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In Love With Two Brothers – Episode 100

In Love With Two Brothers – Episode 100

Chapter 100

(Going Back Home)

Axel’s POV

I heave a sigh of relief after she ended the call. I can’t express the kind of joy I feel now that she is fine. I quickly placed a call across to Mr. Jenkins. He picked it at the first ring, making me wonder if he isn’t asleep yet.


“Hello” he muttered from the other line

“Good evening sir..” I greeted

“Evening Axel…it’s strange to see you call at night..what’s wrong”

“Nothing is wrong…just that I spoke with Ariel some minutes ago..”


“You spoke with who…wait a sec… spoke with her..where is she…have you seen her…or did she come to your place..” he asked rushing his words. He seems unsettled with the way he was speaking. Just as I was about replying, another voice sounded from the background. It was Ariel’s mother, she seem to be having a hot argument with him.


“Who is that…is that Ariel..?” I heard her say, before Mr. Jenkins hushed her

“Hey…you have to stay quiet ok…please…I need..”


“I need my daughter Eliot; you can’t just sit here and be making numerous calls without anything to show for…get me my daughter!!” she yelled and perhaps drag the phone off his hand, because her voice was what I heard next


“Hello…hello…please I need to see my daughter…I’m tired of all this..” She cried into the phone

“Mrs. Gina…Ariel is fine…I’m assuring you” I stated


“I’m tired of all this assurance..I want to see her..speak with her” She stated, still sobbing

“I just spoke with her now, she called me to tell me that she is okay..fine I will send the proof, I had it recorded, but please can you give the phone back to Mr. Jenkins, please ma’am. Ariel is fine, trust me”


“Ok…fine…I’m trusting you this once…an I wanna hear the proof too” She muttered

“I will send it, please just give him back the phone..okay” I pleaded as Mr. Jenkins voice came up after a while

“Hmm…I’m sorry about that Axel…it’s just that she had been on my neck since morning, she is currently acting weird, just because she wants to see her. She thought we are making a fool of her, not telling her where Ariel really is. She is just being traumatized, you know.”


“So you were saying something about Ariel”

“Yes…she called me with a strange number, telling me that she won’t be coming now, since her mother is safe.


She promised to come back, but warned me not come look for her. Hmm, I’m kind of scared, fine, she sounded like she is fine, but I’m damn confused. Why does she wanna stay where she is?” I asked as he sighed

“Hmm, I don’t know what to say about this, but I don’t think she is safe wherever she is. Did you mange to track her location?” he asked


“Yes…I even recorded the phone call.”

“Ok…just send everything to me, I will call the detective and inform him about it.

“Ok sir, I pray he doesn’t hate me for this, all I want is her safety”

“She won’t, she will understand. Are you prepared for tomorrow’s flight?”


“Yes…I will be leaving by morning”

“Ok…you have to sleep early then…I will be expecting what you wanna send”

“Sure…and please try to calm her mother down, you can play the recording for her so that she can believe us”

“Sure I will…good night” he ended the call, as I hurriedly grab my laptop.


The Next Day~~


Sophia’s Room

Pacing round the room, Sophia placed the phone on her ear, hissing loudly at the awful request Frank was making.

“We really need the money” Frank muttered, he seems to be on a run


“What freaky money…now tell me, how do you even want me to send a whole 10 million dollars to you in cash, when I can’t even leave my own father’s house. What happened to transfer, and whereas, isn’t that money too much.

Haven’t I been sending you a whole lot this days, and what did you do in return; left her some idiot whom she ended up killing and escaped. What do you take me for, a fool?” She snapped angrily, taking drags from the cigar in her hand


“Now you listen to me Sophia or whatever you call yourself. The police are on my trail; searching every hook and cranny for me. I ain’t gonna let them take me or my girl, so if you really wanna stay on my clean sheet, then you gat no choice than to send the money, or I sell you out. Remember that I alone know about you being the pioneer of this crime.


My men have been caught but none of them could give the police tangible information. I believe you have guards and maids to carry out your duty. Think wisely or be prepared to go down with will rot in jail Sophia” he yelled into the phone


“F**k you…f**k your damn as***ole are nothing but a fool.”

“Call me whatever…you have just 24 hours to do that. I need to leave this country in the next forty eight hours, so pay up or we both go down.”

“I ain’t giving you any money any longer frank. You have duped me enough, you can do your worse, but just get it into your brain that I am rich and I have connections. You won’t rub sh*t in my face and think I will go to jail, no I won’t. I will always find my way out of any mess, get that?” She snapped as frank laughed out loud from the other line.


“We will see about that” He stated and hung up before she could say another word.

“sh*t….” She cursed, putting the cigarette into her mouth as she puff out more smokes.

“Jesus…Sophia..what are you doing” Noah entered with a wild shock on his face, as he take gentle strides into the room. Sophia hissed loudly, not paying any attention to him


“I’m talking to you Sophia, why all this. Don’t tell me you smoke too? Damn..”He seethed

“And how is that your business, how does that affect you” She snapped, blowing out air into his face, as his face harden in anger.

