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In Love With Two Brothers – Episode 5

🖤 (Love triangle)🖤



(She is cute)

They were coming back from the supposed show meant for Axel, and were in a hurry to get home
“No, I did not hit her” Aiden defended himself
“But she looks lifeless, I guess she fainted, what are we gonna do…perhaps we take her to the hospital” Ryan muttered

“No????” Ryan yelp
“Let’s take her to my house, she might wake up tomorrow and find her way”

“Oh really…gosh..She is such a pretty…what will a pretty girl be doing out here in this quiet place” he asked no one in particular. Aiden sighed frustratingly
“Ryan..Will you stop admiring her beauty and help me lift her into the car, are so annoying” Aiden snapped

“Fine…ok..let’s take her in…
Smiling mischievously, Ariel walked down the corridor of a glamorous mansion. Her hair was perfectly designed and her cloth, filled with colourful embroideries, making her looks like a princess. She walked further to the balcony, in order to behold the beautiful sight of the city, crammed with lovely people.

She feels happy, free from sadness, free from pain and dejection, free from poverty and rejection.
She heard silent footsteps behind her and tried looking at the approaching figure; but he was swift. He pushed her face to the front, making her hit the balcony and gag her mouth, preventing her from screaming.

“Haahh” she gasps, and fluttered her eyes open. It was just a dream.
Still in shock, she stared at the room she was in; this doesn’t look like her home in Africa, she thought. Immediately, memories of what happened lately came rushing into her mind; from how she left home for the states, to the hotel and the escape plan.

“Gosh” she snickered, sitting up on the fluffy magnificent bed
“Juan..oh my God…where is Juan” she muttered worriedly.
“I need to get out of here” she muttered inwardly, as she tried getting down from the bed, but stopped, hearing a voice. Someone is in the room, but where? She thought as her eyes wanders round the room.

It went for the balcony and sighted someone, a guy, making a call. She couldn’t’t see his face, but he has a good physique.
“Ok….I needs to go now, bye” he muttered, going into the room. He smiled seeing her awake; the smile alone could get a girl wet. He is perfectly created; having lovely eyes, soft and spotless skin, perfect abs; curly hair with pink lips, even a blind man could testify his beauty.

“Hey…you are awake, how do you feel now” He asked, she gazed at him not knowing what to say. He tried coming closer to the bed, which made her flinched, having this scared look
“Oh…sorry..don’t be scared okay…I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m Aiden, what’s your name” he smiled
“I….emm…my name is Ariel” she mumbled, staring shyly at him
“Wow…Ariel, pretty name…so, Ariel, how do you feel now, are you hurt anywhere” he asked with a concern look

“No I’m not…where am I? How did I get here” she stated, staring at his curved lips
“Didn’t’t you remember anything..i mean about last night” he asked, she frown wondering what he is talking about
“Don’t get me wrong, I actually knock you down with my car yesterday, or perhaps, should I say you suddenly fainted in front of my oncoming car, I did not really hit you, but I think I scared you tho, I’m sorry about that anyway” He shrug

“I brought you down here to my house later on, I couldn’t’t leave you there” he muttered, sitting on a chair close by, she nodded taking her lip into her mouth
“Hmmm, fine but I need to get out of here,,,,my friend is in danger, I need to go” She rushed her words and got down from the bed in haste, she wince and touch her ankle.

“Hey..are you ok” he asked, coming close to her as she leaped back to the bed. She actually twisted her ankle while running last night, but didn’t’t feel the pain at that moment; now it hurts like hell
“My ankle,…it hurts” she cried out, as he help her sit on the bed

“Just relax okay, I will get a doctor for you now. I will send a maid to check on you and give you the necessary things you need…just feel free okay, you are in a save hand, don’t try to leave this room, okay” She nodded, while he smiled and went out

“Gosh what sort of pain is this..ahhnn..but that guy looks familiar, I can’t just remember where I saw him” she thought
“Huhhnn, have you ever met a white man before, idiot!!” her subconscious said
“Yea, sure..but I do watch their films and…hmmm, well you are right..i hope Juan is safe, I can’t afford to lose her now that we just became friends” she frown

“Huhh, friends…well she is safe, remember that she told you about knowing someone here in the country…she should be worried about you, and not the other way round” her subconscious said
“Hmmm… about the dream I had..what sort of dream was that…” she muttered, going into deep thought.

Getting out of her room, Aiden went directly to the maid quarters and assigned a maid to Ariel
“Hey you..” he called, as the maid hurriedly went towards him, bowing a little
“There is a particular girl in the guest room, I want you to get her some her with her bath..and, just take good care of her. You can take one of my sister’s cloth for her to change into..i don’t want any complain”

“Ok sir” she replied
“Good..i’m going to the mall now”
“Ok sir, on it sir” she muttered and went on the errand
He immediately calls his personal doctor and explained things to him, and he promised to be there in a Giffi. Ryan’s call also came in, after he finished speaking with the doctor.

“Huhn..this crazy guy is calling” he scoffs and picked the call
“Hey Pal what’s up” he smirk
“I’m cool, so what’s up….is she awake” Ryan asked from the other line

“Huhn, stop replying me with a question, you know who I’m talking about…” he snapped
“Oh..the girl..why do you wanna know? The Ryan I know won’t call me in the morning to ask of a girl, what’s wrong with you, I hope you are not having eyes on her” Aiden scoffs

“Come on guy, it’s just a harmless question..we were both present at the incident, so there is nothing bad in me asking about her, what are we friends for…” he muttered, Aiden chuckled
“Ok…fine, she is awake..although she has a little injury on her ankle, but my doctor will take care of that”

“Wow, that’s good news…so is she pretty, I mean, she is pretty, but I believe she will be more pretty now that she is awake” Ryan smile, Aiden groan
“Hurrg, why the pretty statement all the time, don’t tell me you are crushing on her already” He warned
“What if I am” Ryan smirks

“Well I’m gonna kill you, get your eyes off her, I need to go now”
“Wait wait….wait, what’s her name, is she a slut or she is innocent…”
She looks innocent to me, she is not your type okay…just get lost” Aiden yelled

“But you have not told me her name…” Ryan whined, but got no reply
“Hello…hello Aiden are you there” he muttered and checked his phone, but the call has ended already
“Hushh” he cursed “Bad guy”

Aiden hissed and went into his car, after collecting the keys from one of the guards. They wanted to go with him, but he declined. He thought of what Ryan said and smiled; Ariel is indeed pretty, but he won’t try to rush things with her. He need to really find out who she is, and where she comes from before taking a step, he thought, with his heart leaping for joy.


Is Aiden falling for Ariel…I think this is love at first sight…



Love y’all 💞💞

Vickie Dora 🌻

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