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In Love With Two Brothers – Episode 4

🖤 (Love triangle)🖤



(The Escape Plan)

Three days later**

Getting to the airport wasn’t a big deal; Miss Peggy made sure Ariel’s papers were complete and everything was set for the journey. Gina also tag along to see her daughter off, she was not alone; other girls were also there. Perhaps Miss Peggy offered them also such opportunity, as they seem delighted leaving for a white man’s country. Ariel only watched the girls brag about how they will explore the whole country when they arrive there, they were all black unlike her being a half-breed, and about ten in number.

Her mind was occupied with the fact that her mum will be left alone in the world of the black, and how is she gonna cope without her, she thought. Gina seems to read the thought of her daughter, as she taps her and smiled

“I know you will miss me, same as I will miss you. But we need to do this, breaking apart seem weird and hard for us, being that we grew up to know each other, not just as mother and daughter but also as friends. I know that this is one of the hardest decisions you have ever taken in your life, but just try to be strong and cheer up, don’t let the other girls think you are feeling bad about the journey, and also try to mingle with them. Make friends Ariel, it will help you lift the burden in your heart” her mum assured, caressing her cheek. Ariel gulp down nothing, as her eyes came in contact with Juan, Miss Peggy’s daughter.

She look just like her mother, pretty and smart, but something seem off, she is not the chatty type like her mother, she is always attached to her phone, but always steal a glance at Ariel when she gets the chance. Ariel noticed this weird attraction but shrug it off; but about the conversation she had with her mum, Juan definitely heard it all.

Mother and daughter kissed each other goodbye in tears as they parted their ways. On getting to the states, Miss Peggy checked them all into a hotel, as they couldn’t’t get to her house that night.
Two girls are assigned a room each, ad Ariel was paired with Juan. They both freshen up and retire to bed.

They didn’t’t utter a word to each other, and Ariel being the type who hardly makes friends finds it hard starting a conversation with her. Juan kept stealing secret glances at her, as they set the bed to sleep. Ariel was baffled at as how she kept on staring, she was about shrugging it off when Juan spoke up, but her word cut her off balance.

“You look beautiful” She smiled, Ariel gaze at her
“Uhmm, thanks” She replied, not knowing what else to say. Right from her childhood, her mum has been her only close friend..everyone in the slum where she leaves treated her like a cast out. They never wanted to mingle themselves with her despite being a pretty teenager, but Juan here is acting opposite, and she finds it weird having a friend for the first time

“You look innocent, unlike the others” she frowned
“You don’t deserve to be here” she said
“W…what? What do you mean” Ariel asked, with furrowed brows

“Hmmm….don’t tell me you don’t know what you are here for” she asked
“Well….your mum promise to train me in the modeling world…I mean…ermm I always wish to be a model, just that things changed, but I have no choice than to pick it up back”

“Modeling? So what’s you new dream”
“I’m getting confused here, why did you say that I shouldn’t be here” Ariel spat
“If you talk about modeling, you are right…my mum, as you call her is a model, but that job is just a shield used in covering her hidden agendas”

“What hidden agendas…and why are you telling me all this” Ariel asked, perplexed at her sudden change of mood

“I have watched young girls go down the same lane you are about to follow, but I couldn’t’t do anything about it, and I feel bad about it….you will not just become a model…you will also be a sex slave to some certain high class individuals in the society. This is not Africa, Ariel; you will have no right of your own, no right to your own your body.

If you go down this path, your body will belong to Miss Peggy and those fools she will sell you to” She whispered as a freaky chill ran down Ariel’s spine. This is not what she wished to hear, on the first day arriving here. She felt like she was dreaming, hearing all this

“So you mean…that …I will….i don’t get you..Juan..stop this freaky jokes” Ariel shuttered
“I’m not joking…fine I don’t know why I’m telling you all this, but I just feel this attraction towards you. I feel like if I do not tell you, I won’t be able to forgive myself. You are already sold to someone, and this person might be a male or female.”

“Female” Ariel, her face showing irritation
“Yea…humhh…let’s just forget about it” she mumbled, going to the window side

“No..we can’t end it there…I don’t get all this..i didn’t plan for all this…please tell your mum to take me back, I need to go away from here…I don’t want to…” Ariel quivers
“She is not my mum!!!” Juan barks angrily, shaking furiously as a tear escape her eyes

“I feel like ending my life too…I don’t want to go through this again”

“She is someone who picked me from the slum, but instead of making me enjoy wealth in the right way, she made me go through pain…despite adopting me to be her daughter. But I’m gonna end all this tonight, I’m leaving this Hotel, I’m escaping her grip, if you wish to come with me, then you are free” She said, and went to her box..she brought out a long strong rope and tied it to the window, letting in fall to the ground

“I’m a bit scared of height, how are we gonna get down…wont we be caught” Ariel asked, ruffling
her hair
“Leave that to me, just hold on tightly to the wall, and you will not fall…”
“But I don’t know anyone in this city, how are we gonna find our way”

“Leave that to me, I know someone who can help us..all we need to do is to escape from here, before Miss Peggy find out that we are missing.
They hurried out of the hotel, and bribed one of the Security men to let them out. Juan convinced Ariel to wear one of her slutty clothes as a disguise. They might think they are going for a club party, so she tried all that she could to get their approval of letting them, out; because miss Peggy strictly gave others to the men not to let any of the girls she bring in, go out, without her permission. She has been lodging in that hotel for some time now, and the receptionist and security personnel know her well. Only Juan knows about those orders, being that she has been there countless times with Miss Peggy.

They manage to get into the street but got into a situation. Some careless criminals came running their way with armed weapon in their hands, being chased by the police men. As the duo exchange fire, the two girls tried running away from the scene but got separated as they both ran into different directions to avoid being hit by a straight bullet. Getting to a more peaceful environment, Ariel didn’t’t watch her way as an oncoming vehicle almost knock her down. Out of fear she fainted, before it got close to her, as she sprawl unconscious on the ground.

“Jesus!!!!! Oh my damn God, you hit her, you f****ng knock her down” Ryan, Aiden’s friend said, as he gets down from the car, same as Aiden..




Love y’all 💞💞

Vickie Dora 🌻

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