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In Love With Two Brothers – Episode 101

Chapter 101

(Losing Someone He Loves)


Mr. Jenkins stepped out of one of the cars, looking spooky hot with his sunglasses on. Juan and Ariel stood up from the bench they were sitting on, as they watch in awe. Brittany was right, Axel didn’t keep to his words, perhaps he told Mr. Jenkins about her location and he is here to pick her, geez.


Noah looked around as his eyes landed on hers where she was standing not far from the house entrance. Brooklyn and Brittany later stepped out, followed by Priscilla and Jackson, who held a puzzle look. He wasn’t aware of any of this. Well, Brittany had explained things to the couple, telling them to expect something like this since Ariel had made a call.


She believes they will come for her, because of the fact that she is a celebrity and has been missing for a while now. But to their surprise, Jenkins was the one that came, not Axel.

Mr. Jenkins held a smile on his face when he saw Ariel standing close to another girl which he doesn’t know. But it suddenly became a look of shock when Brooklyn stepped out. He was forced to pull off his sunglasses to have a better look, with his mouth opened wide. He arched his brow and squinted while Brooklyn only smiled, knowing his reasons behind the surprised look


“Brooklyn?” Noah called walking a little closer as he let out a surprise chuckle


“Yea Eliot…it’s me” Brooklyn replied. Ariel’s eyes went wide from where she stood as she watch them embrace each other happily. She looked at Noah with her heart beating fast. She could remember her mum telling her that the name of her father is Eliot, and when Axel called he said her mother stays with Mr. Jenkins.


Mr. Brooklyn also stated that he bears Eliot as his last name, has she been around her father all this while without knowing. How is she gonna take this, it sounds weird to her. And what about Sophia, they are both enemies, gosh. She thought

Noah was shocked at first when Brooklyn called him Eliot, he doesn’t know his reasons for doing that though, because only Gina calls him that name. Well, let’s say that was the name he told her and not Noah. The name was given to him by his grandmother as a last name.


He couldn’t believe that Brooklyn is still alive, after all this years of not seeing his green light

“It’s been a while…I mean…I..I..”

Thought I was dead?” Brooklyn smirked


“Yes…well..Mark told me about some things that I found hard to digest…’s so good to have you back..come here bro” They engage in another brotherly hug as the others watch on


“We need to talk Noah…please don’t tell Mark about me still being around…at least not yet. I think it’s time I step up for Mike kids.” Brooklyn muttered as he nodded, not really getting his point but didn’t want to delay things.


“We can fix a date to see bro..I think I’m getting your point here” Noah smiled, tapping his shoulder.

“I’m here for her….”

“You are here to pick two” Brooklyn yelled after him as he stopped to stare at him



Just immediately, Brittany stepped forward towards him, she stretch forth her hand for a handshake which he gladly shook. He could get a glimpse of her face at first due to the hood she had on, but gasp when she pulled it off.


“It’s nice to see you again Mr. Jenkins” Brittany noted, earning a shock look from Noah

“Oh my god….is this…”

“Brittany…yes I am…gosh I hate all this shock look, it’s not like I died, come on” she smiled, as he chuckled, trying to hug her but she was quick to reject it, with a nervous laugh.


“Erm…I don’t like hugging” She muttered as he squinted. He knew she lied but shrug it off. Brittany on the other hands doesn’t want him to hold her because she might release a groan and he will know that she is hurt in her arm. She doesn’t want questions, at least not yet.

“You have a lot of questions to answer young lady…you really do”

She nodded with a sad smile


He looked at Ariel who still stood transfixed to the ground beside Juan. She was nudges by Juan to move forward as she was currently out of the current situation. Her mind was far us to not have notice the stares they all casted at her.


Aiden’s POV

I watch from where I sat on the bench as Josephine swims happily in the pool. She seem really happy and relief ever since she confessed her feelings to me. I’m still finding it hard to take in though; I can’t believe she had been in love with me right from the time I knew her.


But too bad, I don’t even know what I feel for her; I like Josephine as a nice girl and nothing more. But since when she confessed, I’m beginning to doubt if what I had for her was more than the normal love one should have for a fellow human being.


If she as another girl, I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell her my mind about not wanting to reciprocate the love. Even Nina who I had k**sed and all that, didn’t get to me this way. I told her to her face that I don’t like her, and that was it.


Josephine’s case is worst, I feel stuck in a dilemma, I couldn’t even say a word, and it’s hurting me right now. I should have just tell her that I still like Ariel and she has no space in my heart, but there is this piece of fear holding me back from doing that. sh*t, this is crazy. I don’t want her to feel like I’m just playing with her feelings when Ariel comes back.


I have been acting really nice to her, these few days, and she is actually getting too close. Does she think I have accepted her?  She even forced me to swim with her, but I just don’t feel like; so I had to watch. My mind is occupied with tons of things.


And the fact the Ariel hasn’t been found is really pissing me off. Why is all this happening now? Why is it that Axel decides to fall in love with the same girl I love; and right now, Josephine is in the triangle? Is this some sort of curse or what, I’m stuck between two girls.

And the fact the Ariel hasn’t been found is really pissing me off. Why is all this happening now? Why is it that Axel decides to fall in love with the same girl I love; and right now, Josephine is in the triangle? Is this some sort of curse or what, I’m stuck between two girls


“Ain’t you gonna swim” Josephine’s voice brought me out of my thought, as she swims out coming to sit beside me. She wipes her body with a towel, looking serious but cute as she does that. She glance at me and caught me watching.


I tried to look away but it was too late, because she gave out a nervous smile that shows that she had caught me staring. I tried to bit my lips in embarrassment. Now I noticed that I haven’t really been close to her; Josephine has a killer shape, more like that of a model. But I was too blind, or let’s say, the maid clothes she puts on covered up everything.