“How dare you, don’t you have a little respect for your father?” he yelled folding his fist

“Tsk. Father you say, huhn…father my foot. How will a father lock up his daughter for days, turning into weeks, without giving her freedom? You are a devil, not my father…I hate wanna hit me, come on, go ahead and hit me. It’s not like you haven’t done that before. That’s all you know how to do”


“You are becoming a b!tch Sophia..”

“Don’t you f**king call me dare you. Tell me, you is the b!tch here, me or that lousy woman you brought here and ask me to call mother. Damn, I can’t believe all that I have found out this past days. Don’t just tell me that, that woman there is Ariel’s mother”


“And what if she is…do you have a problem with that” he asked, irritated at her behavior. Sophia laughed out like a maniac


“No…I really don’t have a problem with that, what I have a problem with is who she is to you, and why is she here…why do you want me to respect that b!tch as my mother…” Noah slapped her before she could complete her statement


“Don’t you dare open your mouth and call the woman I love a b! wanna know who the real b!tch is…then it is your own mother… I think staying indoors is making you sick in the brain, I think I have a better place to put you.


Perhaps you will become normal when coming back, gosh; I regret ever meeting your mum, and having you. I regret having you as my daughter are a disgrace to me” He spat, as she stare at him with tears gushing down her eyes. Her face held fury, she felt like strangling his neck as he speaks, but know that she doesn’t have that kind to strength to take him down. And that alone is infuriating.

You had the freedom to walk around in the house, but from now on you will stay in your room till I get you treated, you ain’t leaving this doorpost” he muttered and turns to leave as she screamed at him


“Damn you Noah….I hate you…I’m not sick…harrghh” She groan, holding her head.


Priscilla Apartment~~


Ariel entered the room to see Brittany, dressed up like she was going somewhere. Her bandage were gone, perhaps the wound is covering up.


“What’s going on, are you going somewhere?” She asked as Brittany furrowed her brow

“I thought we are leaving today. You said that last night” She replied

“Oh..well, I actually thought I will leave soon, but I only said that to see your reaction. I didn’t mean it. I wanted you to get will fully because we can leave, and I wasn’t expecting you to give in quickly. I thought you didn’t want to go back home.” Ariel stated as she chuckled


“Yea..I didn’t want to, but I got no choice. I’m not the little Brittany that ran away from home any longer.”


“Hmm..but we can’t just leave like this, we should let ma’am Priscilla know first. She has been a great help to us. And what about your arm?

“My arm is fine already, I hate those bandages..and we won’t be the ones going. He will come pick us up right?”



“My brother of course…didn’t you call him last night”


“Yea…but I only called to tell him that I’m fine and they shouldn’t worry about me any longer. I didn’t tell him my location; I told him that I will come home when I’m ready. I was actually thinking of convincing you to come with me, but thank God you have changed your mind. We should just wait for the right time to go back, I also wish to go, because I miss my mum, but we can’t leave this way”


Brittany smirk

“It seems like you don’t know Axel, he won’t keep to his promise of not coming here”

“I didn’t tell him my location, how will he know”


“He will track you…those brothers of mine can be weird, I had to break off the tracker Aiden placed in a bracelet he gave me on my birthday, years ago. One of them might have placed something on your body without you knowing, but they would have found you if they had though. But just get dress in case we have visitors. We will have no choice than to go with him if he traces you here. Let’s just tell ma’am Priscilla about it.” Brittany suggested


Ariel shrug

“Ok..I also need to speak with Juan”


“I also need to leave before macho’s men get to me..this place is no longer safe for me” Brittany pouted

“It’s ok..all this will be over very soon” Ariel assured giving out a smile which Brittany returned


“So you are leaving today” Juan asked

Ariel shrug

“I don’t know, but he might have gotten my location from the last call I made with him. He wouldn’t wanna leave me here let’s say if he comes then I will have no choice than to leave with him” She stated


“Hmm…I don’t know that life can be this way…you know…Axel and my boyfriend are actually close friends. We met at Paris about the time we escaped from Miss Peggy. I and Jackson flew to Paris were we met Axel; he was our neighbor, because our lounges were close.


We got to know him as just a normal person, because he didn’t reveal his identity as a celebrity, until later after many months when Jackson found out about it. They are still very close, up till now, just that they only speak on phone.” Juan explained, as I nodded


“Thank God Miss Peggy as been arrested, she need to be behind bars for what she did to your mum and many other girls..”

“Including you…I can’t believe you had experience such from her” Ariel stated


“Yea…worse…she is a lesbian too…she sometime forces us to take part in it. I hated her for that…anyways..we are both free now..i’m really happy for you Ariel..”


“I’m happy for you too…and thank you for not keeping quiet that night..thank you for telling me about her. I wouldn’t have gotten all this things I had hoped for if you didn’t rescue me” Ariel muttered, as Juan smiled


“Only God should receive all the praises though..he alone made our dreams come through” She stated as they engage in a tight hug, and just as they were at it. Three black jeeps zoomed into the compound, as men in black stepped out. They let out a loud gasp




I wanted this chapter to be hundred chapters, but i think it’s gonna be more than that..

Please keep following..


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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