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In Love With Two Brothers – Episode 3


🖤 (Love triangle)🖤



(Mission 1)

“Someone already occupied my position, my boss employed someone else”
“But why, you were sick, you didn’t’t skip work intentionally and whereas, you took a leave…”

“But stayed beyond the expected time, I was supposed to resume last week”
“You weren’t strong enough, your boss knew that” Ariel flared in anger

“That’s life for you, baby”
“Hmm…so what are we gonna do now our combined salary for a month is barely enough for our feeding” Ariel pouted, cleaning the tears off her mum’s eyes

“I will try to get a new job, perhaps work as a cleaner in the library” she coughs, cleaning her stains of tears on her cheek

“Getting a job is rare this days; especially at the library” Ariel cooed, her mum shrug
“Well, one just has to try” Gina breathed out

“What is it?”
“About what Miss Peggy offered?”
Ariel said, arranging the bed cover

“So? What about it?”
“I thought about it…and I guess it’s a good idea. I have made up my mind; I will go with her to the states and take up my dream work. I also wish to see my dad; we might get to meet each other”
Gina smiled out tears as she watched her daughter speak, she ran and hugs her, kissing her hair

“Thank you so much, muahh, muaahh” she kissed her cheek multiple times
“Uhnn, stop that mum, I’m no longer a kid” Ariel laughs as her mum chuckles.
“You are still my baby, no matter what” She tickles Ariel

“Haahaaa, mum stop it, ahh…stop!!!”
They both giggle, laughing heartedly as the tickle each other

The Shaw’s Mansion**
Mr. Shaw, his wife and their son, Aiden, sat at the dinning as they eat their morning meal.
“Aiden…where is your brother, why isn’t he here for breakfast” Mr. Shaw asked, as Aiden frown
“I don’t know” he mumbled

“What do you mean by you don’t know” His mum asked
“We no longer stay in the same room; I mean Axel is behaving strangely these days. He snubs me and spends most of the time in his room. He is going crazy because of one freaky breakup” Aiden spat
“What break up” Mr. Shaw asked with furrowed brows. Having this questioning look, as Aiden glance at his mum

“Flora Broke up with him” Mrs. Shaw muttered, as she sips from her cup of tea
“But it’s not the end of the world; there are many other girls out there. Why should he kill himself with depression over one lady?” Mr. Shaw spat
“You won’t understand dad, Axel really loves Flora; he is crazy about her”

“He should get over her then, if she loves him back, she wouldn’t have left him. Go call him; I need him down here, right now”
“I’m here” A voice said behind them, it was Axel
He wore a sad expression, backing a black back pack, cringed to his back, and a traveling box in his hand.

“Axel..What’s wrong, what’s all this, don’t tell me you are leaving” Mrs. Shaw muttered, going towards the stairs where he stood
“Son, what is going on” Mr. Shaw yelled
“I’m leaving..i need to leave here..i need clear my mind” Axel said

“Whereas I’m not a kid, I can take care of myself…I need to forget about”
“But that doesn’t mean that you should leave, fine, I know how hurt you are because of her, but…come on Aiden, speak to your twin brother” Mrs. Shaw said, worriedly. Aiden shrug

“That’s his decision, what do you want me to say…but Axel, you need to rethink this, what will your fans say when if you did not show upo at the show coming up in tomorrow, what do you want your manager to tell them”

“My manager will take care of everything..dont worry about my fans”
“Axel!!!!!”His dad called, furiously
“Dad” he mumbled in reply
“If you step out of this compound, then say goodbye to this family” he spat

“Honey?? Dad!!” Mrs. Shaw and Aiden called at the same time, with a surprise look
“Dad you can’t do that, Axel please think of me as your brother, I need you here, everyone needs you, you can’t just leave” Aiden muttered, going to take off the box from Axel, but he held it firmly
Axel walked directly to his dad and faced him

“Dad, I know you want the best for me, but I also want you to know that I am suffering from heart break and depression. You can’t just be ruling my life the way you want it, fine, we both have been obeying and respecting your words right from time, but you can’t be telling me what to do forever. I’m a grown up, I and Aiden, we should know how to live our lives in peace without your interference..i don’t like this dad, stop controlling me in your own way, this is my life not yours…learn to respect our decision too” He yelled angrily, his dad landed a heavy slap across his face, making him to shriek

“Listen to me boy, I am your father and you will do as I say, I rest my case” He snapped, and walked out of the dinning with his wife trailing behind him, pleading with him to reconsider his words
“Honey please, he is just a kid….try to get his point…honey…honey..please wait up…
Aiden stare at his brother and sighed, he picked up his car key from the table

“What’s your destination” He asked
“Paris” Axel mumbled softly
“Paris? Cool city, pray you come back to your normal self before coming back, I missed the real you, Axel. You have changed so much within a short period of time. Just forget about Flora and moved on…I support your decision; taking a break somewhere far, will relieve you of all the pain” Aiden said

They hug each other, as Axel muttered a thank you. Aiden patted his hair, and break the hug
“Come on, let me drop you at the airport, you won’t wanna miss your flight

Mr. Jenkin’s Office

“Dad!!!!! Dad!!!!” Sophia yelled, barging into her Dad’s office disrupting the board meeting he was having with some directors
“Who is this girl…” The board chairman asked, irritated for being distracted
“Sophia, oh my God…I’m really sorry for the interruption, just give me few minutes to speak with her, she is my daughter” Sophia’ dad pleaded

“You have five minutes Mr. Jenkins or this meeting will be cancelled, and you know what that means” the board chairman muttered, as Mr. Jenkins hurriedly drags Sophia out of the office

“What is it, why didn’t’t you wait for me to be through with the meeting first before coming in” He asked heatedly
“Dad….it’s him, he is not picking my calls; I’m damn frustrated” Sophia cried out
“Who are you talking about?”

“Axel, dad….he isn’t paying any attention to me. I love him so much dad”
“Then go tell him about your feelings, I had his girlfriend broke up with him, and he is really depressed right now. Fine, that’s all you have always wished for; now it has happened…go do the right thing” He spat

“I am trying to reach him but he is not picking my calls, he is totally ignoring me”
“Then what do you want me to do”
“You are his dad’s friend right? You can use your influence to tell his Dad about me, he might not want to disobey his father, he will have no choice but to date me” she explained, cleaning the tears off her eyes

“Hmm…Baby, I know how you feel now, but Axel is still in pain and he needs time to recover…” Mr. Jenkins explained, but Sophia doesn’t seem to agree with him
“Dad, if you don’t do this for me, then I will kill myself, remember that I’m your only daughter” She threatens

On hearing such threat, her dad succumbs to her wish
“Hmm…ok fine baby…I will see what I can do okay…please don’t try to hurt yourself…I need to go back in there for the meeting to continue, I will see you later okay…muahhh” he pecked her cheek and squander off

With shoulders high up, Sophia walks out of her dad’s company with smiles plastered across her face; believing that she has completed her first plan
“Hmm, mission one completed, Axel will be mine, no matter what” she smirked



Sophia is up to something…..


Love y’all 💞💞

Vickie Dora 🌻

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