’s life here”
“His life is at stake and you are telling me to get a hold of myself?”

“Trust me mum, if anything happens to Stanley – I’ll end my life” I yelled and everyone turned to look at me.

I walked away but I bumped into someone at the entrance of the hallway.
“Georgina, we need to talk” a voice said and I looked up to see Viola.

“Come with me” she said and led me to a less busy part of the hospital.
My Olivia was also with her.

“Georgina, have you been looking after your child?” She asked and I scoffed.
“What sort of stupid question is that Viola?” I asked and she looked at Olivia who was close to tears.

“Do you know the fact that your dear husband has been molesting your only child for a long period of time?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

I was really very angry but I restricted the urge to slap her across her cheeks.
“What nonsense are you uttering Viola?” I yelled and turned to Olivia.

“And you, what little lie have you been telling everyone about my husband?” I asked and made to grab her wrists but she moved away..

“It’s the truth Georgina. Your husband has been sexually assaulting your little daughter here. You don’t take care about her or look after her because you’re so careless and blinded by some stupid love for that womanizer. He has gotten into your head Georgina. He’s a snake under the grass and…..

My itchy hand found its way to her cheeks and left my marks on it.
“There, next time you won’t try insulting my husband again”

“Oh, I see. I think you’re sexually obsessed with my husband and you’ve been seducing him all this while so when he doesn’t give in to you, you decided to spoil his good reputation by your lies” I yelled and soon, everybody gathered to watch us.

“Watch what you say Georgina, Your dear husband is not even up to my taste. You can ask your little daughter here if you think am making up some lies” she said and I took my gaze to Olivia who was already crying.

“Is it true Olivia?” I asked and she nodded slowly.
“I knew it, you little witch. You connived with your dear aunt so that you can ruin my husband’s reputation”

“You’re such a little witch” I said and glared at her before walking away.

I don’t wanna hear any of it.
I don’t just wanna hear it.

Why are they against us?
Why can’t they just quit hating us?

I walked to the theater window and the nurses rolled down the window bind.
I promise to protect our union Stan.

Even if it require us to elope.
That Olivia?..

I know that she isn’t his daughter.
I got pregnant for another guy back in my college days and he bluntly rejected the pregnancy.

It was during that time that I met Stanley and I made him to sleep with me at all cost.
I put the pregnancy on him and we got married.

Even tho he doesn’t know about it till date, I believe he can never do such a thing to his daughter.
My Stanley only have eyes for me and no one else.

He doesn’t even look at other women not to talk of sexually abusing his daughter.

I cleaned my tears as the red light beeping in front of the theater suddenly stopped and the doctor came out with two nurses beside him.

“I’m sorry Mrs Georgina. We tried our best but we lost him” he said and I felt my heart rip apart.
“Doctor, what nonsense are you spitting out?”

“Just tell me that my husband is fine. Please go and check him again. He might be asleep”

“Wake him up and tell him that his darling wife is here to see him” I screamed holding unto his collar while the nurses tried their possible best to take me away.

“Aunt, is dad really dead? Did I kill him?” Olivia said in a low tone as she stared at her mother who was screaming loudly.

“I’m sorry Olivia but it seems he’s dead” I said and she rushed to embrace me.
“Aunt, I killed him right? Am a murderer! Am a brutal killer. I killed my father” she sobbed and I pulled her closer while tears flow freely down my cheeks.

“Shuuush” I hushed patting her hair.
How can someone be so blinded by love that she refuses to see the truth?

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday guys – there was no light and they just brought the light so I typed this episode in order not to keep you all waiting.

Georgina – love wan tin tin..
One word for this Georgina sef 😒

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