“I’m sorry for staring that way” I muttered, covering it up with a chuckle. She wrapped the towel around her body, nodded along.


“So ain’t you gonna swim” She asked, though still nervous. I don’t think is used to someone seeing her body. She was even acting shy when she got into the pool, or was it because I was the one watching her, or she is just that way, when it comes to her body.


She was just in a bikini, and she swam perfectly, like she had been doing it for years. Swears, I can’t compete with her, but Axel will beat her to it, he is a good diver, but I used to be scared of waters when I was little, not until I engaged in a truth or dare game that made me learn how to swim at all cost.

We both sat silently watching the water shimmers as the light from the side pole shines on it; not until I broke the silence


“Can I ask you something” I muttered. She nodded.

“Erm…I don’t want to sound harsh..but, I kinda noticed that you and Ariel doesn’t seem to be in good terms. Why if I may ask? Please don’t take it to heart”


“Oh no…it’s not that. Erm…I actually do not hate l, I don’t hate her for anything. She hasn’t wrong me in any way. I..erm..i am just jealous of her. Not because of her beauty or fame..though they may be in line too but…I..” she paused not saying anything as she played with her fingers


“I was only jealous of her, because she got your attention when she came. You know…when you brought her, I was happy to have a female who I will chat with. I only thought she was a visitor, or so, but she suddenly became the person who had won your heart.


Trust me, I have never felt so enrage in my life, and sometimes I do hate myself for acting that way to her. I feel like she got everything while I’m just nothing but a mere maid, with no dreams to fulfill. I’m so sorry for the way I treated her, I will seek for her forgiveness when she comes back…but I just want you to know that it wasn’t the real me doing all those.”


“You shouldn’t be jealous Josephine…Ariel got a different life and yours is also good, trust me, you won’t wanna be like those on the street without a place to go or live. Ariel’s life was worst than yours before she came to the states. She was from a very poor background too, grace just find her and made her who she is today.


I just pray she is safe wherever she is. You need to be content too, okay. Someday, you will get to fulfill all your dreams, trust me” I muttered as she nodded with a sad smile


“I am suddenly feeling really bad to have given her those silly attitudes. I hope she forgives me when she comes back” She sniffed


“Yes…she will…but enough of that for now…what do you like doing best. You know..your hobby, I believe I haven’t gotten to know you well, even if we have known each other for a while now. That’s really bad of me, being a boss” I pouted as she laughed. I purposely changed the topic to lighten up her mood

“Nah…well, you just haven’t noticed. I love swimming a lot. I always dream of becoming a model too, just like Flora.”


She nodded with a shy smile


“No doubt, you really have a nice will suit you” I stated. We talked about other random things, skipping the love and relationship talk out of it. I was trying hard to avoid it, and she too is. I found her presence soothing and comforting.


She chats cheerfully as her smiles sends sparks to my stomach. She made lots of funny comments that send me laughing hard, forgetting the fact that I am only conversing with my maid, and not my lover. But someone else will mistake us for one. After a lovely chat moment, she bid me goodnight, walking inside.


My phone rang up beside me, as I check the screen. It’s Axel.

“Hey buddy” his voice came up.  It took me some seconds to reply



“How are you?” he asked, as I was getting pissed at his sudden niceness. It’s not like he doesn’t ask about me before, but he should know that I’m not in the mood for silly chats when Ariel is still missing.

“I’m fine” I replied coldly. I think he got my point because he didn’t speak up quickly, perhaps he was thinking of what to say or so


“Ariel has been found.”

“What!! Really, hope you ain’t pulling my legs this time” I asked

“Nope…you should know that I can’t play with this. she is safe and erm…I actually spoke with her yester night.”


“Thank goodness..then why didn’t you bring her home..or where is she”

“She is home already…she is with Mr. Jenkins. He called me this afternoon, stating that he had already gone to pick her from the location she was. She is fine now Aiden” he noted, as I breathed a sigh of relief that I had been holding without knowing.


“So….” He stated, as I frown


“Yea…ain’t you gonna go check her..opps it’s actually late over there; then that will be tomorrow”

“Yes…sure..I won’t hesitate to go see her. I’m so glad that she is safe”

“Do you have any more thing to tell me?” I asked, after he suddenly went silent without making a move to end the call since her had passed the message


“Yes….erm…ain’t you gonna asked about my journey here and how the concert had been so far. You do ask after me whenever I go on stuffs like this, but why is now so different. Are we still on this fight bro” he stated, as I heave a sigh, pushing my fingers into my ruffled hair.


“You ain’t saying anything…I believe we are over any matter that concerns Ariel. I…erm…I might not come back after the concert, but Emma will. I’m saying back to give you time to sort out anything you wanna do with her. My presence there is what is bringing commotion, and I don’t want that. I’m giving you both your freedom now by staying away; you…hmm…” I heard him shallow hard before speaking up again.


“You can just tie the knot now that you have the chance. Remember that I still have my career, so I will still have to come back. But I won’t do it, until you do the right thing. Just have my words in your mind Aiden, that that would be the last sacrifice.


The last thing I will let go to you; it take a lot of courage to do so one more time. I’m not doing it for you, I’m doing it for Ariel, because I love her and don’t want to cause her the pain I had caused any other person. I don’t want to force her to choose between us, it’s gonna be heartbreaking for any of us, if she is allowed to choose.


You saw her first, so you have the right to have her.” He stated, sniffing in. I could tell that he was in tears. I will always know his voice when he is crying, and it makes me feel sad, whenever I can’t comfort him when his nightmares started. No one has been able to make him calm, not even mum. I know it will start again, it always happened that way whenever he let go of someone; someone he loves.




Love y’all

Vickie Dora

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